Oct 30, 2009

Lack of sleep fails...

So here's some random pics and rambling.

Windstar has been kinda lonely lately. Nothing serious, she's just been very busy, so she hasn't been going to the Pig as often. And a lot of the time, when she does go there, it's empty. And now Arvoss is back, so she's happy to see him, but Shaurria is hogging most of his attention. Which Star is completely fine with, but it makes her feel just a tiny bit left out. Hopefully this is just a little phase she's going through, and will be back to happy-kitty-mode soon. (P.S. rl depression may have something to do with it. maybe.)

Was bored yesterday, so I got on Gilneas for a bit, to do a heroic on my pally Arien. Gundrak was the daily, got to do that as lolret, got a new cloak for healing set, had lots of fun. Then me, guildies, and a PuG hunter went on a normal ToC farming spree. Did it 4 times, if I remember correctly. And I got to heal, finally! Pally healing is fun. Stressful sometimes (esp. if you're undergeared), but fun. Beacon of Light is hax. :D And she got a couple upgrades: new healing chest and pants (both mail :P) and a new belt and cloak for ret.

So now I have healed stuff on 3 healing classes (priest, pally, and druid), had fun each time, and I don't think I messed up too bad on any of them. Maybe I'm not a bad healer after all. Still don't think I'm ever gonna play a resto shammy though, simply because I don't want to. Taarren was sorta forced into it in vanilla WoW, for ZG raids that the guild I was in did then, and it wasn't much fun. Bad memories make it hard to go back to resto when enhancement is so much fun. Though it might've been mostly the guild's fault. *shrug*

So anyways, going on 3 hours sleep last night, then an 8 1/2 hour work shift, starting to get a headache, and I think(hope) I'm gonna pass out soon. Insomnia flipping stinks. :(


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