Jan 29, 2011

Max- Awakening

(Meet my worgen hunter, Max.
P.S. This took forever to write. :\ )

Fear. Confusion. Anger. Pain.
He regained awareness to find himself in the center of a mob. Men surrounded him, muttering and glaring, while in the background, he could hear dogs barking. As his awareness grew, he could feel something biting into his leg, just above the ankle. A bear trap. Every movement made the steel teeth sink further into his flesh, so he tried to remain still. Then one man stepped forward and aimed a rifle at his head. Before he could react, another quickly grabbed the gun barrel and shoved it skyward. Yelling and gesturing, the two men argued for several minutes, while the rest of the crowd grew more and more restless. The barking grew louder, one dog's voice beginning to rise over it's packmates'.

The second man finally seemed to make his point to his comrade, releasing the gun and turning towards him. He tensed, sending another jolt of agony through his leg, baring his fangs in fear and pain. The man made soothing noises, slowly reaching a hand towards him. The mob around them had quieted, except for the dogs barking. He fixed his eyes on the approaching hand. No! Don't touch me! He felt the tension within him building, about to snap. Just as he was about to lunge for the threatening hand, someone behind the crowd yelled, and suddenly a gap appeared through the men. He glanced over for a bare second, then froze at the site of a huge tan mastiff charging at him. He managed to jerk himself back, the trap sinking even deeper into his leg, then the dog was on him.

The mastiff didn't so much as open his jaws. Instead, he simply leaped on top of the trapped creature, pinning him underneath his body. The dog glared challengingly at the crowd, the deep rumbling growl in his chest clearly aimed at them. The pinned worgen, half-mad with fear and pain, struggled, and the dog lowered his head to gently grip the scruff of his neck, like a parent scolding a pup. The man simply stood there watching, his expression changing from fear, to surprise, to something like amusement. The worgen finally went still, exhausted from his ordeal, and the dog released his scruff to gently snuffle, then lick, his face. The worgen blinked his eyes a few times, then looked up at the dog. His expression was visibly changing, as if he was waking up from a nightmare. His nose twitched slightly, and recognition slowly grew in his eyes. Then, faintly, ".....Jax?"

Crowly grinned triumphantly at the servant Godfrey had sent with him, then knelt down next to the pinned worgen. He carefully laid a hand on his shoulder, and told him, "Welcome back, Max."

Jan 27, 2011

No 6-month hunt this time...

So, I had spent the day duo'ing Kel and my (not-so-)baby worgen hunter Maxwill through a couple dungeons. Max finally hit level 40, so I took a break to train him and get his couple pieces of mail armor out, then had a little RP time with him. I managed to get Kel's achievements for the elders of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor done at the same time. By then it was getting late, so I decided to see about maybe one more dungeon before bed. As I was about to start Kel heading to Western Plaguelands, to take Max through the last part of Scarlet Monastery (Cathedral), I randomly decided to run over to Twilight Highlands first, to give Sambas's spawn points a quick check.

I did my usual route, heading straight north to the spot on the ridge, then circling south. First spot, nothing. Heading to the next place by Thundermar, spamming my targeting macro, Sambas suddenly popped up. I just about had a heart attack as I found his position, landed, dropped my trap and hit the tame button. Then realized I had forgotten to use one of my haste pots, doh! That was the longest tame I have ever done, but nothing went wrong and after the flash went away, there he was standing beside me.

In celebration, I took him to Tol Barad to do my dailies, and then hunted crocs for leather until I was almost falling asleep. I love him to death already, though he won't be replacing Sabre as #1 cat for Kel.

I am so happy you have no idea. I was beginning to think finding Sambas would be another long, long nightmare of not seeing even a whisker in the wild, while seeing almost every other hunter on the server find him, similar to what I went through to find Loq. I am so glad I was wrong. Now the only reason for Kel to be in the Highlands is when she needs dragonscales for her leatherworking, and perhaps look around for Karoma once in a while.

And now I really should go get some sleep before work. /Waves

Jan 20, 2011


The stormcrow glided into the shrine, landing on the column next to the newly restored statue. It looked over the white marble stag for several awestruck seconds, then, with a single flap of it's wings, it swooped down to land before it. The bird disappeared in a puff of thick smoke, a slender Kaldorei female standing in it's place after the smoke cleared.

Windstar knelt reverently before the image of her patron. So many thoughts were racing through her head, she couldn't speak for several minutes. Finally, she stood and shifted into her cat form. Slowly she crept up to the statue, and settled between the huge stone hoofs. A soft rumble began in her chest as she basked in the peaceful quiet of the shrine.

"They all still say that you're dead," Star thought to the silent presence she felt hovering over her. "And perhaps they are right. But I know your spirit is still watching over us all. And maybe... perhaps one day... Aviana may not be the only Ancient that can be reborn." She gazed upwards at the stag's proud head, so far above her own. A gentle breeze blew softly through the shrine, ruffling her fur. She smiled, feeling as if her patron was answering.

Star lost track of how long she sat there, but finally the need to continue her missions for the druids of Hyjal brought her out of her trance. She looked at the setting sun and sighed, knowing it was too late for her to return that day. She stood, turned towards the statue, and placed one paw on a massive hoof. "I'll be back," she said quietly, "I promise." Switching shape quickly from cat to stormcrow, she leaped into the air, circled once over the shrine, and then turned in the direction of Nordrassil.

* * * *
Windstar has been a follower of Malorne ever since she felt the druidic calling. Seeing his shrine restored was pretty darn emotional for her.

More info on Malorne can be found here.

Jan 9, 2011

And #2

Kal finally got level 85 last night, after being stuck at about 6 bars left for a few days. It took a while, since lack of sleep + long day at work had me dozing off at my desk every few minutes. She has a while to go until she's heroic-ready, but I'm not in a rush. She did get to go do her first round of Tol Barad dailies. :D

I am now back at the 'I don't know who to level next' stage, but I'm pretty sure it will wind up being Windstar. She is my next highest, at about 1/3 of the way through 82, and I have really missed my kitty. I may take the same method I did with Kel, which will be rushing her to each zone as soon as they become available, although I do want to get more of Hyjal complete. Because Star needs to see Malorne's shrine. *nod*

Back to Kel for a moment, she finally has gotten her first successful heroic done. A friend is trying to get a dagger from heroic Blackrock Caverns, and I got to tag along for today's attempt. The dagger didn't drop, but Kel did get a new helm. I really do want to apologize to the group for being rather grumpy for most of it. Lack of sleep + headache + having a few more 'fail' moments than I normally do = really bad mood. Hopefully my 2 days off work will help me catch up on sleep, and hopefully more game time will make me a bit happier.

That's it for now. /Waves

Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

(Slightly belated, I know)
Hope everyone had fun and stayed safe. Also, I'm keeping my resolution of a couple years ago, to never make anymore New Years resolutions.

So, what did I start off the new year with? A drawing spree! Have some more cute druid kitties.

First, sleepy Windstar is sleepy. I actually started this a while ago, and just recently went back and finished it.

Star and Jahira having a romp. I'm not totally happy with how Star turned out in this one, but I guess practice makes perfect? Jahira, on the other hand, is gorgeous.

And now just being affectionate. <3

I may have the arts'ing out of my system for a little while, so hopefully I can get the stories I have poking around in my head written. My poor worgen hunter has been so neglected, RP-wise. Although a few quests, one dungeon, and one battleground got him from level 24 1/2 to 28 today. Yay!