Mar 27, 2012

Why hello there...

It's funny what you can find when you aren't looking.

A couple days ago, I had my neglected troll hunter Rajji out, doing his Firelands dailies so he could open the vendor to get his gun and scope schematics, when I happened to fly over a big blue surprise. About a minute later, Raj had a new buddy.

This is his third spirit beast, joining Wraith (Gondria) and Snowcloud (Loque). And unless I happen to stumble over Karoma and can't resist, that will be all for Rajji.

Shortly afterwards, Raj was working on the dailies in Molten Front, and found a certain hyperactive green spider. After looking up the taming technique on wowhead, I gave it a try. Well, okay, a few tries. Okay fine, he whooped poor Rajji's tail and I finally had to admit defeat, after many deaths. Raj just didn't have the HP or the amount of haste to beat Kirix's stunning poison(even with sis bringing her hunter Booggah, with a core hound, to help). I didn't give up completely though. See, Rajji has this thing with green pets, and Kel's Fidget (Deth'tilac) has made me sort of like the Firelands spider model. So I figured I would just work on Rajji's gear a bit, and try again another day.

Well, I was doing Arien's dailies today (for the same reasons, yay for multiple engineers?), when I found Kirix up again. I decided what the heck, and switched to Rajji, who had stocked up on haste elixirs and speed potions, and was parked by Kirix's path. It took a few more deaths, and I finally asked my sis to bring Booggah and his core hound to help again, but finally Raj's tame beat Kirix's stun. I think the neighbors probably heard me cheering afterwards. XD

After taking so long to tame, with so much frustration, (and so many repair bills,) he totally earned that name. >.>

So after that was over sis ran around a bit looking for the rest of the fire spiders, and found Solix sitting in his lava pool. We looked up the taming process for him, and (with a bit of encouraging from me) she had a go at taming him. It was ridiculously easy, compared to Kirix's stubbornness. It was pretty amusing to see and hear her reaction to having a spider following her around afterwards. (She doesn't seem nearly as tolerant of them as me. Yet.)

The name was my idea. >.> She said he needed a cute, innocent name, and that was what popped into my head. :D

So now Rajji has exactly 3 stable slots left, and I think I'm saving them for any new pets Blizzard gives us in MoP. He has a couple pets that I'm not really attached to, but I'd rather not let any of them go, since they weren't exactly easy to tame. That's okay though, because it's just more encouragement for me to go finish leveling Max. :D

Speaking of leveling, Talia the rogue is now 64 and still going. \o/

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