Oct 21, 2009

Further Introductions - Alliance toons

First of all, I have a lot of characters on WoW. A LOT. So for now, in the interest of not having a Massive Wall o' Text, I'll break it up into a couple seperate posts.

A bit of history first: I began on normal servers. I'm too much of a carebear to play on PvP servers (though I have tried), and wasn't sure what to make of RP servers back then. Lately though, raiding, farming, and grinding rep and stuff has gotten boring. Me, my sister and a friend began hopping around a couple RP servers, to see what it was like. Started on Moon Guard, then Silver Hand, both good servers, but not finding much(other than the Silvermoon City inns on MG- stay far away!). MG was ok, but the fact that it's a very full server makes it hard for my old laggy laptop to play on.(Transfers may be in order for my orc hunter there, haven't decided yet.) Then we discovered Feathermoon. I really think starting there deserves it's own post, but I will say, I don't think I've ever gotten that 'welcome home' feeling on ANY server I've ever played on. So, while my lvl 80 hunter Kelesaria is still my favorite (and first!) character, my guys on FM are who I'm playing most now.

So, Gilneas first....

I started here on Horde side, and made a couple friends. Kel and my Nelf druid Jahira actually got started on another server, Kargath, but I transfered them here, because one friend played alliance more often than Horde. I later transfered all my Hordies but one to another server, to play with a RL friend and her guild. So now Gilneas has:

Kelesaria, 80 Nelf hunter, BM/Marks dual-specs, with a stable full of pets that I love dearly,

Jahira, 80 Nelf druid, balance/kitty feral dual specs, mostly I play her feral spec now,

Rhyna, 48 Draenei shaman, enhance spec, mostly using her as a bank alt for now, though I keep meaning to level her, mostly just to train her enchanting so she can DE the junk I get from Northrend,

Kalenedral, 39 Nelf warrior, my tank-in-training, named after a special type of warriors in one of Mercedes Lackey's books, it means 'Sword-Sworn',

Riatha, 73 Nelf death knight, blood spec, probably next on my list of 'who to get to 80 next'

Arien, 80 paladin, ret/holy dual specs, my newest 80 and the toon responsible for my newfound love of the class, also fun as heck to RP with,

and Horde side, I still have:

Kerowyn, 34 Belf hunter, MM spec, my only non-BM hunter, probably getting transfered as soon as that darn Dalaran Spellscribe gives up that black tabby cat for Kel.

Continuing the Alliance theme, Silver Hand is next (/waves at Pike):

Ryall, 27(?) Draenei hunter, BM spec, with her 2 'Horde' pets, her red Durotar raptor and Ghostlands lynx,

... I do have 2 other toons there, but honestly I haven't played on that server in a long, long time, and I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep them. I might make my death knight into a bank alt, but the warlock is probably gonna go, since I have another 'lock I plan on lvling sooner. And I have had trouble playing 'locks anyways, the highest I have gotten one was lvl 20. The thought of trying to level 2 of them makes me /shudder. :(

That's enough for now, I think. Next will be my Hordies on Durotan, Moon Guard, and Wyrmrest Accord. Feathermoon will get a post to itself, since I play both sides there.

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