Feb 3, 2014

Still here, still busy

I'm still around, just been pretty busy with work and things.

Guild Wars 2 is still my main focus, although my sister recently got the Secret World on sale, and I've been tinkering around with a character on there.


It's been fun enough that I think I'm gonna get the game myself, once my tax return stuff is done and I can get myself a new computer. Which hopefully will be in the next couple weeks or so. :D

With Guild Wars, I been able to get a couple character slots, so I have one of each class now. Ranger is still my favorite, though my warrior, guardian, and necromancer have been a blast too. I've finally made an elementalist that I click with, too, after rolling 2-3 that wound up getting deleted. (Apologies for the picture spam  >.<)

Blood Legion warrior, Raskur Steelfang

elementalist Ari Flameleaf, with a buddy.

Iron Legion engineer, Bear Stonepaw

Kal Riversong, Norn thief. Yes, of course I rolled Kal over here. ;)

necromancer Vanni Sparlock, with her undead posse

mesmer Jorren Ashkel

guardian Kero Skyblade
Kel and Odin, admiring the view

Kel is still my highest level at 50-something, with Kero next at 32 (I think). Raskur and Vanni are both mid-20s, and everyone else is still in the high teens. Jorren and Bear have been a little neglected lately, but they will be leveled eventually. As far as everyone else, I've just been playing with whoever I feel like at that moment, which usually winds up being Kel or Kero. I think Raskur and Vanni have gotten as high as they are simply because when I do play with them, it's usually for most of the day, so they'll get around 2-4 levels each time. Kal is fun too, and would probably be higher, except thieves can be a little tricky to play compared to rangers and guardians, and I just haven't been 'in the mood' to play her as much. She gets to be spoiled with everyone else's crafting, though, so it's not that bad. ;)

I'm still tinkering around on WoW, too. I haven't been doing as much alt-leveling as I would like to, because work has been leaving me too tired and achy to settle down and concentrate for very long, but I'm still getting a little time on Timeless Isle and pet battling. I think another issue I've been having with Warcraft has been computer related, because I think my graphics card might be starting to go bad, so everything in the game looks horrible and pixelated and glitchy, and it's just sort of depressing to look at. Not to mention that the lag has gotten so bad that I can't even do anything group-related, like LFD or LFR, because spending boss fights with my game completely frozen is not particularly fun. :\  Hopefully, finally getting a new computer will help, and I can try to get back into WoW a bit more. Because I miss my friends. :(

I've been missing Star Wars a bit lately, too, but I had to let my sub run out (and the non-sub restrictions really suck) after some after-holiday work hours got cut, but everything has settled back to normal there, so hopefully I can get back to my babies characters there, too.

Well, that's pretty much all I've been up to lately. With any luck, the next post I make will be from a nice, shiny, new computer. :D

Dec 6, 2013

So, I did it

The Guild Wars 2 sale was just too much to pass up, so now I have my own account full of characters. And of course, the first one I rolled was a ranger. Sis had said some good things about the Norn area, so Kel Stormbough has been introduced to Tyria. And can I just say.... dang...

help me i kind of made her hot whoops

With Sabre. Because Kel must always have a Sabre.

With Odin.

With Drago the ice drake.

This is Tahnka, and unfortunately I can't ever remember exactly what he is. But look at that face, he's so cute (and deadly).

With Thor.

I may have gone a little crazy with charming things.... >.>
But seriously, I accidentally made a really good-looking character, so I'm not complaining. I also have a very small and unintentional thing with Norse pet names (She also has a fern hound named Freya, but no screenshots of her yet).

Continuing with my altaholicism, I also have a charr warrior, sylvari elementalist, and a human guardian. I'm also planning one or two more. I really want a charr engineer, and also want to try out a mesmer. I had an asura thief, but the character wasn't really working out, so I'm going to reroll a different race later. Apparently asuras fall into the same category with me as gnomes in WoW; they're cute and I like them, I just can't get interested in them enough to actually play one. I might try another asura someday, maybe another ranger since they're so much fun.

Ari Ashleaf, elementalist

Raskur Steelfang, warrior

Kero Skyblade, guardian
So far my warrior has been my second favorite. Mostly because I just love the charr. Kero has been pretty fun as well, although guardians were not exactly like I expected. I was expecting more like a paladin/fighter type class, but she's more like a mix between paladin and water-mage. I'm getting used to it though!

That's it for now, I think. I really should be taking more screenshot with my characters, rather than almost all viewpoint scenery shots. Although I do have a new favorite pic of Kel.

And on that note... /Waves

Nov 26, 2013

Guild Wars is pretty

I've been tinkering on the characters I made on sis's Guild Wars 2 account. Most of it has been exploring, which has resulted in some really pretty screenshots. I also just found out that the game is on sale until December 3rd, so maybe, hopefully, I might be able to afford it after the month's rent/bills are taken care of. $30 is a whole lot easier to manage than $50, and plus there's no subscription to worry about. And it really is a fun game, and great for just goofing around to kill time when I don't feel like playing any of my other games.


Nov 19, 2013

Oh yea....

I almost forgot to mention -

Jahira is finally caught up to her family. And! It was mostly on pet battles. Because I am so bored with questing right now, thinking about it makes me want to cry. I must have gotten at least 6 pets from baby-levels to 25 just leveling her from 87 1/2 to 90. (With a little bit of questing to break the monotony.)

She's spent a little time on Loot Timeless Isle, so she's got some gear upgrades, and I'm not failing quite as much boomkin'ing. Although I've been using her gear tokens while in her resto spec, so most of her gear is more for healing. It works well enough, though.

I'm kinda sorta trying to get her into an RP night, but so far I haven't had the energy, physically or mentally. I really want to do something with her before my game time runs out on that account, though, so I'm gonna try again tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

And now I should get to bed, so hopefully I can be actually awake for tomorrow night....

Nov 16, 2013

Oh hey guess what....

I'm a happy camper right now. I mentioned in my last post that I was looking for Final Fantasy 14? Well, I finally found it! And have been playing it as much as I can get away with ever since.

I've rerolled my characters, just changing their names slightly. Jorren has a different last name, and Kero is now Kerowyn. I also have a new one, a Miqo'te arcanist (future summoner) named Rynna. I've been tinkering here and there on everybody, but Jorren has been my main focus, because pugilists are FUN.

I've also been taking way too many screenshots...

Jorren is working on getting the monk job. He's gotten to level 16 as a pugilist, and I just got level 15 as a lancer earlier today. He's also a level 13 miner. Once I get his level 15 lancer quest done (because I hate to leave things like that incomplete), he'll be back to punching things for a while.

(Why do my characters always have to blink right when I hit the screenshot key?)

Kerowyn is up to level 9 (if I remember correctly). She's going to be a dragoon, eventually, which sounds like a flip-ton of fun. She'll probably be the one I focus on after Jorren is leveled enough to make me happy.

And here's Rynna. She's been my "tinker with when I'm bored" character, and is only level 7 (or maybe 8, I can't remember for sure). The first couple levels were a little rough, and I wasn't sure how much I was going to like the class, but since she got her carbuncle pet, she's been a blast.

The sad news is, this has all been with the free 30 days that came with the game purchase. Once that's done, I'm not sure how much I'm going to be playing. I will probably pick up one month subs whenever I have the extra money, but lately that hasn't been very often. To be completely honest, my computer situation is the only thing keeping me from quitting WoW for this game. The Final Fantasy series has always been my favorite, and lately Warcraft just hasn't been very interesting. Even with the expansion, the only thing I'm getting excited about is the garrisons. The only reason I even still log on is my friends, and since I've stopped RPing (for a lot of personal reasons, but mostly because I don't have the energy/brain power for it anymore), I haven't even been doing anything with them. I miss them, but everyone has RP plots and stories going on, and I'm pretty clueless about all of it, so I couldn't really join in even if I wanted to. Final Fantasy has been different. I don't know anyone in the game, so I'm still lonely, but there's so much to do in game that I don't really notice it much. And, somehow, not knowing anyone makes it less lonely. Like, it's harder to miss people when there is no people to miss, if that makes sense. (Not that I wouldn't be dancing for joy if any of my Warcraft friends started playing Final Fantasy more. I'm not sure anyone has since the beta ended.) I've even noticed that I've been happier at work, after getting some play time in the morning, since I got this game. I'm sure it won't last, and eventually the "new shiny" aspect will wear off, but dammit I'm going to enjoy myself while it lasts.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I don't think I'm going to completely quit WoW, even after I get a new computer and can play Final Fantasy and Star Wars more often. And I am getting the new expansion, at least for my main account, whenever it comes out. I'm just going to be getting game-time cards, like I'm currently doing with my second account, since I can just buy one of those whenever I want to play, and can afford it, instead of the subscription automatically withdrawing every month.

And now, I think that's enough rambling for one post. I've still got over half of my free time with Final Fantasy, so I'll probably be showing off posting more screenshots from that later. Then it'll most likely be back to Star Wars stuff, especially since they're about to have a new expansion. (Which looks like more fun than DudesWarlords of Draenor... :P )

Nov 1, 2013

Hello again

Ugh, holidays. Once upon a time, I actually enjoyed them. Now it seems like it's just another thing to stress me out. (And make my job even crazier.) And I swear, if I hear one single Christmas carol before Thanksgiving is over, I will punch something.  -_-

On a somewhat more cheerful note, Star Wars is still going well, even with my unexpected spells of altitis. Khrysi is 47, and is currently going through the Voss bonus series before heading to Correlia. I've been missing Qurana pretty bad lately, so she'll probably be the next one I focus on. Drax'o and Xadarr have been poking me for attention, too. And Jhorren finally finished chapter 2 of his story.

(Here, have some screenshot spam)

Drax'o has been getting a little spoiled, gear-wise. >.>   I happened upon the Minimalist Gladiator's armor for very cheap in the GTN, and just couldn't resist. I've been collecting the Cassus Fett set as well, and right now the chest piece is the last thing I need. He's probably going to keep using the Gladiator's most of the time though. Because seriously, just look at him. (Mako certainly is...)

And speaking of Qurana.... I may not have been playing her much, but she has been getting a bunch of companion gifts from Khrysi, and as a result, her and Vector are 'Official' now.

there were many *squees* happening during this.

The agent/Vector romance gives me so many warm-fuzzy feelings, I just don't even..... *sigh*

Khrysi and Iresso have been *cough* getting to know each other better, as well. Which is kind of funny, because she has never seemed interested in that sort of thing before. She even turned Theran's offer down, and didn't really do much, if any, flirting with Iresso before the first romance conversation came up. I'm not sure if she's going to go with the marriage proposal or not, when it happens. Right now I'm thinking she'll turn it down (but still keep the relationship), but I'll have to wait and see what "vibes" (for lack of a better word) she's giving me when the time comes.

..... I've kind of been spending a lot of time thinking about my characters, alright? Don't judge. >.>

Also, sis went and got Guild Wars 2, (hooray for awesome sales!) and let me make a couple characters to tinker with. My sylvari elementalist hasn't done much yet, but my char ranger has been a blast.
Meet Daunclaw (and Fang)
She's level 7 and has been mostly just exploring and killing random things to get as many weapon skills as possible. It's been a fun, relaxing distraction so far, and I can't wait til I can finally get a better computer and get my own copy of the game. Sis also said something about getting a month's time of Final Fantasy 14 soon-ish, so hopefully I will get to play with Kero and Jorren again, too.

Well, I think that's enough for now. You know, I might maybe make a  few character posts sometime, just to show off the piles of screenshots I've been taking, and to get a few things about each of them out of my head and written down. We'll have to see how much work and stuff distracts me from actually doing it. :P

Oct 4, 2013

Update time

*Blows away the dust*

So, umm, hi. It's been a while, but that's mostly because I've been very distracted lately. I blame Tumblr the most.  -_-

I'm still playing Star Wars as much as I can, with some Final Fantasy 14 every now and then. My sister managed to get the game early, and let me make a couple characters to tinker with. Although she's letting her account go inactive when her free game time is over. /sadface

Kero, my lancer/archer.

Jorren, my pugilist
Lancers and pugilists are definitely my favorites so far. I've been looking for the game myself, so I can reroll these guys (and probably a couple more >.>), but with the licence restrictions, I haven't been able to find a PC copy yet. :(

With Star Wars, my Jedi shadow, Khrysi, has taken over most of my play time. I've heard a lot of complaining about the consular storyline, but I really don't understand it, because it's been pretty amazing so far. I just finished chapter 2, so story-wise she's caught up to Qurana, and I think she'll wind up as my first max-level character. Also, just for the record, Qyzen rocks.

FYI, I really love this robe. I don't even know why.
I still tinker on alts as well. Drax'o the bounty hunter is in Nar Shaddaa now, and Tagnesh, my sorcerer, is working through Tatooine. Rhaiko is getting a bit of a break, and I haven't been on Jhorren much lately, either, but that will probably change once I'm "done" with Khrysi.

I've been a bit more interested in WoW since the last patch. The new island is pretty awesome for gearing up alts, even when it keeps giving them the wrong stats on their gear, but I guess that's what reforging is for? (Seriously, how much hit rating does it think warriors need? >.<) Kal, Windstar, and Jorren have all gotten their ilvls above 470 already, and it's giving me some much-needed encouragement to continue leveling more alts. And doing more pet battles/leveling, of course. ;)

Well, that's all the interesting things I can think of for now. Hopefully it won't be another month before my next post, but I don't want to make any promises. :\

Have a random Jhorren. Just because he is such a handsome bugger. <3 td="">