Mar 1, 2012


So, Max has been continuing his 'level to a certain point and then camp for a pet' routine. His current project was getting to 76 and then looking for Loque'nahak. The getting-to-76 part was easy enough, but I never expected the second part to work out this well.

Frozen kitty!

With his new buddy.

It was almost funny. I had both my acounts going, and was doing archeology on Rynia, pausing every so often to do a lap around the Basin. I had just finished one such lap, and decided to park at one of the gorilla spawn points to afk again for a bit. Well, when I stopped at the first point I reached, I swear something was telling me to go check the other spawn before I went back to Ryn. NPCScan went off as soon as I got within reach. It was almost like Loque wanted me to come find him.

He's not named yet. I'm thinking of just sitting Max and Kel somewhere and trying a few words in Darnassian, and see if something clicks. That will have to wait a while, though, because I'm already running late for work. >.<


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