May 27, 2011

Updates with Pics

Thanks to sis running around picking herbs on her Night Elf rogue, Rajji has some new buddies.


Kel has finished her dailies for the Winterspring Frostsaber mount.

A little comparison of the cub's growth while he's being raised/trained, using Sabre for reference-
Baby cub-

And right before turning in to get the mount-

I love how they make the cub (and the raptor for the Horde's version) grow up as you complete the dailies. This also makes mount #85 for Kel. Only 15 more for her dragonhawk. :P

My brother convinced me and sis to make alts on the PVP server, Arthas. So far it's been fun, with my forsaken Death Knight only getting ganked once. Jorren is 65 so far, with his professions caught up (finally), and I have a couple others, too. Last night my little forsaken hunter trotted his level 19 self out to Loch Modan (with no deaths for the entire trip!) and got himself a pretty blue fox, and picked up a surprise croc on the way. The rare spawn wasp was up, too, but Haavic only has room for 2 pets with him for now, so I left Nix buzzing around for another hunter to find.

I also am almost done leveling 2 more of my Feathermoon crew. Arien and Jahira are both 84 now. I just need to decide which one to focus on for the last push to 85. Probably Arien, since she's a little further along, thanks to an evening in Twilight Highlands. Jahira also found someone passing through Uldum, and got a shiny achievement from him.

It's kind of funny, actually. When I found out about the achievement, my first thought was, "great, I'll never get it, my luck is never gonna be that good". And now I have it on, if I remember correctly, 4 characters. I guess it sort of proves that being pessimistic works, eh? ;D

And that's pretty much it for now. Hopefully I won't be going another 3 weeks+ before my next post, but we all know how well that's been working out lately :\

May 6, 2011

Sometimes, I love people

It started Wednesday night. I was doing Children's Week quests on alts (yay new pets!) when my sister asked if I had found Karoma yet. When I said no, she told me to get on Kel because someone was holding him. I was practically shaking the whole time I waited for hearthstone/portal/flying, but he was still there when I finally reached the shaman that had been keeping him hexxed. I was so nervous I put down the wrong trap (frost instead of freezing), but he was still hexxed, so I tamed him that way. And then had his portrait glitch so his pic was still a frog. /scratch head

HUUUUUGE thank you to Cheysa for holding him so patiently!

Then yesterday sis was on her hunter Lark, poking around for Northrend rares while waiting for her raid to start. She asked me if I was still looking for Gondria, so she could keep an eye out. She got to Zul'Drak and went to the first spawn point, and next thing I knew she was telling me to get over there. That was more nerve wracking than the trip to Karoma's spot, because first the boat took forever, then I had to fly all the way from Borean (Kel had been in Stormwind). Thank goodness I had recently gotten Kel her 310% flight speed, or I would have been bouncing off the walls with impatience. When I finally reached Lark and Gondria, the tame went perfectly.

So now my 'mission' of all the spirit beasts for Kel is almost finished. Skoll still stubbornly refuses to show himself, however, so I'm not expecting to get him any time soon. Although, with people like my sister and my fellow Feathermoonies, I am a bit more hopeful than I was a few days ago. I'm still not sure whether I'm going to hunt for Arcuris, though. I do like him, but I'm just not as 'into' bears as I am cats and wolves. If I happen to stumble across him, and sis isn't around, I'll definitely grab him.

And on a final note, Kel has been doing the Winterspring Saber quests, and I'm having a ball with the cub. Tossing toys and hunting for rabbit holes is just too much fun.

He's so darn CUTE!

That's it for now. /Waves