Nov 23, 2012

Delayed Update

So first of all, I've been having issues with the Blogger bar on the top of my page. It keeps randomly disappearing. No idea if it's a problem with Blogger or my browser, but since it happens in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, I'm thinking it might be Blogger. Whatever is causing it, it makes it impossible to log in to make a new post, which is why it's been so long since my last one. Sorry!

On to the good news, my little leveling slump seems to be over for now.
I achievement spammed myself >.<

Jorren and Windstar have both joined my growing crew of level 90s. My slight dislike of Townlong Steppes and Dread Waste seems to be going away, too, so it shouldn't be too long (I hope) before Rynia joins them, and gives me my 5 max-level classes achievement. Further proving that I really do have no life. XD

Windstar hasn't been doing much since she dinged, other than a few days of Tiller dailies, although Kel has made her the epic chest piece and she only needs two more spirits of harmony until she can make her epic inscription staff. I'm thinking of taking her back into Dread Wastes and actually finishing the major quest lines out there, since I haven't done that on anyone yet and questing with her is pretty fun, now that she's starting to kill the mobs faster and taking less damage. Although she still seems really squishy against most rare spawns she's found. I do plan on gearing her up in heroics and doing some raid finder runs with her, but right now Jorren has been taking up most of my attention.

Death knights have become incredibly fun to play, at least for me. Jorren was able to find the 2-handed crafted axe at a fairly good deal in the AH, and he's been tearing things up during his dailies. I've been focusing mostly on Tillers and Cloud Serpents, just to get them finished and out of the way, but he's started on Golden Lotus as well. I haven't run heroics much, but I blame that mostly on the holidays keeping me busy at work, and making me less willing to take chances on LFD groups. After spending a stressful day at work around crowds of strangers being jerks and idiots, I just want to relax by myself once I'm home and in-game. Hopefully my upcoming vacation time will help that, before the Christmas rush starts. :\

I've been plugging along on my little monk, too. Sunre is currently 38, thanks to a bunch of dungeon runs with sis dual-boxing with Pitchblack and her little shaman, Laoden. We're taking a break from that to get some questing done, since we're at the level range of several zones we both like. He's been lots of fun, and I might possibly take a break from my higher-level toons and get him up to Pandaria after Ryn is done. Seeing so many other people having fun on their monks is making me very eager for that, and I'm looking forward to getting him into a bit of RP eventually.

And I think that's all the interesting stuff for now. Hopefully it won't take so long for my next post. /Waves