Oct 27, 2009

"Hey guys, Windstar is a tree"

My sister actually said that in the OOC channel our rp friends invited us to. The reaction was many variations of "The world is ending" and other stuff I'm too tired to remember now. It was funny though. Must remember to screenshot chatlogs more, argh! Or maybe find one of those addons/programs that saves them.

Moving on ... I tried druid healing for the First Time Ever today. Sis brought her 66 DK tank, with our friend on his 65 DK, with 2 PuGs, a ret pally and (guess what?) another DK. Last DK acted like kind of a noob, but since s/he had just told me, before we started, that they just reactivated their account, and was just now getting used to everything, I'm willing to forgive. Was a fun run, first in Ramparts, then since we did so well, we all went on with Blood Furnace. We only had one case of deaths, in BF, because everyone was melee and ran into a LOT of bombs that the technician mobs drop. Arvoss (sis) and me lived, I managed a battle rez on the pally, and the mobs were almost dead when the group asploded, so we managed to not wipe. Windstar made out like a bandit, with a lot of caster drops, so she might actually have a full healing set by the time she gets to Northrend. :P

I usually try to avoid healing, because I'm rather ADD, and don't have a lot of self-confidence, so I feel intimidated trying to keep a whole group alive. I also tend to panic slightly when ANYTHING goes wrong, because I expect everyone to blame me. This run was a great ego-boost, though. I had fun, we all lived through (almost) everything, and when I mentioned that I hoped I did ok, the pally said that I had. Druid healing is definately fun, and I'm looking forward even more to level 80 and Mass Heroic Farming (possibly even occasional raids, we'll have to see). I really really love my little druid right now. :D

O yea, she started out a little into level 60, and dinged 61 turning in the first BF quest. This is with no rested xp, since she ran out about a week ago and I havent stopped playing her long enough for more than 3 or 5 bars worth to build up. She is still leveling like a machine though, and still getting a good bit of RP time.

Must sleep now, hopefully will have another story or something ready to put up soon. /Waves


  1. I highly recommend WoWScribe - it's a really great chat-logging addon that saves your logs as tiny text files.

    I constantly log our IC and OOC channels, guild, say, emotes, and whispers - and then periodically will clear it out. That way I can almost always find anything I need!

  2. yea, I had heard of that before, just couldn't remember what it was called, thanks :D