Jun 15, 2011

And another...

I've been a busy leveler lately, it seems.

I may make myself stop leveling for a bit, to try to get my current maxed characters some gear. *Eyes Rajji* Uh, maybe...

Speaking of gear, a random blue trinket dropped for Kel when she was doing Tol Barad dailies, which she passed along to Windstar. It got her gear ilevel up enough so she can finally run heroics. The only problem is, she really hasn't been doing very well, even in normal dungeons.

It's kind of odd, comparing my two 'main' druids. Windstar actually didn't get much questing, after she finished Hyjal. Most of her xp came from farming herbs, for both her own inscription and my warlock's alchemy. (Both of which are maxed, even though my 'lock is still only level 82. /flex) She did do quests, but I hopped around the zones a lot, so she hasn't gotten many of the good rewards from the finishing quest lines. That trinket actually replaced a ilevel 272 quest reward from Hyjal. :\

Bearkat, on the other hand, has finished Hyjal and the main quest chain (the World Pillar) in Deepholm. He's also run more instances than Star. It's been easier to make myself quest on him, mostly because of all the unneeded rewards that he gets to disenchant. (Much more reliable supply of mats than getting random green drops from grinding or instances.) Also, I've noticed something that honestly confuses me a little. Everything just seems easier on Bear. He rips through quests and mobs that Star struggles with. Some of it might be that his gear is a little better, not to mention that he keeps all of his gear enchanted. But still, the difference is a little boggling. Poor Star struggles with dps in instances, seems to take longer to kill mobs, and dies at least once every time I do her Tol Barad dailies. Now, I haven't taken Bear to Tol Barad yet, but I'm not expecting any trouble for him when I do. He was also doing higher dps in instances at 82-83 than Star does at 85. I just can't figure it out. /scratch head

Well, at least part of the problem will be taken care of (hopefully) soon. Kel has been trying to collect the chaos orbs to make Star the epic leatherworking pieces. The only problem is the RNG hates me, but I figure if I run enough heroics, my luck has got to work out eventually. Of course, then other only problem is, that means I have to play Kel, when I really want to be doing things on my other characters. Thus, it has been going very slowly. So far, Kel has one orb, out of the 5 or 6 (can't remember >.<) that she needs for both belt and chestpiece. Argh.

Anyways, enough with the rambling/ranting. Time to do Bear's dailies, and maybe get a random dungeon or two. And wait for my latest attempt to download the PTR to finish. Hopefully it won't constantly crash this time.

Jun 11, 2011

Another ding!

So, two new things. First up, Arien has mined/dungeoned/quested herself to 85, finally. And I might have stayed up until around 3 in the morning to get it done. *cough* >.>

When my leveling OCD kicks in, it is really hard to stop when there's less than three bubs of XP to go. :P

Second, Kel got into a group of fellow Feathermoonies for a troll heroic, which wound up being Zul Gurub. First time in there for me since Blizz updated it, so it involved lots of dying, as I relearned the fights. The last boss failed to give Kel a shiny bow, but she did leave the place with a new friend.

It was a major pain to get this guy. I finally wound up asking everyone to go outside the building where the last trash pack (with a cat in it) was. I forgot to hit my haste pot before starting the tame, but she still barely managed to finish before the extra troll killed her. It was pretty awesome. :D

On a final note, I may possibly be doing a more serious post sometime soon(ish). I've been running across some stuff from other bloggers over the last several weeks, not to mention a lot of RL stuff going on lately, and it's all starting to make me think. A lot. So, well, yea. No idea when I'll actually be writing it, since it's not really an easy topic for me. So, umm, you've been warned? :P

Anyways! That's it for now. /Waves

p.s.- I had a little bit of RP with Windstar and Jahira that I might post, as well. Just a short bit involving what little I know of what happens in 4.2. (Spoiler: Windstar meeting Malorne will be so fricking epic.)