May 29, 2013

Cruising through the Galaxy

This is mostly just a quick update and excuse to show off some of my screenshots. >.>

Star Wars is still keeping most of my attention, to the point that, when I have to log off so sis can have her computer back, I'll spend the rest of the night in the forums, or browsing Youtube videos. We both have caved and gotten 60-day subscriptions, and losing the free-to-play restrictions have made it even more fun. I still tinker around a little on WoW, but I tend to get bored fast. Although my monk Sunre is still plugging along (level 83 and starting Uldum, because I really needed a break from Deepholm).

Poor Tagnesh has been temporarily shelved in favor of my agent, Qurana. I know I had just said in the last post that the storyline was getting boring, but then sis started playing her agent more, and I got rehooked. She's just passed Tag, at level 24, and is sniping her way through Nar Shaddaa like a pro. Unfortunately, I've been so distracted by questing that I keep forgetting about the screenshot button. :\  Oops? Edit: Hey look! I finally took a screenshot. Mostly to show off her cool new jacket. >.>

....I also might have rolled a second agent, a male character, on my alt server, Begeren Colony, for the single reason of being able to flirt with and possibly romance Watcher Two. >.>  And because Qurana is a sniper and I want to see if operatives are as fun as everyone says. I haven't actually started questing on him yet though, because I want to finish Qurana's story first. Playing two agents at the same time would just be too confusing. >.<
Krasio says "Hi"
My Jedi shadow, Khrysi, is still getting some play time, too. She's also in Nar Shaddaa, and is just starting on the questline to get her next companion. I have to admit, while I do like Qyzen, it will be nice to have someone new to run around with. Who will hopefully have a better sense of humor.
On one of the last quests in Taris.
Drax'o the bounty hunter has gotten to level 17, and is taking a break before starting on Balmorra. Mostly because I just need to play somewhere different for a while. So he gets to relax and accumulate rest xp while Qurana monopolizes my attention.
Relaxing in his ship's cabin.
I also have gotten my Sith warrior, Korriala, off of Korriban. With Rynna and Jhorren both being dps, I went tank (juggernaut) with her, though I'll be leveling as dps until she has more tanky-type gear/skills. For now, she's hanging out in Dromund Kaas until I need a break from Qurana.
Entering the tomb of... I forget which one, There are way too many tombs on Korriban.
Well, that's all the interesting stuff I can think of. I will be trying to get more screenshots in the future, and hopefully I'll have some good ones for next time. Also, if anyone happens to win the lottery or something, I would be eternally grateful if someone wants to send me a new gaming computer, so me and sis can actually do stuff together. >.<  (jk) (mostly >.>) (I should give up and just start playing the lottery myself :P)
Proof that Balmorra can be a pretty planet.

May 18, 2013

Stuff (a.k.a. I'm bad at titles)

Well, not a whole lot has been going on, other than work and poking at stuff on the interwebs. Which by the way, I may have recently joined the tumblr club. >.>  Game-wise, Star Wars: the Old Republic has become my new addiction. The only problem is, my old piece-of-outdated-junk laptop can't play it, so I need to bum sis's desktop whenever she's not home. It cuts down on my playing time, but it is her computer, so I really can't complain. And I get to play enough to keep myself fairly happy. Currently, I have at least one character of every class, both Republic and Imperial side, with a couple extra alts to tinker with the different advanced classes. As a result, my highest level character is only 20, but I'm getting over the 'new shiny' aspect, and have been seriously working on a couple certain ones.

My level 20 is my Sith sorcerer, Tagnesh, who I unfortunately don't have any good screenshots of. I'll fix that the next time I play him, though.

Next highest is my Jedi shadow, Khrysi, at 19 (almost 20!). She's so much fun to play, it makes me wish Tagnesh was an assassin instead, but he's still fun, and I would probably get bored if I was playing two of basically the same exact class all the time. Khrysi has been my favorite so far, the consular story line has been pretty amazing, and I just like republic side a bit better than the Imperials.

Then there's my Jedi sentinel, Rynna. She's almost as much fun as Khrysi, and has the added bonus of having Kira Carsen as a sidekick. ("Eat lightsaber, jerk!" has got to be my favorite line in the game XD ) There's a very small inconvenience with playing her, though... Bioware has given hints that same-gender romance options might be happening in the future, (maybe, eventually...)(and I mean more than the handful of flirts available on the new planet) and I would really love for the bond between Rynna and Kira to actually happen in-game, rather than only in my own head. :P And I have no idea if it would be possible at later levels. *sigh* At least I have plenty of other alts to keep myself busy while I wait and see.

My Imperial agent/sniper, Qurana, is also 19, but her story quest is starting to lose my interest. I'm not sure why, it started out pretty fun, but I think I'm just getting tired of following orders from dull, obey-the-rules-to-the-letter kind of NPCs. Whatever the reason, she's been taking a break while I level Tagnesh and Khrysi. I'm definately getting back to her later, though.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten many good screenshots of the rest of my alts yet. I've tended to get so much into playing that I forget to take pictures. >.>  I will fix that once I start leveling them up. For now, here's a pair of bounty hunters...

....Yes, I made two bounty hunters. Aerren (top) is on the alt server, Begeren Colony, while Drax'o (bottom) is with my main characters on Ebon Hawk. Aerren is a level 13 mercenary, while Drax is going to go powertech, whenever I actually get him through Hutta.

And just for kicks, here's my Sith marauder, Jhorren, holding a bomb. Poor Vette looks a little nervous.

I still log on Rift/WoW every so often, just to tinker around and 'see' my friends, but between boredom and lag, I haven't stayed on very long. I've been thinking of rolling a monk version of Kal, mostly because I've had to let my second account's sub run out, and that's the account warrior!Kal is on, and I miss her. And because monks are fun. I want to replace all of Sunre's heirloom gear first, though, because mailing everything between characters gets tedious. Sun is 82 now and starting on Deepholm, so it probably won't take long, once I can make myself stay on him for another leveling binge.

I had to cancel my Rift sub, too, but with it going free to play soon, I'll be able to play my above-level-20 characters again soon. And I have plenty of baby alts to tinker on until then.

And I think that's all for now. /Waves