Dec 27, 2010

So, I started to doodle...

And this happened.

(Windstar and Jahira, for anyone that can't guess)

Aren't they cuuuute? And yes, I may be working on a little bit of RP with the two of them. Stories may be incoming.

P.S. Good golly Windstar is a big kitty. /boggle

Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Everyone have a good (and safe) holiday!

Dec 19, 2010

A Bit Delayed

I've been keeping myself so busy in-game (when I'm not stuck at work), I'm afraid this is a few days late. Sorry!

First of all, I have my first level 85:

Oh yea, Kel and Jahira are both on Feathermoon now, and I am so happy I don't know what to do with myself. My main characters are finally on an RP server, where they should have been from the start. It feels good, even if Kel does miss her old friend, who is still on Gilneas. Also, I've managed to get my second account, so I get to imitate my sister and RP with 2 characters at once. The first time I had Kal and Windstar on together, I kind of had a 'squee' moment.

Kel has also gotten the best achievement in the game (hehe):

I'm still figuring out which one I'm going to focus on next, but just with tinkering around while I decide, I have gotten Jahira, Arien, and Caderly (who is staying on Gilneas) up to 81. For the time being, I'm mostly trying to get Kel's gear up to heroic-level, and work on everyone's professions. (Most of Arien's level actually came from mining xp, hehe.) I'm also having fun with Kel's archeology, although my short attention span makes it a bit slow to skill up. Her pets are also taking turns getting leveled up, with her 'mains' (Sabre, Loq, her new shale spider/rock crab Shale, and a couple others I can't remember atm) all at 85 already. She has also discovered Tol Barad, and will be making sure to do all her dailies there whenever possible. (Yay, 2 mounts and a pet \o/ and some decent gear.)

And that's all I can think of for now. I promise I am finishing the story bit with Kal's reaction to the Cataclysm, it's just taking a while to get past 'ooo shiny'-inspired writer's block. Hopefully it will be done and posted before much longer. /Waves

Dec 4, 2010


Storytime is being briefly interrupted by a trip I took with my sister. Kal took her baby human hunter out to Gilneas on her motorbike, because she wanted one of the mastiffs. While we were out there, we took a trip over most of the zone, just seeing the place and plotting RP spots for Arnen (her human) and my yet-to-be-created worgen hunter.

Short explanation in case anyone gets confused. We're making these characters for RP, they're brothers that have been separated by the Greymane Wall for years, and will be reunited sometime after Cata becomes official on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to a new toon, new plots, and after seeing what Gilneas looks like now, I'm getting really excited about the new zone.

And now, have some screenshots:

There's no people in the zone yet, but me and sis might have found the brothers' home (Keel Harbor, second picture), and we've been working out some tentative details for their backstory. We just need the zone's population put in so we can find out if the house we picked will be full of NPCs or not.

Now I just need to think of/reserve a name for my worgen... :P I have also run into a bit of writer's block with my story. I know roughly how it will finish, but I haven't figured out exactly how it will get to that point. It's a little frustrating, but hopefully I'll get it finished soon.

And that's it for now. /Waves

Dec 1, 2010

Storytime: Cataclysm pt.2

Have a sad-Kal-rant. Enjoy!

Elf and human sat next to each other on the edge of the canal, their feet dangling just above the waterline. Kal was slightly hunched, staring at her hands, amost as if she was deliberately trying to keep from looking at the wreckage across from them. Arien finally reached over to place a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"At least not many died, and none of our friends or family have been hurt, that we know of. And I can make you a new motorbike in a few days." Kal just gave a faint shake of her head. "I'm not really worried about the bike. And I am grateful nobody we know got hurt. It's just..." She finally raised her head to gaze over the still-smoking pit across the canal.

"We were there when I first met Windstar. It's where we first-." Kal cut herself off when she noticed Arien's faint blush, then after a moment she continued. "It's where that blasted thing attacked Channi. Which was awful, but it happening helped me realize how much I was falling in love with her. It's where she first kissed me. Where we first..." She paused again, glancing sidelong at her friend. "Yes, Kal, I know." Arien sighed quietly, her blush deepening slightly. Kal gave a very faint smirk. She quickly sobered, however.

"It feels like those memories have been violated. Like, with the place wrecked, they might just fade from my mind like...." She quickly glanced away, rubbing at her eyes for a moment. Arien simply sat and watched her, then finally reached over to gently brush the long scar running across her cheek with one finger. Kal's hand came up and caught Arien's, quickly lowering it back to the paladin's lap. Her voice was so quiet Arien could barely hear, and was slightly hoarse with long-suppressed grief. "Yes, that. And Alli. And Kira. And all of the short flings and one-nighters that I can't even remember the names of. I keep hoping and telling myself, this time it's different. That neither me or Channi are going anywhere. That this time it's gonna last. But all the others, they had messes like this screw everything up, too, and then boom it's over and we all move on. And gods, I'm getting sick of it." She abruptly stood and stalked off, in the direction of the Harbor. Arien was left sitting, watching her leave. After a moment, the paladin sighed again, rubbed briefly at her stinging eyes, then stood and followed.

I promise, this mood is going to be temporary for Kal. To be continued...