Dec 17, 2012

Another down

So, depression slump had Rynia stuck at 3 bubs to 90 for a few days. Today I was feeling a teeny bit better, so I took her back to Dread Wastes for a few quests, and viola!

Unfortunately, I only had enough time to hearth back to the Shrine and get her flying training, then I had to log for work. I got back on her as soon as I got home, though, so she's got one day of dailies done already. I'm just going to do Tiller's and Golden Lotus for now, since Kel is still working on August Celestials and the Shieldwall stuff, and I really don't want to burn out again. What's kind of boggling is, with Ryn's racial rep bonus, along with guild perks and the commendation from Kel, she's about halfway through friendly with the Lotus folks already. Tiller's are almost honored too. And she still has Klaxxi quests to finish, if I get bored enough to go back to the Wastes. She's also made herself several pieces of the crafted PvP gear, so her ilvl is pretty darn good for only being 90 for less than a day. I'm hoping to get her geared for the raid finder ASAP, and with her crafted stuff, I can finally join in with friends in BGs without feeling like a total scrub.

Aside from the warlock leveling, I've been working on Sunre, who is currently up to 64 and just might wind up being my next 90, and doing some more battle pet leveling. I only need three more (magic, humanoid, and mechanical) for the every-family-at-25 achievement, which I believe will give me the 300 pet achievement points to get my jade tentacle. *braces for all the bad hentai jokes*

I think that's all I've been up to for now, although as tired as I am, I may be forgetting something. Oh well, if I am, it'll wait for the next blog post. /Sleepy wave

Dec 2, 2012

Playing with the patch

So patch 5.1 finally came out, and so far all I've been doing is goofing around, farming the new raid-drop pets and trying to find the new wild ones. Oh yea, and Kel has a new buddy.

His name is Zues. It was supposed to be Zeus, but I was really tired when I typed it and goofed it up. Honestly, it doesn't really bother me, and I can just get a rename scroll if it becomes a problem, so no big deal.

Me and sis have been duo'ing old raids for the new pets, with varying amounts of luck. We've gotten 2 (the imp for me, and I can't remember which one sis got) out of Molten Core, and sis got the mini draconid from Black Wing Lair. Temple of AQ has given us each one more (I got the idol, sis got the ooze). Most of the drops were from our first run throughs, and our luck seems to be going down, as we've run all three raids at least once more on alts and haven't gotten any more, although I think sis told me she got the imp on a solo MC run. We're going to start farming Naxx soon, which will be interesting since Pitch is sis's only level 90, and my other 90s aren't as well-geared as Kel, so trying to do it on alts might be a little crazy.

Oh yea, on one of our AQ runs, we did find this room with a giant eyeball in it....
leaving in the chatbox for the sake of lols
And one last thing for now- I'm apparently starting a new addiction. Death Knights.
kind of screwed up the screenshot, but oh well
Jorren was so fun to level, plus the fact that while I love him, he is- 1. horde, 2. on another server, which means I tend to get lonely after being on him for a while. So I'm leveling Riatha so I can have a DK to play with while still being around my friends. She also has an unholy spec, so I get some variation while I play her.

Getting back to battle pets, my collection keeps growing, although I'm still several short of the next achievement. I'm also working on getting a few more to 25, for some variety when I'm hunting for higher-level rares. I haven't had any luck finding battle stones, but that's pretty much normal for me, and I'm most likely just going to start checking the AH for any decently priced stones, after the 'new shiny' craze has had time to die down. I really only need a few of them, for certain pets like my wolpertinger, and Willy, and Haunt, my feline familiar. Which is another reason for my pet-leveling binge, so I have more options when I fight the trainer NPCs to get some goody bags. The few high level trainers I've run into, I've managed to win, but it was really hectic, with very close fights, and usually at least one of mine would be dead, mostly because I just didn't have any good match-ups with the very few level 25 pets that I have. So hopefully soon, Lurk the shadeling and Ripp the flayer youngling will be joining my maxed crew, along with a couple others I haven't decided on yet.

And I think that's all for now. I get a whole week of at-home vacation time starting today, so I'm looking forward to getting a lot of pets leveled, another DK also leveled, and start actually running heroics and getting Kal and Windstar geared up. And work on Jahira, since it seems like everyone is always having trouble finding healers to run things.  /Waves

Nov 23, 2012

Delayed Update

So first of all, I've been having issues with the Blogger bar on the top of my page. It keeps randomly disappearing. No idea if it's a problem with Blogger or my browser, but since it happens in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, I'm thinking it might be Blogger. Whatever is causing it, it makes it impossible to log in to make a new post, which is why it's been so long since my last one. Sorry!

On to the good news, my little leveling slump seems to be over for now.
I achievement spammed myself >.<

Jorren and Windstar have both joined my growing crew of level 90s. My slight dislike of Townlong Steppes and Dread Waste seems to be going away, too, so it shouldn't be too long (I hope) before Rynia joins them, and gives me my 5 max-level classes achievement. Further proving that I really do have no life. XD

Windstar hasn't been doing much since she dinged, other than a few days of Tiller dailies, although Kel has made her the epic chest piece and she only needs two more spirits of harmony until she can make her epic inscription staff. I'm thinking of taking her back into Dread Wastes and actually finishing the major quest lines out there, since I haven't done that on anyone yet and questing with her is pretty fun, now that she's starting to kill the mobs faster and taking less damage. Although she still seems really squishy against most rare spawns she's found. I do plan on gearing her up in heroics and doing some raid finder runs with her, but right now Jorren has been taking up most of my attention.

Death knights have become incredibly fun to play, at least for me. Jorren was able to find the 2-handed crafted axe at a fairly good deal in the AH, and he's been tearing things up during his dailies. I've been focusing mostly on Tillers and Cloud Serpents, just to get them finished and out of the way, but he's started on Golden Lotus as well. I haven't run heroics much, but I blame that mostly on the holidays keeping me busy at work, and making me less willing to take chances on LFD groups. After spending a stressful day at work around crowds of strangers being jerks and idiots, I just want to relax by myself once I'm home and in-game. Hopefully my upcoming vacation time will help that, before the Christmas rush starts. :\

I've been plugging along on my little monk, too. Sunre is currently 38, thanks to a bunch of dungeon runs with sis dual-boxing with Pitchblack and her little shaman, Laoden. We're taking a break from that to get some questing done, since we're at the level range of several zones we both like. He's been lots of fun, and I might possibly take a break from my higher-level toons and get him up to Pandaria after Ryn is done. Seeing so many other people having fun on their monks is making me very eager for that, and I'm looking forward to getting him into a bit of RP eventually.

And I think that's all the interesting stuff for now. Hopefully it won't take so long for my next post. /Waves

Oct 28, 2012

Two grinds down, plenty more to go

Finally getting a couple of Kel's rep grinds out of the way. She's slowly plugging along with Golden Lotus, and hit honored with them a few days ago. It's kind of funny, I hear so many people complaining about their dailies, but I don't really have any problems with them, other than wishing they gave more rep. 110 rep per quest, with guild perks, does seem kind of ridiculous, but eh, I guess it could be worse. At least there are plenty of them, and different hubs gives me enough variety that it doesn't get too boring.

A night of onyx egg hunting got Kel within 500 rep of the Cloud Serpents before other people farming them finally chased me away, and the next day a couple dailies finally finished it off.

The ceremony was one of the coolest things I've seen in the game so far.
Sunset is gorgeous, and he and Kel have bonded pretty well over the weeks of raising and training him. And it was fun enough that I'm probably going to go ahead and just do the grind on alts for the other serpent mounts, rather than spend the gold to buy them. Especially since they'll need the training to ride them, anyways.

I finished Kel's Tiller's rep in the same morning, although I was slacking on her quest to get Hoahn's (sp?) vote to join them, so I need to finish that before her farm will be upgraded. Then I'll most likely continue doing some of the dailies for rep with individual NPCs and the cooking token, but I think I'll stop wasting a slot on Yoon's planting daily. Yes, I know I can just dig up the plant and put in whatever I want afterwards, but it seems like more waste to me, and I never bothered.

Besides dailies and alt-leveling, I'm still happily addicted to pet battles. My 'main' team of Rawr the guardian cub, Starlight the celestial dragonling, and Coal the black panther cub, are all levels 21-22, and I've been working on getting a few others leveled up for subs. My little Chuck (the only croc I was able to get from that darned fishing daily) is tearing things up on his way to join them, and I've got a couple others of different types that I'm trying to work on as well. It's been a bit more difficult with the couple green-quality pets I'm trying to level, like Ale the wolpertinger. After fighting with so many rare pets, the uncommon ones seem squishier, if not less powerful. I'm hoping that will be fixed after the upcoming patch, when I can hopefully upgrade my favorites to rares. I've also been catching any green-or-better quality pets that I don't have to fill out my pet journal (although I have settled for lower quality for pets I don't plan on using, like the spiders *shudder*), which was up to around 260-ish unique pets the last time I looked. \o/

Quick recap of my alts- Windstar is still sitting at 88, which is getting frustrating. I want to level her, I really do, but every time I plan on logging on her and going questing, something distracts me. At least I'm still getting on her to make her Scroll of Wisdom every day. In fact, all she needs now to make her level 90 epic staff is the spirits of harmony, which she should pick up while she's leveling. Whenever that might actually happen. :P

Rynia just hit 87 last night, and is about to start on Kun Lai, which is still my favorite zone, even if a few of the quest chains are starting to get a bit tedious.

Jahira got to join in an instance spree with Feathermoon friends, and has healed her way to 86 while doing hardly any questing. Oops? Druid healing has been fun, even during the 'holycrap everyone is dying at the same time what do I do' moments. (I'm looking at you, Stormstout Brewery.) She did get to boomkin in the last instance of the night, which really just helped me decide that I totally fail at boomkin'ing, and will probably just focus on gearing her up for resto, just keeping her balance spec for questing and dailies. I just hope my self-confidence gets better before I get any chances at raid healing. :P

My Hordies are still being neglected, but hopefully that will change soon. I think I give up on poor Jorren, for now at least, and will be working on getting Rajji up to 90. Mostly, I just want at least one Horde character leveled before the patch, so I will be able to see all the new stuff from 'both sides of the fence'. And I've been wanting to play with a hunter again, so this will hopefully all work out. Sis will be leveling Booggah as well, which means Go Go dual hunters! I just hope we don't have too many issues with gear drops in instances, but I'm not really worried about it.

That's pretty much everything worth mentioning for now. Time to get some pet battling in while I wait for sis to get home from work. /Waves (Sunset waves too)

Oct 17, 2012

Second! And some catching up

Big news first-

Finally conquered my altoholicism \o/

Yes, Kal is finally 90! With maxed blacksmithing, and working on getting her cooking up, for RP purposes mostly. It was a kind of frustrating grind, since I'm not used to playing a class with limited survivability (although maybe I was just 'doin it wrong'). It didn't help that most of the instances I queued for, she would get thrown into one already in progress. Which means very little chance of gear drops, and no chance of getting the dungeon quests done (and thus no quest rewards either). Waiting 30+ minutes to get in for one boss is annoying, and a option for only fresh instances for the dungeon finder would be a nice addition in a future patch. (Hint hint, Blizz >.>)

I haven't started on dailies with her yet, and I'm not sure I will until Kel is done with at least some of her rep grinds. I really don't want to burn myself out too quickly, and besides, I never really planned on making Kal a 'main' raiding character anyways. She will be doing Tiller's dailies whenever I can stand them though, because growing her own motes of harmony is too useful to pass up. And she'll be going back to Dread Wastes to finish the Klaxxi quests for her blacksmithing patterns.

Kel has been having a bit of a break while I leveled Kal, but I've been trying to do at least her Tiller's and Cloud Serpent's dailies. She's currently revered with both, and her serpent is finally big enough to ride! And also surprised me by getting first place in the very first race I tried. Honestly, I was expecting to get last place for a few attempts, until I got the hang of it, but apparently it's easier than I thought. He's so pretty, too.

Oh, and I found that picture of her new buddy, Nightshade. I am totally in love with the Pandaria tigers. Especially their idle 'chuff' noises. Have I ever mentioned that tigers are my second favorite big cats IRL? (Next to snow leopards.)

Rajji has gotten a couple new friends, too. Continuing his little theme with having green pets, meet Jazri the crane and Mala the gem-kitty.

Jazri was a planned tame, although I did try for a white crane first. That one didn't quite click, so Raj trotted all the way to Dawn's Blossom for Jazri, and it was an almost instant bond. Mala was more of an impulse tame, and I'm not completely sure he's going to keep her, considering all his other cats which he has stronger attachments to. He still has a couple stable spaces left though, so we'll have to see.

For the rest of the gang, my altoholicism has been going a little crazy, but so far Windstar has gotten up to 87 and is starting on Kun Lai, which is becoming a favorite zone. Rynia is 86 and currently starting on Valley of Four Winds, although I may take her back to Jade Forrest and finish a few quest chains that I skipped. She also has managed to max out both her alchemy and archeology. Rajji and Bearkat are both still 85, although I have done of few of the beginning quests on both of them, and Tarren is just short of 86. Jorren is 86 as well, and in the Valley, about to start on his farm, if I can stop getting distracted and actually do the intro quests. >.<

I've also started my Panda monk, Sunre (pronounced Sun-ray), and I'm having fun with him. A few dungeon runs last night got him up to level 20, so he got to buy all his level 20 turtle mounts. While he rides around on my brewfest kodo. >.>  Hey, at least I'll be ready if they ever add another mount-collecting achievement?

Speaking of collecting, the pet battles have been a ton of fun too. I finally found a guardian cub in the AH sort-of-almost reasonably priced, and now him and my celestial dragonling are both my highest level pets, at 17. I have a few others around level 10, but for now I'm just trying to get those two leveled up enough to start catching Pandaria pets, because so many of them are so stinking cute and I would really love to have them. (Civet kittens, anyone?) I've also been catching any new uncommon-or-better quality pets I've come across, and I'm up to around 230 unique pets. Not much longer til the 250-pet achievement!

I think that's all the important news for now. Now I get to decide which toon will be the next to 90. I'm sort of torn between Windstar and Jorren. I would like to have a max-level Hordie, but I tend to miss my friends when I'm playing on Horde-side, and with Jorren on Wyrmrest Accord, not Feathermoon, it will be even worse. I do miss my little DK though, so I'll probably at least try to get a few quests done before it gets too boring/lonely.


Oct 5, 2012


I am tired as heck, so just a short post for now.

First of all, Kel is finally 90!

It kind of took me by surprise, so I almost missed the screenshot. Work and my altaholic-ing was interfering, too, so getting to 90 took a bit longer than I meant it to, but it was fun. Now Kal and Windstar get to fight over my attention for a while, until I figure out which one I want to level more. (At this point, probably Kal. I think.)

She has a couple new friends as well. I can't find my screenshot of her black tiger Nightshade, so I'll have to take another one and post it later. And then there's this guy -

First time Kel got in the Mogu Palace (or whatever it's called), he was standing right at the entrance, just waiting for her. Kel and I both are totally in love with him, in fact between him and the spirit beasts, I don't think Kel's marksmanship spec is gonna be used much at all any time soon. Rajji is probably going to be leveled soon now, just so I can go get another quillen. Most likely one of the grey stone ones, which means not until Raj is 90. *Sigh*

And one last thing to mention. Sis went and tamed Savage with Wildlark on, I think, the second day of the expansion. So, after seeing her have such an easy time, I decided one afternoon to take Maxwill out and see if I could find any tracks. Well, I did.

It was a long hunt. Between dodging/killing all the mobs in the area, I kept losing the tracks. Then I would find the end of the trail, but misjudge my flare and get stuck waiting for the cooldown. It was a ton of fun, though, and totally worth it once Max spotted and nabbed him. His name might not be all that original, but it totally fits him, after that search.

And that's enough for now, since I'm getting to the point where I can't stay awake anymore. Next post should be a bit sooner, I think. If I can stop playing long enough to write it, that is. ;)

Sep 23, 2012


Only 2 more days until everyone rushes off to the island of Pandaria. (Those poor pandas won't know what hit 'em.) I think most of my characters are ready, I still need to clean out a few banks (including Burning Valor's guild bank, yeesh what a mess >.<), but most everyone has good enough gear to make the first bit of questing easier. I don't have as much gold on most of them as I had wanted, but it shouldn't be too hard to save up while questing and stuff. Having to shell out 10k for Talia's decoder ring didn't help much... (Yes, Talia finally got to pick Hagara's pocket. Getting things at the last minute is kind of a thing for me, apparently...)

My tentative leveling plan is going to be Kel (of course), then probably Windstar, Talia, and Rynia. Although Kel being first is the only one that's set in stone. My second account won't even be upgraded to MoP for a few days to a week, but definitely getting Kal and Jahira leveled once that's taken care of. As far as my hordies go, I will probably just be leveling them when I get bored or when my Alliance friends aren't on, which happens a lot during the day. Not very surprising since most of them are Pacific time zone, though. I am planning on making a pandaren monk (getting the new class and race all in one toon :D), but it's not going to be a 'main' character, so I'm going not going to try to rush it up to max. I don't want to deal with the huge starting rush, and I want to actually learn and enjoy things with it. So my monk leveling is going to fit the character personality I've planned, taking things slow, relaxed, and easy.

And now I'm going to show off a bit. A lot of my game time lately has been spent on getting the characters I'm playing the most transmogged, and here is some of the results:



BWL is annoying to get into, but at least all this stuff dropped relatively quickly \o/

And Caderly-
Handsome fella, ain't he?

I thought I had more screenshots, but apparently I've misplaced them. Oh well! I guess Kel, Jahira, Talia, and Rynia get their own post later. Along with Bearkat, and maybe I'll actually finish Taarren's set soon. If her stuff would actually, you know, drop... :P

That's enough rambling for now, I think. I have a rogue that needs new daggers >.>  And possibly attempt one last raid finder on a couple toons. And run Windstar through the scenario a couple more times for that stupid polearm which has dropped for two other characters... who can't/won't use it. -_-

Sep 6, 2012

Keepin' Busy

Haven't posted anything for a while, so I guess an update is due, huh? Well, for starters, since the 5.something patch has finally come out, I went and uninstalled the beta from my computer. I hadn't been doing much on it lately, with my lag problems and all, and I figured live stuff would keep me occupied. On that note, Talia, Jahira, Caderly, and Kalenedral are all raid-finder geared by now. Maxwill and Rynia aren't, but I haven't been playing on them much, so it doesn't bother me.

Speaking of Max... Sis has been camping for the blue version of Madexx, and I've been keeping an eye out for her whenever I happen to be in Uldum. So when I was tinkering on my shaman Taarren, I did a quick fly-by to check. He was red, not blue, so just for kicks I switched over to Max, found him again, and boom new pet. Rust says "Hi."

Yes, Max still has his polearm equipped. Don't worry, I switched it for his crossbow right after the screenshot.

And now back to Taarren, I've been playing her again since the patch, and last night she finally joined my level-85 crew.

She's been a load of fun, now that I have less to keep track of with totems and stuff. I think I'm probably switching her 'main' spec from enhancement to elemental for Mists, especially with the new spec-related quest rewards that Blizzard is doing. The only issue I've been having with her is the fact that her elemental gear was noticeably lower than her enhancmemt set. After getting her Firelands starting stuff and Thrall's quest chain done, her gear is much more balanced now, though. I'm looking forward to starting on heroics, and I've started collecting the T2 look-alike set for her transmog.

And now a short update on a more serious note... The main reason I haven't been posting much lately is because my depression problems have been hitting me really hard lately. Between issues at work, certain things going on with my family, and a crapton of other stupid little things, there just hasn't been much to be happy about, outside of Azeroth. And it's really hard to be interested in blogging when all I want to do is hide from the world. My sister, WoW, and a very good friend have been a big help in not letting everything get too bad, and I'm starting to feel a bit better, but there probably won't be much changing as far as blogging goes. When I have something that I think is worth sharing, I'll share it, but I don't want to chase people away with "FML" type posts, because seriously, who would actually want to read about that?

So, anyways, that's about it for now. /Waves

P.S.- Socks the chair-stealer says "Hi"

Aug 20, 2012

Sometimes, I think I really do have no life...

Well, to start with, two of my hunters have new friends. Firstly, Kerrowyn finally reached the frostsaber-taming level. Rolan says 'Hi'.

Then, a couple days ago Windstar spotted a certain someone while herb-picking in Twilight Highlands. There was a short panic attack when I got Max out there and couldn't see him, but then I realized I was looking in the wrong place. Then I couldn't seem to hit the right button for his taming macro. I still managed, and he didn't even hurt Max much during the tame.

I'm not completely dead set on the name, but so far it seems to fit him.

And last but definitely not least, I have my... *counts on fingers*... 12th (I think?) max level character.

Thanks to my awesome friend, she had the valor-point bracers and boots waiting, and I had made the epic belt and chestpiece with Kel's leatherworking. The rest of her gear wasn't very impressive, but at least she could get into normal and troll heroics right away. A few PuG groups and one guild run later, she had enough justice points for a necklace and got new shoulders and an off-hand dagger, and could queue for HoT heroics. My guildies and I did End Time, which was fun even though nothing dropped for her, and by then it was bedtime. I'm planning on continuing to run stuff later today, after I get off work, so hopefully she'll have more loot-luck then.

And speaking of work, time to run. /Waves.

Aug 18, 2012

Prelude to Mists - Kelesaria

I've been trying to get a few story ideas straightened out in my head, mostly about what my characters have been up to recently, as well as possible reasons for them to make the journey to a Certain Place (no spoilers!) when the expansion comes out. Kel's is the first, hopefully with the rest of my 'RP mains' to follow soon. Enjoy!

Kel stared at the dark waters of the lake, oblivious to the adventurers flying past over her head, on their way to or from the island of portals in the center. She only reacted with a slight twitch of one ear when her sister joined her. Jahira settled next to her eldest sibling, and both elves sat in companionable silence for several long moments.

Finally, Kel shifted her seat slightly, turning just enough so that she could see Jahira out of the corner of her eye. “I’m worried,” she confessed.

Jahira raised one eyebrow questioningly. “Mind elaborating on that a little? I’m a druid, not a priest.” That prompted a brief chuckle from her all-too-serious sister, but it quickly faded. “I haven’t seen or heard from Drac in several months. His last letter said somethin’ about goin’ into The Dream.” Kel frowned. “I know it’s supposedly settlin’ down, with the main source of the corruption taken care of, but still...”

Jahira frowned as well, tilting her head slightly in thought. “Hmm... Most of the Elders seem to think it’s safe enough now, but they are making a point of telling the younger ones to be cautious. I’m not sure what I might be able to find out, but I’ll keep my ears open for you.”

Kel nodded and gave her a warm smile. “That’s all I was goin’ to ask. Thanks in advance, hon.” Jahira smiled back and leaned over to give Kel an affectionate hug. She then stood and took two steps away before shifting into a large stormcrow. With a loud ‘squawk’, she took off and headed in the direction of the small cottage she shared with Windstar.

Kel watched her flap away, then turned back to her silent contemplation. After a moment, a large shaggy head nudged it’s way under her arm. She absently stroked Sabre’s forehead, and he made the soft, whining rumble that he made only for her, when he knew she wasn’t happy. Kel sighed quietly, and leaned onto the strong, furry shoulder beside her. “I hope he’s alright, my friend. Aessina watch over him, and may she bring him back to me soon.”

Aug 5, 2012

Have a short update

Quick update, since I am almost literally about to zonk out on my keyboard.

First, Windstar finally has a totally IC title-

I think the achievement and title should be going account-wide in Mists, so I'm skipping the Cenarian Circle rep grind on Kel. Because, ugh Silithus... >.<

And second, this took way, way too long, but Talia is finally out of Northrend.

Totally dinged on an archeology dig, because I was so very tired of Northrend questing. And then I took her to Vash'jir and got her seahorse, then got sick of the place (as usual) and went to Hyjal. The result- she's almost 81 already. And that was after I replaced her level 80 heirlooms. (She's still using the cloak, and only recently replaced the helm.)

And now I need to go pass out. I'm still rolling with Talia, so I will probably be trying to dungeon-run with her tomorrow before work. Unless my SWTOR free trial sucks me in first.  /Waves

Jul 18, 2012

A few things I learned at Feathermeet

1. Seattle is pretty.
2. Apparently I need to get myself Rock Band and learn how to play. And maybe get over my shyness at singing out loud in front of people. (not likely)
3. Cards Against Humanity is the worst (and best) game ever.
4. The AFK Tavern is awesome.
5. West coast time zone still does not make me a morning person.
6. 5 days without WoW isn't that bad when I have enough distractions.
7. Flying is not as bad as I thought it would be.
8. Airports are confusing.
9. Being surrounded by friends is the best cure for depression ever.

And finally...
10. Feathermoon is full of some pretty danged amazing people. I <3 you guys.

Jul 10, 2012


There are many pebbles in Deepholm. But this one is mine. <3

Only about 2 years after Kel finished questing in here too. Pretty good example of both my ability to slack off, as well as how much the RNG sucks.

Jul 7, 2012

Well, I guess I asked for it...

So, I was tinkering on Lord of the Rings Online, getting some deeds done, when sis mentioned that Ankha was up. I think I was cursing at my old laggy computer the entire time I was switching games, and when WoW finally started and I logged on Max, I rushed him to Hyjal while she guarded the kitty on Rheugan. Fortunately, I already had a 'strip' gear setting, although I didn't have my new taming macro on his BM-spec bars, so he wound up taming her with no deterrence or speed potion. It went well despite all that, in fact I don't even think she took much of his health before the tame finished.

Well, I hopped back to LotR after that to finish my deed-grinding, but before I got off the computer for the night, I got back on Max and did a bit of leather farming. He and Winter 'clicked' much better than Kel did with her version, so now I feel a little better about the possibility of Kel letting her go. It isn't going to happen unless Kel desperately needs stable space, though. I love these spirit kitties too much.

Since I had Max in Twilight Highlands already (yay dragonscales), I took a look around the map just in case. Karoma was being an elusive little bugger, but NPCScan went off on the second Sambas spawn point that I checked.

He's still named 'Cat' for now, since I wasn't really expecting to find him, and if I had already planned a name for him, I've forgotten it. I'm not totally positive that Max will keep him, but maybe I just need to take them out for some bonding time. We'll have to see what happens.

And finally, the reason that I was on LotR? I was grinding Turbine points from old deeds on my mini army of alts, so that my burglar could get his pretty Steed of the Burglar.

The best news is, all that grinding seems to have cured my case of 'blahs' as far as LotRO is concerned. WoW is still the current #1 game that I want to play right now, thanks to Max and his pet shenanigans, but I've rediscovered the fun in my second favorite.

And now I need to get to bed while I'm still awake enough to make it down the hallway. /Waves

Jul 3, 2012

Quick Update

After seeing Karkin spawn 3 times, I got back on Max as soon as I got home from work. No crab or kitty was there, but I just parked Max and amused myself with blog/forum browsing. I'm pretty sure I must have missed a spawn, because it wasn't until nearly 11 that I finally was greeted by this:

I was actually on the lower ledge when he spawned, and somehow managed to fall during my rock-hopping to reach him. Fortunately, it let me rez on the proper island without using the spirit healer, so I didn't have to deal with rez sickness.

Thanks to my 'practice drill' with Karkin, the tame went off perfectly, and a couple seconds later, he popped from the rock to Max's side.

They clicked pretty much instantly. I'm actually really happy about that, because Max is not much of a 'multi-pet' type of character, and he just hadn't had much of a bond with either of his two other cats. And now I think Max is officially ready for MoP, as far as pets go. I still wouldn't mind finding a certain lion, or another spirit beast or two, but I'm not going to be sorry if I don't.

Now I can go back to getting him set up for gear and gold. I would love to get him into the raid finder a few times. And I still really wish that Blizzard would come out with an actual 'guesstimate' for when the expansion might be coming out.

And now it's almost time for work again. Only two more days (after today) to get through until my Friday/Saturday off. I hate it when my schedule makes me work so many days in a row. If they weren't all shorter shifts, I would probably be too tired and sore to even be playing, much less blogging. :\


Jul 2, 2012

Belated Announcement

This actually happened a couple days ago, but I've been a bit busy with pet camping and stuff. Sorry!

He's almost got the gear ilevel for the Twilight heroics, thanks to Kel's leatherworking and a BoE Firelands crossbow that I found in the AH. I should be running him in the older heroics, for points and trinket upgrades, but I've had so many bad runs previously on other alts, so I'm kinda a little afraid of them. :(

Like I said, I've been doing a lot of pet camping. He only has one more pet to find from the small list I had planned for him, but Skarr is being a brat and not showing up for him. I did get a 'sort-of-surprise' tame, when I was doing some Therazane dailies so that Max could get a ring upgrade.

Ban'thalos... was interesting. The biggest motivation I had for getting Max to 85 was the fact that I kept seeing him at Malorne's shrine whenever I took Kal there for her dailies. (She still has a long way to go to open the blacksmithing vendor. :\ ) So, as soon as Max dinged, I started checking, but of course the silly bird wasn't there. Well, I finally logged Max out sitting in The Tree to go to bed. Next morning, NPCScan went off on me the second I logged back on. The tame went perfectly. Banny didn't even do any moonfire spam.

So now all that's left is sitting in the Molten Front, waiting for a certain black kitty to spawn. So far I've seen 3 versoins of Karkin. The first one I tamed, although I don't think I'm going to be keeping him, the second was last night, which I left alone. This morning, I found him again (in a different spot) and I hate to admit that I killed him. :(  Sorry little crab.

Oh yea, and I almost forgot about this guy. Max actually tamed him a level or two ago, I just never got around to a blog post about it. :P  Char is most likely going to be switched for the drake-dog in BWL (which I can never remember the name of), once Kerrowyn is high enough to tame exotics. But for now, he and Max are pretty happy with each other.

I plan on keeping an eye out for Sambas, Karoma, and Ahnka, but I really won't be upset if he doesn't find them. His stable is starting to get a little full anyways.

And now I need to run before I'm late for work. /Waves

Jun 18, 2012


So, I've been playing Tera as much as my computer issues will let me. For anyone that hasn't seen/heard anything about this game, here's a video that someone on my server (Celestial Hills, the only RP server so far) made as a guild advertisement.

I would just like to mention, the music from that is totally stuck in my head, and is driving me slightly crazy from wanting to know what the dang song is. Someday I will get the nerve to ask the guy in-game.

My alt-aholicism has followed me into Tera, and right now I have one of every class. I've tried all the races, but I wound up re-rolling my Elin and Popori, because I just can't seem to 'click' with a character that either looks like a pre-teen little girl, or like a short, round, little animal. So, it's all humans/High Elves/ Castanics for me. Most of my characters are male, as the skimpy anime-style armor on females makes playing them (which would normally be my preference) feel slightly awkward. I don't have too many screenshots of them yet, but here's a few pics of my guys. (And girls.)

The first character I made, Vanyel the High Elf sorcerer, on his horse. Did I mention that the game gives you a quest for a free mount? Total win. I created him on the open beta, and pre-buying the game meant that I got to keep him, instead of starting all over from scratch. He's currently sitting on a back-burner for now, at level 22, while my archer and warrior fight over my attention.

My Castanic archer Tathiel. He's currently level 34, and enjoys 3-shotting mobs on a regular basis. Yes, he is wearing purple leopard-print armor. And he looks pretty darn spiffy in it, too. He is my 'main' character at the moment, although my warrior is starting to take over that title.

My human warrior, Kerowyn, level 32, in one of the many cutscenes that pop up during the storyline quests, and sometimes at the start of boss fights in the instances. The cutscenes are amazing, and for those people that don't care about the lore and/or storylines, you are allowed to cancel them. I almost never do, which has led to some interesting encounters in dungeons.

party member: did we just lose Kero?
me: nope
me: distracted by cutscene >.>
party members: lol

This is my lancer, Dallen, at the start and end of fighting a world boss. If you look at the clock in the bottom right corner, you can see just how long it took to kill it. Lancers are the main tanks in Tera, and they can be nearly impossible to kill, but they make up for that in a total lack of DPS. Now, warriors can tank too, but they are more of an evasion tank (a bit like rogues in WoW), so good tanking with a warrior is difficult, and they aren't allowed to queue as tanks in the dungeon finder. The next patch is supposed to be buffing them some, and hopefully fixing the dungeon queues, though my Kerowyn is most likely always going to be DPS.

Dallen is sort of becoming my 'baby'. Tath and Kero are my main focus right now, but I keep coming back to him every now and then for a bit of questing, and fighting BAM monsters (Tera's version of elites, and believe me, they really are elites). I can solo almost anything on him, (even saved a wipe once by solo'ing the boss until the rest of the party could run back) even if it takes forever to kill it, and questing is just as fun on him as it is on my higher-damage classes. I've only tanked one instance so far, and while it was fun, I wasn't as prepared as I thought, and the result was a couple of deaths for the healer. The group was fine with everything, (PUGs are much more patient and tolerant until you reach the 50+ instances) but I didn't do as well as I would have liked, and I'm a bit nervous about trying again, so he's been stuck at level 26 for a while.

I don't have any screenies of the rest of my 'gang' yet, but just to round out the list:

Caderly is my High Elf priest, currently sitting at level 22,
Karral is my human mystic, at level 16 (I think, haven't logged on him in a while, must fix that...)
Kalenal is my Castanic slayer, at level 18, and likely to be the next DPS character I level up. Slayers are ridiculously fun.
Kerryn is my High Elf berserker, still stuck in the newbie zone at level 8. She's the reincarnation of my attempt at playing a Popori. He got all the way to level 16 before I lost all interest in playing a fat little husky-dog and re-rolled. I'm much happier with Kerryn, and she may give Kalenal some competition over my next level-up project.

And I believe that's it for now. I'll be posting more pics, once I actually remember to take some. >.>
And if anyone wants to know anything more about the game, you can go here.

Going to try to have another WoW post soon-ish as well. Til then, /waves.

May 31, 2012

Getting stuff done (and random stuff)

I've been trying to get some goals done before MoP comes out, but it's been going slow. I blame Tera and Diablo 3, mostly, although general boredom with WoW has been part of the problem too. Talia is still stuck at 76 (only about 2 bubs from 77 though), Max is still 81 and has stalled out RP-wise as well, and most of my profession grinding has not happened. (Must get more peeps' fishing/cooking/first aid maxed, argh.) I did at least get Kal's blacksmithing to 525, thanks mostly to the free skillups at the Darkmoon Faire. Now I just need to get cracking with her Molten Front dailies, to get the weapon patterns from there. (Ugh.)

Gearing up my max-level characters has gone way down, as well. I am kind of terrified of the raid finder, after hearing all sorts of stories about jerks and idiots in other peoples' runs, and it's frustrating to deal with 2fps lag during most of the boss fights. It might be easier if Blizzard would put in a 10-man option, but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon. And honestly, it just seems like unnecessary effort when MoP will be replacing most of the gear within the first few questlines/dungeons. Maybe if Blizz would give a release estimate (if there is one, I haven't heard about it yet), it would help me decide whether it's worth it, but again, I don't think it's likely to happen soon.

One thing I have been getting done is tinkering with my hunters' stables. Kerrowyn has gotten most of her pets traded back to the white theme I had when I first rolled her, and Rajji has let a couple of his more neglected friends go. Kel has released one or two as well, but things will get ... interesting, when Mists comes out. She has bonded really well with several new pets on the beta, but to tame them, I had to release a few pets that I would rather keep once everything goes live. Releasing them on the beta wasn't an issue, because it's not 'real', But she currently has only one free stable slot on live, and she (and I) are quite attached to the pets she has now. The only option I have so far is to let a couple of her spirit beasts go, which I really don't want to do. However, since Max has Tundra (Arcturis) and Rajji has Wraith (Gondria), and Kel's Tahnka and Fogg don't get out of the stable much, it is still an option. :(

One good thing about Kel's pet situation is her latest tame. See, after she finally got her dragonhawk mount, and I realized how much I love the color (and dragonhawks in general), I finally went ahead and took her to Sunwell and got her a 'vanity' pet to match. Meet Drago-

Aren't they gorgeous? :D

Kel did a round of Tol Barad dailies with him, just to see if they bond. The answer is a definite yes.

One last thing to mention- one of my friends, who plays Kal's mate (or girlfriend/lover/whatever term suits you), has been having a ball with transmogging, and he's come up with some really amazing sets. The newest one that he showed off last night had Kal speechless. Literally.

Plus, they are just so darn cute together. >.>

I'm tinkering with a story idea for Kal, just something to keep her busy. Hopefully I can get it sorted out in my head and write something about it soon.

That's about everything for now. Hopefully I can beat my leveling slump, and have some 'Max and/or Talia is 85 now' news soon. :P

May 15, 2012

Um, hi...

So, I just realized it's been almost a month since my last post, so it's probably time for another one, eh?

Starting with some catching up- poor Max has stalled out a bit, sitting at 81 right now. I think I'm giving up on Skoll camping, for now at least. I swear he has to be the most frustrating thing to camp ever. Not even Loque was this bad at spawning. The only single time I ever saw Skoll was when Kel tamed him. (After my sister found him, which emphasizes my bad luck at camping him, I think.) So rather than annoy myself by having my toon freeze his ears off in the snow, I'm going to (eventually) get back to leveling the poor guy. Besides, all the new pets I've been seeing on the beta make me think I should have at least one hunter with lots of stable space.

Talia is still going, at level 75 now. Rogue-ing is still fun, and I cannot wait to get her into Cata content. She even has almost a full set of gear waiting for level 80 already, so hopefully she can avoid the issue Max had, where his gear's ilvl wouldn't let him in the dungeons until right before he hit 81. (And then he dinged doing Children's Week orphan quests. Go figure. :P) Hopefully I can keep going with her, and reach my goal of 85 before MoP comes out.

I have my second character completely transmogged now. :D

Kal, with her Quel'Delar, the Inferno Tempered set from the Shatrath JP vendor, and the no-longer-available Shaleskin Cape. I have to say, she looks pretty danged intimidating. Also, I'm so happy to find a set of armor that doesn't turn into a 'plate-kini' on a female character. (Not that Kal wouldn't wear something like that, just to show off, but she's too smart to actually fight in it. :P) Now I just need to get a decent screenshot of Kel, showing off her Stalker's armor. I might have to just make a whole post for my transmogs, since I have plans for several other characters, I just have to stop being lazy and collect the sets. And take screenshots.

I've been tinkering a bit on other servers out of boredom, and I think I found a new home for all my Hordies on Cenarion Circle. I made a baby tauren druid there, and so far the general atmosphere is pretty nice. My Horde characters on Feathermoon have been neglected lately, so now I'm probably going to be migrating them over to CC, as my finances permit. My Alliance characters on Arthas are most likely going to join them, because I seriously am sick of being on a PVP server. (No offense to my brother, who has almost all of his toons on Arthas. Constant fear of getting ganked is just not my thing. :\) My Blood Elf hunter Kerrowyn has already been moved, and with some help from sis and our buddy, Shadoclaw has started a tiny RP-based guild.

Well, other than a bit more beta tinkering, that's pretty much all the WoW stuff I've been up to. I have to confess, I haven't even been on the game very much lately. I'm not sure if it's boredom, burn-out, RL issues, or a combination of all, but I just can't seem to stay interested in much with WoW. Not even just WoW, either, because LotRO has been just as neglected, if not more so. Honestly, the only reason I bother logging into WoW has been to be around my friends. Although that isn't helping much, because most of the time they're busy with other things, and barely seem notice when I'm online.

And probably the biggest reason that I haven't been on WoW or LotRO- I admit that I've gotten the Tera bug, like my sister. It has been a truckload of fun so far, so much that I don't even have a 'main' character there, because I love playing them all. My archer is my highest level, and is my favorite so far, so I guess he counts? But really, all the classes are fun. The gameplay is amazing. Compared to WoW, which can sometimes get boring and repetitive, combat in Tera has a lot of action, and requires a lot more attention. And some of the scenery is downright breathtaking. I plan on posting some screenshots of my toons, as soon as I can get them from my sister's computer onto mine.

The only problem is, my old laptop is so outdated that it can't run Tera. Like, at all. (It can't run Diablo 3 either. /sadface) So the only time I can play is when sis is working on my days off, so I can use her desktop computer. It's been working out okay so far, but it sucks not being able to play together, and it does get frustrating for me when our schedules don't give me time to play for days at a time. So, I am now looking to get a new computer. My financial situation is going to make it take a while, though.

Not much else worth mentioning at the moment. Hopefully I won't take another month to come up with another update. :\   /Waves

Apr 13, 2012

'Short' Update...

... Because work has me all tired out again.

First, the big news. Max has finished another goal.

I'm beginning the camp for Skoll now, although at the moment it's just been logging in periodically to check his spawn points. I may attempt an all-night camp tonight, since I have tomorrow off from work.

Beta spoilers ahead!!

In other news, I got my beta invite right after sis did, and I've been poking around with it a little. My pandaren monk is 16 so far, and has been fairly fun. It seemed a little lackluster at first, but after his first dungeon run, with a few new gear peices, he's finally able to kill things relatively quickly. I'm just very happy that my 'real' monk is going to be spoiled rotten with heirlooms. >.>

As far as the other new stuff goes, I've copied most of my level-85 characters over. The hunter bugs has made it a bit frustrating to play Kel, but I've done some questiing on her and I love it so far. I keep forgetting that I don't have to be at range any more, I can pewpew things right in the face now. That is, whenever her pet lets the mob get that close. The growl change is pretty neat, and danged useful when I'm too lazy to redo my pet attack macro. :P Just having her pet on 'assist' makes sure he is after the target as soon as she starts shooting, and he usually grabs it before it comes near her.

I haven't done much on either Kal or Arien, so I can't say much about warrior/paladin changes. Rynia hasn't seen much attention, either, but I blame Blizzard for that. Destruction is ridiculous right now, mana-wise, to the point where I don't even want to try doing anything on her because she is out of mana after about 3-4 spells. She might kill one mob in 3 or 4 spells, but if she aggro's a group, I don't know what I would do. So now she's just sitting, until something gets adjusted.

Caderly, on the other hand...

I love what Blizz did with shadow priests. Cad is so much fun right now, I've been on him more often than even Kel. The shadow orb mechanic is way easier to manage, and having it under control, instead of having to wait on random procs, is so much better. The new version of his apparitions is tons of fun, too. And his survivability and mana management has gotten way better, as well. If nothing major is changed before MoP goes live, he will probably become my #2 main for the expansion.

(I'm pretty sure everyone knows that absolutely nothing will move Kel from #1. Right? :) )

I copied both Jahira and Windstar, so that I could play with both feral and balance, without having to worry about the issues with dual specs at the beginning of the beta. I have to say, I'm very happy with the new cosmetic glyphs. Moonkin form has never felt exactly right with Jahira, so it's nice to have the astral glyph so she can at least appear as herself. I know some (maybe most) people don't like it for various reasons, but it works for me.

As for Windstar, the very first thing I did was equip the stag glyph. And then run laps all over the grass next to 'their' house for several minutes. I can't even describe how excited I am, all about that one little glyph. Windstar, my druid of the Antler, is allowed to take the form of the demi-god she worships. This has so much in-character meaning for her, I have to admit I get a tiny bit choked up when I think about it. That probably sounds silly, but Windstar is a much-loved character for me, and thinking of how happy and awed this will make her... I can't even describe it.

And now I think I'm going to end on that note, before I start sounding like a total idiot. :P

Little Talia is hanging around level 66 now, and I think I'm going to try to get another one (or two) tonight. /Waves

p.s. I really did mean to keep this post short. Really.

Mar 27, 2012

Why hello there...

It's funny what you can find when you aren't looking.

A couple days ago, I had my neglected troll hunter Rajji out, doing his Firelands dailies so he could open the vendor to get his gun and scope schematics, when I happened to fly over a big blue surprise. About a minute later, Raj had a new buddy.

This is his third spirit beast, joining Wraith (Gondria) and Snowcloud (Loque). And unless I happen to stumble over Karoma and can't resist, that will be all for Rajji.

Shortly afterwards, Raj was working on the dailies in Molten Front, and found a certain hyperactive green spider. After looking up the taming technique on wowhead, I gave it a try. Well, okay, a few tries. Okay fine, he whooped poor Rajji's tail and I finally had to admit defeat, after many deaths. Raj just didn't have the HP or the amount of haste to beat Kirix's stunning poison(even with sis bringing her hunter Booggah, with a core hound, to help). I didn't give up completely though. See, Rajji has this thing with green pets, and Kel's Fidget (Deth'tilac) has made me sort of like the Firelands spider model. So I figured I would just work on Rajji's gear a bit, and try again another day.

Well, I was doing Arien's dailies today (for the same reasons, yay for multiple engineers?), when I found Kirix up again. I decided what the heck, and switched to Rajji, who had stocked up on haste elixirs and speed potions, and was parked by Kirix's path. It took a few more deaths, and I finally asked my sis to bring Booggah and his core hound to help again, but finally Raj's tame beat Kirix's stun. I think the neighbors probably heard me cheering afterwards. XD

After taking so long to tame, with so much frustration, (and so many repair bills,) he totally earned that name. >.>

So after that was over sis ran around a bit looking for the rest of the fire spiders, and found Solix sitting in his lava pool. We looked up the taming process for him, and (with a bit of encouraging from me) she had a go at taming him. It was ridiculously easy, compared to Kirix's stubbornness. It was pretty amusing to see and hear her reaction to having a spider following her around afterwards. (She doesn't seem nearly as tolerant of them as me. Yet.)

The name was my idea. >.> She said he needed a cute, innocent name, and that was what popped into my head. :D

So now Rajji has exactly 3 stable slots left, and I think I'm saving them for any new pets Blizzard gives us in MoP. He has a couple pets that I'm not really attached to, but I'd rather not let any of them go, since they weren't exactly easy to tame. That's okay though, because it's just more encouragement for me to go finish leveling Max. :D

Speaking of leveling, Talia the rogue is now 64 and still going. \o/