Oct 30, 2009

Lack of sleep fails...

So here's some random pics and rambling.

Windstar has been kinda lonely lately. Nothing serious, she's just been very busy, so she hasn't been going to the Pig as often. And a lot of the time, when she does go there, it's empty. And now Arvoss is back, so she's happy to see him, but Shaurria is hogging most of his attention. Which Star is completely fine with, but it makes her feel just a tiny bit left out. Hopefully this is just a little phase she's going through, and will be back to happy-kitty-mode soon. (P.S. rl depression may have something to do with it. maybe.)

Was bored yesterday, so I got on Gilneas for a bit, to do a heroic on my pally Arien. Gundrak was the daily, got to do that as lolret, got a new cloak for healing set, had lots of fun. Then me, guildies, and a PuG hunter went on a normal ToC farming spree. Did it 4 times, if I remember correctly. And I got to heal, finally! Pally healing is fun. Stressful sometimes (esp. if you're undergeared), but fun. Beacon of Light is hax. :D And she got a couple upgrades: new healing chest and pants (both mail :P) and a new belt and cloak for ret.

So now I have healed stuff on 3 healing classes (priest, pally, and druid), had fun each time, and I don't think I messed up too bad on any of them. Maybe I'm not a bad healer after all. Still don't think I'm ever gonna play a resto shammy though, simply because I don't want to. Taarren was sorta forced into it in vanilla WoW, for ZG raids that the guild I was in did then, and it wasn't much fun. Bad memories make it hard to go back to resto when enhancement is so much fun. Though it might've been mostly the guild's fault. *shrug*

So anyways, going on 3 hours sleep last night, then an 8 1/2 hour work shift, starting to get a headache, and I think(hope) I'm gonna pass out soon. Insomnia flipping stinks. :(


Armory Links Up

Most of them anyways. Sleepy and got a nasty crick in my neck/shoulder :(
Going to try to sleep before stupid early work shift.
Ugh, I am NOT a morning person :(

One little thing, my friend (Frazle) is now pointing my blog out to people.
Is this a good thing? Not sure yet. (nervous)

Oct 28, 2009

Background Bits...

... because I'm bored and tired but not ready to sleep yet.

My Treng and my sister's Gwynifar have an interesting little story. They met almost by accident. Gwyn had gotten a reputation for being a prankster in her home of Silvermoon, so her parents sent her to Durotar, to see if the orcs could help her settle down some. Her mentor there sent her to track a boar, after sending a young orc to do the same thing a few minutes before. The two met on the trail, and immediately hit it off. They became such good friends that Treng asked her if she would like to be adopted into his Icefang Clan, a small Frostwolf subclan. Most of the pets they have gotten were Gwyn's ideas. Treng has learned to just go along with it. :) My sister and I created a guild for them on Moon Guard named Shano nor Balah, which means Blood and Honor in Thalassian. The orcish phrase (Treng's personal motto as well) in the Blood Elf language is another symbol of the bond these two have. Treng would literally do anything to protect his 'sister'.

My paladin Arien, on Gilneas, has two very close, important relationships. One is her best friend, my Night Elf warrior Kalenedral. The other is my sister's Nelf druid Alanon. Arien and Kal's friendship is unfortunately all in my head, and in stories I've written (WTB second account?). They met while Arien was in Stormwind, training to be a paladin. Kal had just learned that her older sister had been lost in a failed excursion into Northrend. Arien found her crying in the Cathedral grounds, and comforted her. They continued meeting whenever Arien could get away from her studies, and moved into a small place together when Arien 'graduated'. They are closer than sisters, and almost literally share everything. Later on, Arien met Kal's cousins, which are all my sister's and my elf toons. Alanon, the second oldest in the family, began noticing her, and she soon started noticing him back. He began helping her out with stuff (aka, instances and group quests), and then they began hanging out just because they liked each others' company. He comforted her through the rough time after the Wrathgate, and then the rest of the family began noticing the two's growing relationship. It took forever, as Arien was rather shy, and Alanon had been through a rough relationship with a human a few centuries before, and didn't want to rush with Arien, because he was afraid of messing something up. Long story short, they have finally confessed their feelings to each other, and are very happy now. More detailed posts on Arien's story will be posted in the future, I promise.

And now I am about to doze off on my keyboard, so I'm ending it here, for now. May have to post Arien stuff soon, now that I've started thinking about her again. Goodnight!

Oct 27, 2009

"Hey guys, Windstar is a tree"

My sister actually said that in the OOC channel our rp friends invited us to. The reaction was many variations of "The world is ending" and other stuff I'm too tired to remember now. It was funny though. Must remember to screenshot chatlogs more, argh! Or maybe find one of those addons/programs that saves them.

Moving on ... I tried druid healing for the First Time Ever today. Sis brought her 66 DK tank, with our friend on his 65 DK, with 2 PuGs, a ret pally and (guess what?) another DK. Last DK acted like kind of a noob, but since s/he had just told me, before we started, that they just reactivated their account, and was just now getting used to everything, I'm willing to forgive. Was a fun run, first in Ramparts, then since we did so well, we all went on with Blood Furnace. We only had one case of deaths, in BF, because everyone was melee and ran into a LOT of bombs that the technician mobs drop. Arvoss (sis) and me lived, I managed a battle rez on the pally, and the mobs were almost dead when the group asploded, so we managed to not wipe. Windstar made out like a bandit, with a lot of caster drops, so she might actually have a full healing set by the time she gets to Northrend. :P

I usually try to avoid healing, because I'm rather ADD, and don't have a lot of self-confidence, so I feel intimidated trying to keep a whole group alive. I also tend to panic slightly when ANYTHING goes wrong, because I expect everyone to blame me. This run was a great ego-boost, though. I had fun, we all lived through (almost) everything, and when I mentioned that I hoped I did ok, the pally said that I had. Druid healing is definately fun, and I'm looking forward even more to level 80 and Mass Heroic Farming (possibly even occasional raids, we'll have to see). I really really love my little druid right now. :D

O yea, she started out a little into level 60, and dinged 61 turning in the first BF quest. This is with no rested xp, since she ran out about a week ago and I havent stopped playing her long enough for more than 3 or 5 bars worth to build up. She is still leveling like a machine though, and still getting a good bit of RP time.

Must sleep now, hopefully will have another story or something ready to put up soon. /Waves

Oct 26, 2009

Kelesaria meets Sabre

A little bit I wrote about my hunter Kel (who I took my screen name from) taming her best friend. Enjoy!

The Night Elf knelt in the snow, peering through the frost-rimed branches of the tiny copse she hid behind. Kelesaria pondered the reason for her predicament even as she watched the great cats wandering and lying around the huge rock that shared their name. She had been stalking the area ever since she had enough seasons of experience to face one of the huge cats, had been planning this since the day she had seen another hunter with one by her side. The massive, graceful cat had seemed to Kel to be the perfect companion, and it's deadly beauty was breathtaking. Now that her nightstalker Rhaj was getting too old for the constant fighting and hunting that was her lifestyle, she was ready to bond to a new partner.

A movement to the side caught her eye, as the young male frostsaber she had been watching began trying once again to induce the cubs at their den into a game. She smiled at the sight of the big, powerful cat bouncing in the snow. The pure white mother of the cubs suddenly trotted over and swatted at the male, growling warningly, but with an almost resigned expression. Rebuffed once again, the pride watcher paced back to his favorite rock and lay down, a bored expression on his face. Kel smiled as she watched him, admiring the play of his muscles beneath the thick soft coat of lavender-striped fur, though actually he was little more than a yearling, still not as big and powerful as he would become, and obviously restless with the uneventful life he currently had. That youth and restlessness was the reason for her choice, as she hoped it might make the taming process a bit easier. She whispered under her breath the name she had chosen, "Sabre".

Apparently, it wasn't as quiet as she thought, however, as first one furry ear swiveled in her direction, then suddenly he turned his head and looked right at the tiny thicket she was crouching in. Kel froze for a moment, then on impulse she stood. No other frostsabers were close enough to notice, and for a moment the young male just stared at her. Kel quickly called up the cantrip that would start the bonding process between hunter and companion. As she cast it, the pride watcher suddenly stood and trotted towards her, growling softly. Kel stood firm, waiting for the cantrip to take effect. The 'saber leaped, knocking her to the ground, but then just stood over her, staring intently at her face, still growling. Kel stayed motionless as the spell began to work, creating a bond between them that would allow her to temporarily communicate with the huge cat, not so much with words as with intentions and feelings. The young 'saber slowly backed up a bit as his mind was flooded with promises of adventure and companionship, the very things his current life had been lacking. After a few minutes, as the spell faded, he stepped back some more to let Kel stand up. They looked at each other for a moment, then slowly, Sabre moved to Kel's side and rubbed his huge head under her hand, purring softly. She stroked him gently, then softly told him, "Let's go, Sabre", and the new-made friends started the long walk back to Everlook.

+ + + + +
Kel woke with a small start, peering around the campsite, beyond the ring of the dying fire's glow. Nothing seemed wrong, so she sat back and thought about the dream she just had. She hadn't thought much about how she and her best companion and heart-mate had met for a while. As she thought, something gently rubbed against her arm, and with a smile she laid that arm across the broad muscled back of the huge cat lying next to her, always right there, within arm's reach, ready to help or protect her, no matter what.

Oct 25, 2009

Further Introductions - Feathermoon

Feathermoon is the next-to-newest server for me to start playing (newest being Wyrmrest Accord). And I have to say, I love it there. Sure, it has weirdos and jerks, like everywhere else, but I have met some pretty cool people there as well, that have made me feel welcome on the server as well as in their RP groups. <3

And now my characters, Alliance side first:

First, Tadrith, 63 Nelf hunter, BM spec. I have a theme going with him. I LOVE Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar books. So Tad and all his pets are named after favorite gryphon characters in a few of those books. There's Tadrith, Keenath (wolf), Treyvan (bear), Aubri (dragonhawk), and Skandranon (Shy-Rotam). Eventually there will be Kelvren, the spirit beast, preferably Loque'nahak.

Windstar is next, 59 Nelf druid, feral kitty/resto dual-spec, and the first druid I'm trying healing with. RP-wise, she and Tad are twins, born not long before the last war. She is also my RP main, since Tad is a bit anti-social most of the time.

I have a DK bank alt, simply because it was a way to get a little starting gold. His name is Melset, which was randomly generated from the character creation screen, and he's human. He's level 60 and blood spec.

And my baby Rynia, 18 human warlock, not really speced any certain way yet. I'm mostly waiting to level her until Star and Tad are both 80 and I can get some heirlooms. Still working out her personality RP-wise, kinda hard for me, since I have trouble playing 'bad guys', but it's slightly harder to make a demon-using, shadow-loving warlock into a 'good person'. I will work it out though. :)

Now for Horde:

Tallía, 23 Belf mage, frost spec for now, may play with other specs later,

Araji, 16 troll shaman, going to be enhancement, just because it is darned fun to play, for me at least.

I don't play my Hordies as much as I would like to, mostly because I can only focus on one or two toons at a time, and because I don't really know anyone on Horde-side. Tallía will be next in line after the twins are leveled, though. I also plan on making a couple transfers from Durotan, too, whenever my financial situation allows. Bearkat and Caderlly at least. Also, speaking of Cad, he may be making a faction change at the same time, since I've been thinking of switching him to a worgen when Cataclysm comes out. Nothing certain yet though.

Well, that's the basic introductions. Details, stories, etc. will follow later.

Oct 22, 2009

Further Introductions - Horde

Now for my Horde guys :D

Durotan has most of them. I started here during BC, to play with a rl friend, and eventually transfered all my other high-level Hordies. I don't play there as much anymore, but I still pop on now and then to do dailies and say hi to the awesome guild I'm in.

Rajji is the first, 80 troll hunter, BM spec and my first hunter to get a spirit beast. He got Gondria the day after my sister's hunter Boogga got her.

Vanyell, 40 undead mage, frost spec, the highest level I have ever played a mage,

Treos, 32 Belf paladin, ret spec, eventually probably going to copy Arien and make her dual-spec holy (cause healing is pretty fun),

Those are my original toons I made on the server, next ones were tranfered from Gilneas.

Taarren, 76 tauren shaman, enhancement (for life), the second toon I ever made :),

Bearkat, 72 tauren druid, feral kitty spec, gonna be dual feral tank/dps specs when he hits 80,

Caderlly, 71 undead priest, shadow/holy dual speced, has a rather uncertain future at the moment, because I like playing him, but I'm not sure if I want to keep him here or maybe transfer him again.

Next is Moon Guard:

Treng, 24(?) orc hunter, BM spec, with pets that ALL took a hike to tame. His wolf is from Elwynn, his moth is from Azuremyst, and his bird is a hawk from Howling Fjord. RP-wise, they were all the fault of his 'adopted sister', my sis' Belf hunter Gwynifar. She constantly drags poor Treng along on her crazy ideas :D,

Vestaki, 64 death knight, started playing her frost spec, but switched to blood, just because it's my favorite spec, and the most fun for me to play,

Riyna, 17 (or 18, can't remember) Belf rogue, still working on what spec I want to try for her. Haven't played rogues much, so I'm kind of a noob as far as their specs go.

Moon Guard is a very full server, so it's actually hard for me to play there. My old computer just can't handle the lag sometimes. So Treng may be getting a server transfer eventually. Have no clue what I'm gonna do with the other 2. :(

Only have one toon so far on Wyrmrest Accord, a baby tauren druid named Skypaw. He's about level 17 now, going feral with him for RP reasons, as well as the fact that I just love that spec. ICly, he is very shy, almost never leaves his feral forms, and doesn't talk much. Still working out the story on why he's like that. Centaurs may be involved.

And now for a bit of a random side note -

For some reason, I like playing Alliance more than Horde, which is why I have 3 80 allies (soon to be more) and only one 80 Horde. The only thing I can think of is, Alliance has a lot more lore for the Alliance. Horde basically are just trying to survive, and the quest lines and lore are just not very deep. Also, while I do love the Forsaken, their "kill everything living because we're mad at being stuck in undeath" attitudes bother me sometimes. I do at least some RP with all my toons, even if most of it is only in my own head, and I just can't focus on a mindset like that. Vanyell is the only undead I have any sort of personality/story worked out with, and he is just not really upset at being a Forsaken. He misses being alive, but he's not going to make a big deal out of it.

Alliance, on the other hand, have many intriguing plots and quest chains. I wrote a story out of my pally Arien doing the worgen questline that starts in Ashenvale, which will be posted, probably soon. The chain for the burned down inn on the Barrens/Dustwallow border is also one of my favorites, mostly because for the very last part, you get to take flowers to James' family's graves. Little touches like that give RP/lore nerds like me a huge thrill. I just haven't found anything like it Horde-side, so it's harder to get immersed on those characters.

So anyways, thats most of my characters. Next post will be for all my guys on Feathermoon. May be a ramble alert, since this is the server I have played the most all week, and I'm getting very attached to both my characters, and the awesome people I have been RPing with most of my online time. :D

Oct 21, 2009

Further Introductions - Alliance toons

First of all, I have a lot of characters on WoW. A LOT. So for now, in the interest of not having a Massive Wall o' Text, I'll break it up into a couple seperate posts.

A bit of history first: I began on normal servers. I'm too much of a carebear to play on PvP servers (though I have tried), and wasn't sure what to make of RP servers back then. Lately though, raiding, farming, and grinding rep and stuff has gotten boring. Me, my sister and a friend began hopping around a couple RP servers, to see what it was like. Started on Moon Guard, then Silver Hand, both good servers, but not finding much(other than the Silvermoon City inns on MG- stay far away!). MG was ok, but the fact that it's a very full server makes it hard for my old laggy laptop to play on.(Transfers may be in order for my orc hunter there, haven't decided yet.) Then we discovered Feathermoon. I really think starting there deserves it's own post, but I will say, I don't think I've ever gotten that 'welcome home' feeling on ANY server I've ever played on. So, while my lvl 80 hunter Kelesaria is still my favorite (and first!) character, my guys on FM are who I'm playing most now.

So, Gilneas first....

I started here on Horde side, and made a couple friends. Kel and my Nelf druid Jahira actually got started on another server, Kargath, but I transfered them here, because one friend played alliance more often than Horde. I later transfered all my Hordies but one to another server, to play with a RL friend and her guild. So now Gilneas has:

Kelesaria, 80 Nelf hunter, BM/Marks dual-specs, with a stable full of pets that I love dearly,

Jahira, 80 Nelf druid, balance/kitty feral dual specs, mostly I play her feral spec now,

Rhyna, 48 Draenei shaman, enhance spec, mostly using her as a bank alt for now, though I keep meaning to level her, mostly just to train her enchanting so she can DE the junk I get from Northrend,

Kalenedral, 39 Nelf warrior, my tank-in-training, named after a special type of warriors in one of Mercedes Lackey's books, it means 'Sword-Sworn',

Riatha, 73 Nelf death knight, blood spec, probably next on my list of 'who to get to 80 next'

Arien, 80 paladin, ret/holy dual specs, my newest 80 and the toon responsible for my newfound love of the class, also fun as heck to RP with,

and Horde side, I still have:

Kerowyn, 34 Belf hunter, MM spec, my only non-BM hunter, probably getting transfered as soon as that darn Dalaran Spellscribe gives up that black tabby cat for Kel.

Continuing the Alliance theme, Silver Hand is next (/waves at Pike):

Ryall, 27(?) Draenei hunter, BM spec, with her 2 'Horde' pets, her red Durotar raptor and Ghostlands lynx,

... I do have 2 other toons there, but honestly I haven't played on that server in a long, long time, and I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep them. I might make my death knight into a bank alt, but the warlock is probably gonna go, since I have another 'lock I plan on lvling sooner. And I have had trouble playing 'locks anyways, the highest I have gotten one was lvl 20. The thought of trying to level 2 of them makes me /shudder. :(

That's enough for now, I think. Next will be my Hordies on Durotan, Moon Guard, and Wyrmrest Accord. Feathermoon will get a post to itself, since I play both sides there.

Umm, hello?


At the encouragement of my twin sister over at Spirit Bond (see blogroll), I have finally gotten the nerve to start my own blog. I guess some sort of introduction is in order.

I am a World of Warcraft player. Been playing since shortly after release. I have characters scattered across 5 or 6 realms, I think. 4 of them are 80, the rest anywhere between 16-76.

I am quite obsessed with hunters, having 2 at lvl 80 and, at last count, 4 alts. Actually, more accurately, I'm obsessed with hunter pets. Most of my hunter alts are for the main reason of, there's too many things to tame, and not enough stable slots. They are also all beast mastery spec. Second favorite is druids, 4 total of them, and all of them feral. I have also played at least one of every other class, though only got a paladin to 80 (2 hunters and one druid are 80 as well). I'll give better introductions later. Going to work on armory links later too, I'm still learning for now.

This blog is mostly just a place for me to share stuff with friends, and will be mostly WoW related. There will be the occasional RL rant/observation/funny story/etc. as well. Hopefully it will be entertaining. For now, it is after 5a.m., and I have to work tomorrow, er, later today. Yikes!

Goodnight! <3