Jul 23, 2011

Two days late, but..

Rajji has hit the magic number, and got a bonus surprise achievement to boot. He then took a pass over Karoma's and Sambas's spawn points on his way to the portal to go train, but with no luck. He's started on Firelands, and is going to do Thrall's quest chain today. He actually dinged on Thursday, but I'm showing it off late because just after it happened my brother wanted to hang out (yay) and then yesterday I was so tired after work that I crashed almost as soon as I got home (boo). Have I mentioned I don't like my job very much lately? :P

I think my leveling binge is still going, but now I really want to work on some of my alts on other servers. Most likely Shadepaw, on Nesingwary, will be my next goal. If I can keep away from my rogues on Feathermoon. Talia, at 47, is the highest I've ever gotten with a rogue, and it's so much fun I really want to get her to 85. And then there's also Max, sitting at 59 and needing some instance runs for gear pretty bad. Having the healer in his last (and only) Ramparts run pointing out that he was last on the dps meter was kind of embarrassing. >.< And since I really hate leveling in Outlands, I think Kel/Windstar are going to be instance-running him through to 68 as quickly as possible.

I'm starting to count down to my vacation in August. My work schedule lately has been hectic, and I'm just starting to get sick of being there. The weather isn't helping, either. This has been the hottest summers I can remember in a long time, and while it's great for me, because I loooove hot weather, it also means that the managers and supervisors aren't letting me go outside and do my favorite job very much. No one seems to believe me when I say that gathering/bringing in the shopping carts in 90+ degree weather doesn't bother me. :\

But enough ranting about that for now. I have today off to spend with my troll (and some alts), and I have been seriously slacking on Kel's Firelands dailies. I must go fix that. :D /Waves

Jul 20, 2011


In between doing Kel's Firelands dailies (and slacking off a day or two, work sucks), I have been steadily working on my next level 85. Really, it should have been Jahira, since she's my next highest, but all the fun hunter stuff has me working on getting Rajji up to cap. Currently, he's about halfway through 84, and hopefully will hit the big ding later today. If not, at least tomorrow I have a day off work.

In between questing and the occasional dungeon, I have also been filling his stable. Which is almost done, literally. He has maybe 4 empty stable slots, plus the one personal slot I keep open for if/when I find something special. He has a wider collection than Kel, although he seems to be turning into a bit of a cat person, er, troll. Along with his 3 lions (one of each color), he got Shango as soon as the mob was turned into that gorgeous tiger, and more recently got himself a frostsaber stalker. Drejan has clicked with Raj much better than I ever thought-

(Because troll + tiger is so full of win.)

He also got Hell-Hoot after the change that turned him lavender. Then, sitting in Orgrimmar one day, I noticed that Erthe seemed to be trying to perch on Raj's staff. It was kind of adorable. (And took a lot of timing and position adjustments.)

Rajji's been enjoying his new Sholazar pair, too. Although Snowcloud(Loque) has been getting a lot more attention than Azure(Aotona). (I need to fix that :P) And just today, he got his newest addition to the zoo-

Funny thing is, I was never that interested in Madexx before Blizzard started putting normal-spawn mobs with his model in various places in the game. I guess seeing the other versions of him made him sort of grow on me. Maxwill will be getting a non-rare version from Firelands when he gets leveled, but I wanted to get the 'real thing' for Raj. I had been hoping so badly for a blue version (favorite color ftw?), but Madexx stubbornly insisted on spawning green the last 3 times I know of; once when sis found him, once when I found his dead body, and finally when Raj finally tamed him. I did miss his spawn last night, but I'm almost willing to bet it was green too. Silly scorpid. :/ And if anyone's wondering, I sort of combined his name and color to come up with his new name. I think it fits. :D

I am getting a blue version of Madexx on someone, most likely Shadepaw whenever I level her up (which I'm working on as well). Rajji is more than happy with his new buddy though. Green pets seem to be sort of a theme with him, especially considering that he's likely getting Jadefang too, to go along with his green scorpid, chimera, warp stalker, and serpent.

And now one last screenshot: Doing the beginning quests in Twilight Highlands, Rajji was taking a boat back to the Horde warships, and I noticed Snowcloud actually following, instead of getting stuck on the shore like what happens going the opposite direction. It was kind of a 'awww' silly moment-

(Faithful pet refuses to be left behind.)

And now to go work on getting my troll to 85, most likely in TwiHighlands, since I'm a little tired of looking at Uldum right now (lol). /Waves

p.s.- In case anyone is curious, several of Rajji's pet's names I've gotten from a Drow translation website. Erthe, Elgcahl, Drejan, and Toryll have all come from that site. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for something unusual. :D

Jul 3, 2011

Tinkering in the Firelands

First of all, I love this patch. So much new stuff to do. Kel got to run through everything first, of course, and I have been trying to keep Bearkat up with her, even though the chances of him doing anything like raiding are next-to-zero. He loves Tol Barad, though. The Horde winning 9/10 battles isn't nearly as annoying now.

So, today I was doing Kel's dailies, after missing Ankha spawning (no big deal, I want Magria anyways). (And thank you, Novikova, for being awesome and telling me so that I have the spawn timer. :D) Running around exploring afterwards, I discovered three things. One, the lava spiders in Fire lands are skinnable (yay new farming spot?). Two, surprise achievement-

And three, Deth'tilac had spawned, and was being kited by a human hunter, with a couple friends-

After making sure the other hunter had things under control, I happily watched them whittle Deth's health down to the tamable point. And I may have cleared a couple spiders out of their kiting path. >.> I was too afraid of screwing something up to help with the kiting, and it was the only other thing I could think of to help.

I didn't get a screenshot of Deth and it's proud new owner, but it was pretty awesome to see that huge angry spider suddenly turn friendly. And shrink. A LOT. The other hunter was happy and grateful to me for staying out of the way and clearing the extra mobs. She even tried to give me some gold, but I refused. Getting to see the most epic rare spawn of the patch being tamed was more than good enough for me.

And speaking of achievements-

The Fire Festival is almost over, but I managed to beat down my procrastination and get the one single achievement that Kel needed for the meta. I haven't taken advantage of the free xp/gold from the bonfires nearly as much as I wanted to, but all the new patch stuff kept me too busy. That, and work. Darn my job anyways...

Between Tol Barad dailies, rewards from the beginning Firelands quests, and finding a couple decent deals in the AH, Bear's gear is ready for heroics. Windstar is about the same gear-wise, and the difference is pretty amazing. Star is killing her mobs in about half the time it used to take, and no longer has to heal herself after every single fight. She even managed to solo Tank the shark with her bear spec. Bearkat is beginning to collect some tanking gear, and I might even try to tank a normal instance sometime, just for practice. He's got a long way to go before I'll be comfortable tanking heroics, though.

And I think that's enough rambling for me. Must go get some sleep before the next Magria (or Ankha) spawns. /Waves