Jun 22, 2013

Taking in the Scenery

Dear Star Wars, why are you so much fun?

So, I'm currently bouncing between two characters most of the time, while taking short breaks for alts every once in a while. My agent Qurana is still my 'main', and highest-level, character, and I've been playing my Sith warrior Jhorren a lot too. (Mostly because of Jaesa /swoon)

Jhorren is currently plugging along in Tatooine, chasing a certain padawn. And trying to show Vette that not all Sith are complete jerks. ;P  I like to believe that he's making progress...

this gave me some major warm fuzzy feelings
As for Qurana, she has just finished Alderaan, and I have a new Favorite Zone (or planet or whatever) Ever. Seriously, the whole entire planet is just so stinking gorgeous.

and then there are the wild thrantas
Also, Qurana's crew has grown, with her furure husband Vector joining at the end of her class quest. I am sooo happy to have a non-pshycopath nice Light-side companion to run around with now. Seriously, Kaliyo is fun and all, but something is just not right with her head. And, I hate to say it, but she's not a terribly great tank, either. With Vector along as a second DPS, everything dies too fast to hurt much.

taking in some of the sights during their first mission together
I am still tinkering some on Khrysi, my consular, whenever I want a break from those two. I also made a second Jedi knight, on Begeren Colony with Jhorren (and a bunch of other baby alts). This one is a guy, because Kira is seriously awesome but Bioware won't let Rynna romance her. So now An'dra will probably be my focus once I am ready to seriously play the knight's storyline. Rynna will get her turn (with Doc, most likely) later.

taxi-ing across Tython
Well, I believe that's all the interesting stuff for now. There's a double-XP weekend going on right now, so I'm planning on buzzing through the class quests on a couple of my characters, to get through the planets I don't like as much. (Can't wait to get back to Alderaan with Jhorren though :D) Specifically Khrysi, because Nar Shaddaa can get really old pretty fast, when you have 2 or more characters going through it in a short time frame. Plus I just miss her. The consular storyline is pretty darned awesome.

Anyways... /Waves