Mar 21, 2012

A Pair of Dings

I have had a couple characters hit some milestones recently. Firstly, my little formerly-Blood-Elf-but-now-human rogue, Talia got a few runs through Ramparts, (courtesy of Jahira,) with a couple quests mixed in to bump her xp a bit. Not long after run #3, this finally happened-

(Next up, Blood Furnace/Slave Pens/ Underbog. Whooo!)
The whole reason I faction-changed her was, no matter how much I want to play my lil rogue, it would only take a few minutes for me to get bored and lonely on Horde-side. Now that she's on Alliance, I have a lot more fun playing her, where I have chat channels and friends to keep me company. I may actually make my goal of getting her to 85 before the expansion! (Maybe...)

And next, I have my newest maxed character. And boy did it take long enough. Poor Cad, he went through my little issue with getting a toon close to 85 and then having a short burn-out phase. But last night, I finally finished the last couple bubs of xp he needed, and then Ding!

Hooray for another gear grind, eh? Although, this one won't be so bad, because he's an old, familiar character, and I really enjoy shadow-priesting. He already had some epics waiting for him to level, thanks to Kel's justice points and Rynia's tailoring. I ran him through the Firelands starting quests and Thrall's chain, so he's all set for normal heroics. I just hope I don't have too many fail-PuGs before he can get into the DS heroics. My previous experiences with Jahira and Rynia weren't all that encouraging, though. :P

I've been spending a lot of time on LotRO lately. My tax return got me a one-year subscription, so I've been messing around with the monster-play PvP side, mostly on Laurelin. So far, my warg is rank 4, weaver (aka spider) is rank 2, and my reaver and defiler are both rank 1. Not too bad, considering that all of them but the warg are new additions, and the spider is the only other one that I play seriously. (The others are just to goof around with and farm extra commendations.) I have a war leader on Windfola, but I don't play very much on that server, so I've been thinking of making one on Laurelin as well. I think I want to get my current toons ranked up a bit more, and get more of their skills, first.

Funny thing about my spider... I'm actually arachnophobic IRL, and it doesn't help much that LotR's spiders are fairly realistic-looking. But after watching this person's videos, I just had to make one, and it's actually been very fun. Like, even kind of cute, in a omgkeepitawayfromme sort of way. I'll probably have another post to show my Creeps off a bit sometime. ;D

Lastly, I'm starting to actually pay attention to the Mists of Pandoria info coming out, and I'm starting to get excited. There's still some stuff that I will have to see to decide if I like it or not, (like talent changes and pet battles,) but most of it sounds really interesting and fun. Oh yea, Windstar is totally gonna be able to shapeshift into a stag. That could not possibly be more epic. If I didn't have so much stuff to do before then, I would be practically bouncing of the walls with impatience. XD

Well, that's it for now. Off to terrorize more hobbits in the Moors! /Waves

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