Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

(Slightly belated, I know)
Hope everyone had fun and stayed safe. Also, I'm keeping my resolution of a couple years ago, to never make anymore New Years resolutions.

So, what did I start off the new year with? A drawing spree! Have some more cute druid kitties.

First, sleepy Windstar is sleepy. I actually started this a while ago, and just recently went back and finished it.

Star and Jahira having a romp. I'm not totally happy with how Star turned out in this one, but I guess practice makes perfect? Jahira, on the other hand, is gorgeous.

And now just being affectionate. <3

I may have the arts'ing out of my system for a little while, so hopefully I can get the stories I have poking around in my head written. My poor worgen hunter has been so neglected, RP-wise. Although a few quests, one dungeon, and one battleground got him from level 24 1/2 to 28 today. Yay!


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