Jun 18, 2012


So, I've been playing Tera as much as my computer issues will let me. For anyone that hasn't seen/heard anything about this game, here's a video that someone on my server (Celestial Hills, the only RP server so far) made as a guild advertisement.

I would just like to mention, the music from that is totally stuck in my head, and is driving me slightly crazy from wanting to know what the dang song is. Someday I will get the nerve to ask the guy in-game.

My alt-aholicism has followed me into Tera, and right now I have one of every class. I've tried all the races, but I wound up re-rolling my Elin and Popori, because I just can't seem to 'click' with a character that either looks like a pre-teen little girl, or like a short, round, little animal. So, it's all humans/High Elves/ Castanics for me. Most of my characters are male, as the skimpy anime-style armor on females makes playing them (which would normally be my preference) feel slightly awkward. I don't have too many screenshots of them yet, but here's a few pics of my guys. (And girls.)

The first character I made, Vanyel the High Elf sorcerer, on his horse. Did I mention that the game gives you a quest for a free mount? Total win. I created him on the open beta, and pre-buying the game meant that I got to keep him, instead of starting all over from scratch. He's currently sitting on a back-burner for now, at level 22, while my archer and warrior fight over my attention.

My Castanic archer Tathiel. He's currently level 34, and enjoys 3-shotting mobs on a regular basis. Yes, he is wearing purple leopard-print armor. And he looks pretty darn spiffy in it, too. He is my 'main' character at the moment, although my warrior is starting to take over that title.

My human warrior, Kerowyn, level 32, in one of the many cutscenes that pop up during the storyline quests, and sometimes at the start of boss fights in the instances. The cutscenes are amazing, and for those people that don't care about the lore and/or storylines, you are allowed to cancel them. I almost never do, which has led to some interesting encounters in dungeons.

party member: did we just lose Kero?
me: nope
me: distracted by cutscene >.>
party members: lol

This is my lancer, Dallen, at the start and end of fighting a world boss. If you look at the clock in the bottom right corner, you can see just how long it took to kill it. Lancers are the main tanks in Tera, and they can be nearly impossible to kill, but they make up for that in a total lack of DPS. Now, warriors can tank too, but they are more of an evasion tank (a bit like rogues in WoW), so good tanking with a warrior is difficult, and they aren't allowed to queue as tanks in the dungeon finder. The next patch is supposed to be buffing them some, and hopefully fixing the dungeon queues, though my Kerowyn is most likely always going to be DPS.

Dallen is sort of becoming my 'baby'. Tath and Kero are my main focus right now, but I keep coming back to him every now and then for a bit of questing, and fighting BAM monsters (Tera's version of elites, and believe me, they really are elites). I can solo almost anything on him, (even saved a wipe once by solo'ing the boss until the rest of the party could run back) even if it takes forever to kill it, and questing is just as fun on him as it is on my higher-damage classes. I've only tanked one instance so far, and while it was fun, I wasn't as prepared as I thought, and the result was a couple of deaths for the healer. The group was fine with everything, (PUGs are much more patient and tolerant until you reach the 50+ instances) but I didn't do as well as I would have liked, and I'm a bit nervous about trying again, so he's been stuck at level 26 for a while.

I don't have any screenies of the rest of my 'gang' yet, but just to round out the list:

Caderly is my High Elf priest, currently sitting at level 22,
Karral is my human mystic, at level 16 (I think, haven't logged on him in a while, must fix that...)
Kalenal is my Castanic slayer, at level 18, and likely to be the next DPS character I level up. Slayers are ridiculously fun.
Kerryn is my High Elf berserker, still stuck in the newbie zone at level 8. She's the reincarnation of my attempt at playing a Popori. He got all the way to level 16 before I lost all interest in playing a fat little husky-dog and re-rolled. I'm much happier with Kerryn, and she may give Kalenal some competition over my next level-up project.

And I believe that's it for now. I'll be posting more pics, once I actually remember to take some. >.>
And if anyone wants to know anything more about the game, you can go here.

Going to try to have another WoW post soon-ish as well. Til then, /waves.