Oct 26, 2009

Kelesaria meets Sabre

A little bit I wrote about my hunter Kel (who I took my screen name from) taming her best friend. Enjoy!

The Night Elf knelt in the snow, peering through the frost-rimed branches of the tiny copse she hid behind. Kelesaria pondered the reason for her predicament even as she watched the great cats wandering and lying around the huge rock that shared their name. She had been stalking the area ever since she had enough seasons of experience to face one of the huge cats, had been planning this since the day she had seen another hunter with one by her side. The massive, graceful cat had seemed to Kel to be the perfect companion, and it's deadly beauty was breathtaking. Now that her nightstalker Rhaj was getting too old for the constant fighting and hunting that was her lifestyle, she was ready to bond to a new partner.

A movement to the side caught her eye, as the young male frostsaber she had been watching began trying once again to induce the cubs at their den into a game. She smiled at the sight of the big, powerful cat bouncing in the snow. The pure white mother of the cubs suddenly trotted over and swatted at the male, growling warningly, but with an almost resigned expression. Rebuffed once again, the pride watcher paced back to his favorite rock and lay down, a bored expression on his face. Kel smiled as she watched him, admiring the play of his muscles beneath the thick soft coat of lavender-striped fur, though actually he was little more than a yearling, still not as big and powerful as he would become, and obviously restless with the uneventful life he currently had. That youth and restlessness was the reason for her choice, as she hoped it might make the taming process a bit easier. She whispered under her breath the name she had chosen, "Sabre".

Apparently, it wasn't as quiet as she thought, however, as first one furry ear swiveled in her direction, then suddenly he turned his head and looked right at the tiny thicket she was crouching in. Kel froze for a moment, then on impulse she stood. No other frostsabers were close enough to notice, and for a moment the young male just stared at her. Kel quickly called up the cantrip that would start the bonding process between hunter and companion. As she cast it, the pride watcher suddenly stood and trotted towards her, growling softly. Kel stood firm, waiting for the cantrip to take effect. The 'saber leaped, knocking her to the ground, but then just stood over her, staring intently at her face, still growling. Kel stayed motionless as the spell began to work, creating a bond between them that would allow her to temporarily communicate with the huge cat, not so much with words as with intentions and feelings. The young 'saber slowly backed up a bit as his mind was flooded with promises of adventure and companionship, the very things his current life had been lacking. After a few minutes, as the spell faded, he stepped back some more to let Kel stand up. They looked at each other for a moment, then slowly, Sabre moved to Kel's side and rubbed his huge head under her hand, purring softly. She stroked him gently, then softly told him, "Let's go, Sabre", and the new-made friends started the long walk back to Everlook.

+ + + + +
Kel woke with a small start, peering around the campsite, beyond the ring of the dying fire's glow. Nothing seemed wrong, so she sat back and thought about the dream she just had. She hadn't thought much about how she and her best companion and heart-mate had met for a while. As she thought, something gently rubbed against her arm, and with a smile she laid that arm across the broad muscled back of the huge cat lying next to her, always right there, within arm's reach, ready to help or protect her, no matter what.

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