Jan 9, 2011

And #2

Kal finally got level 85 last night, after being stuck at about 6 bars left for a few days. It took a while, since lack of sleep + long day at work had me dozing off at my desk every few minutes. She has a while to go until she's heroic-ready, but I'm not in a rush. She did get to go do her first round of Tol Barad dailies. :D

I am now back at the 'I don't know who to level next' stage, but I'm pretty sure it will wind up being Windstar. She is my next highest, at about 1/3 of the way through 82, and I have really missed my kitty. I may take the same method I did with Kel, which will be rushing her to each zone as soon as they become available, although I do want to get more of Hyjal complete. Because Star needs to see Malorne's shrine. *nod*

Back to Kel for a moment, she finally has gotten her first successful heroic done. A friend is trying to get a dagger from heroic Blackrock Caverns, and I got to tag along for today's attempt. The dagger didn't drop, but Kel did get a new helm. I really do want to apologize to the group for being rather grumpy for most of it. Lack of sleep + headache + having a few more 'fail' moments than I normally do = really bad mood. Hopefully my 2 days off work will help me catch up on sleep, and hopefully more game time will make me a bit happier.

That's it for now. /Waves

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