Jun 11, 2011

Another ding!

So, two new things. First up, Arien has mined/dungeoned/quested herself to 85, finally. And I might have stayed up until around 3 in the morning to get it done. *cough* >.>

When my leveling OCD kicks in, it is really hard to stop when there's less than three bubs of XP to go. :P

Second, Kel got into a group of fellow Feathermoonies for a troll heroic, which wound up being Zul Gurub. First time in there for me since Blizz updated it, so it involved lots of dying, as I relearned the fights. The last boss failed to give Kel a shiny bow, but she did leave the place with a new friend.

It was a major pain to get this guy. I finally wound up asking everyone to go outside the building where the last trash pack (with a cat in it) was. I forgot to hit my haste pot before starting the tame, but she still barely managed to finish before the extra troll killed her. It was pretty awesome. :D

On a final note, I may possibly be doing a more serious post sometime soon(ish). I've been running across some stuff from other bloggers over the last several weeks, not to mention a lot of RL stuff going on lately, and it's all starting to make me think. A lot. So, well, yea. No idea when I'll actually be writing it, since it's not really an easy topic for me. So, umm, you've been warned? :P

Anyways! That's it for now. /Waves

p.s.- I had a little bit of RP with Windstar and Jahira that I might post, as well. Just a short bit involving what little I know of what happens in 4.2. (Spoiler: Windstar meeting Malorne will be so fricking epic.)

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