Jan 27, 2011

No 6-month hunt this time...

So, I had spent the day duo'ing Kel and my (not-so-)baby worgen hunter Maxwill through a couple dungeons. Max finally hit level 40, so I took a break to train him and get his couple pieces of mail armor out, then had a little RP time with him. I managed to get Kel's achievements for the elders of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor done at the same time. By then it was getting late, so I decided to see about maybe one more dungeon before bed. As I was about to start Kel heading to Western Plaguelands, to take Max through the last part of Scarlet Monastery (Cathedral), I randomly decided to run over to Twilight Highlands first, to give Sambas's spawn points a quick check.

I did my usual route, heading straight north to the spot on the ridge, then circling south. First spot, nothing. Heading to the next place by Thundermar, spamming my targeting macro, Sambas suddenly popped up. I just about had a heart attack as I found his position, landed, dropped my trap and hit the tame button. Then realized I had forgotten to use one of my haste pots, doh! That was the longest tame I have ever done, but nothing went wrong and after the flash went away, there he was standing beside me.

In celebration, I took him to Tol Barad to do my dailies, and then hunted crocs for leather until I was almost falling asleep. I love him to death already, though he won't be replacing Sabre as #1 cat for Kel.

I am so happy you have no idea. I was beginning to think finding Sambas would be another long, long nightmare of not seeing even a whisker in the wild, while seeing almost every other hunter on the server find him, similar to what I went through to find Loq. I am so glad I was wrong. Now the only reason for Kel to be in the Highlands is when she needs dragonscales for her leatherworking, and perhaps look around for Karoma once in a while.

And now I really should go get some sleep before work. /Waves


  1. Congratulations on your new pet :)

    I never got any of the really rare pets for my alt hunter sadly, but I remember being happy just getting the black lion from Barrens and having a horde help me get the white lion (kitty fetish much?) as well.

    Always wanted a spirit beast but never found one :(

    What I like about hunter pets (and miss about my warlock ones, even if I understand the reason behind it) is the ability to name them. It just gives them such a personality - and can be great fun when you name your pets after guildies and friends ;)

  2. Thanks!

    I think I might qualify for WoW's version of a crazy cat lady. >.< Each of my hunters has at least one, and a couple have multiples.*looks at Rajji with his 3 lions and tiger.*
    This would have been kitty #4 for Kel, but I let Damien(aka Duskfang) go, to be retamed later on my worgen Max.

    And if you still want a spirit beast, now would be a pretty good time to look for any of the Northrend ones. So many hunters are camping all the new Cata pets, Northrend is a lot less crowded nowadays. :D