Jul 23, 2011

Two days late, but..

Rajji has hit the magic number, and got a bonus surprise achievement to boot. He then took a pass over Karoma's and Sambas's spawn points on his way to the portal to go train, but with no luck. He's started on Firelands, and is going to do Thrall's quest chain today. He actually dinged on Thursday, but I'm showing it off late because just after it happened my brother wanted to hang out (yay) and then yesterday I was so tired after work that I crashed almost as soon as I got home (boo). Have I mentioned I don't like my job very much lately? :P

I think my leveling binge is still going, but now I really want to work on some of my alts on other servers. Most likely Shadepaw, on Nesingwary, will be my next goal. If I can keep away from my rogues on Feathermoon. Talia, at 47, is the highest I've ever gotten with a rogue, and it's so much fun I really want to get her to 85. And then there's also Max, sitting at 59 and needing some instance runs for gear pretty bad. Having the healer in his last (and only) Ramparts run pointing out that he was last on the dps meter was kind of embarrassing. >.< And since I really hate leveling in Outlands, I think Kel/Windstar are going to be instance-running him through to 68 as quickly as possible.

I'm starting to count down to my vacation in August. My work schedule lately has been hectic, and I'm just starting to get sick of being there. The weather isn't helping, either. This has been the hottest summers I can remember in a long time, and while it's great for me, because I loooove hot weather, it also means that the managers and supervisors aren't letting me go outside and do my favorite job very much. No one seems to believe me when I say that gathering/bringing in the shopping carts in 90+ degree weather doesn't bother me. :\

But enough ranting about that for now. I have today off to spend with my troll (and some alts), and I have been seriously slacking on Kel's Firelands dailies. I must go fix that. :D /Waves

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