Oct 21, 2009

Umm, hello?


At the encouragement of my twin sister over at Spirit Bond (see blogroll), I have finally gotten the nerve to start my own blog. I guess some sort of introduction is in order.

I am a World of Warcraft player. Been playing since shortly after release. I have characters scattered across 5 or 6 realms, I think. 4 of them are 80, the rest anywhere between 16-76.

I am quite obsessed with hunters, having 2 at lvl 80 and, at last count, 4 alts. Actually, more accurately, I'm obsessed with hunter pets. Most of my hunter alts are for the main reason of, there's too many things to tame, and not enough stable slots. They are also all beast mastery spec. Second favorite is druids, 4 total of them, and all of them feral. I have also played at least one of every other class, though only got a paladin to 80 (2 hunters and one druid are 80 as well). I'll give better introductions later. Going to work on armory links later too, I'm still learning for now.

This blog is mostly just a place for me to share stuff with friends, and will be mostly WoW related. There will be the occasional RL rant/observation/funny story/etc. as well. Hopefully it will be entertaining. For now, it is after 5a.m., and I have to work tomorrow, er, later today. Yikes!

Goodnight! <3

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