Aug 26, 2011

I'm a slacker...

Catch-up post coming soon. Getting back into the routine of work and trying to get enough sleep and etc. has been a little crazy.

That is all (for now). /Wave

p.s. Have a (old) random screenshot.

Aug 16, 2011

I love Vacations

Been quiet lately because I've been busy with getting ready for vacation with my family. I am now in NC, the beach is awesome, and I'm already sunburned. :D (Not too badly though.) I've had some game time in the evenings, too, and have been trying to get stuff done on 3 different games. So far, Rift has actually been getting neglected (although I've finally got all my characters on one RP shard now), but LotRO is getting attention (I might even have a max-level character by the end of the year :P), and of course I've been doing stuff on WoW.

Kel is taking it easy with her dailies, mostly because I can't stand to do them more than twice a day, and I want my engineering toons to open up the recipe vendor. Rajji has been easier to do stuff with than Arien, so he'll probably be getting the shiny gun recipe first. And the scope. That scope makes me giggle every time I look at it. Blizzard does come up with some pretty fun stuff once in a while.

Speaking of Rajji, he has two new friends. First, I found Terropene wandering around his lava pool, and just couldn't help myself. I'm not sure how much time Fierro will be spending out of the stable, but fire turtle(!) is just too irresistible. Then I was herb-picking on Windstar one night, and she found someone wandering around Twilight Highlands-

I give up trying to keep track of how many cats he has now. Not even including spirit beasts. Paragon is his 4th lion, though. I think he has a total of 6 cats, with 2 cat-model spirit beasts. And he loves all of them. My troll is hopeless. :P

Side-note - I'm probably going to wind up taming Sambas on every hunter I have. :P Which is funny, because when I first saw him, I wasn't very impressed with his model, but I guess he's grown on me.

I've been tinkering on alts a lot as well, and I especially realized how neglected Max has been. So he's been getting some dungeon runs, and is up to 62 already. I wish I didn't hate questing in Outlands so much though, his gear is really pathetic. And the few things he could use from instances refuse to drop. /grumble He's found a couple new companions, as well. He finally has his first 2 tenacity pets-

I'm not sure if he's keeping the crab or not. I'm planning on getting him Jadefang when he's high enough (since Rajji's pretty much out of room), and he just hasn't been that big on tanky pets. The warp stalker may be turning blue later, too. I may be doing another post later, just to show off his pets and maybe have some RP background stuff, since I recently realized I have almost no screenshots of them and he's been so neglected lately. :P

And one last thing- my sketching has been a little slow lately, but I did finish a horse I've been working on. I admit the inspiration of this one (which I call 'Resting') comes from how tired I've been lately. :P

And that's it for now. Hopefully Warcraft maintenance is done, so Max can get another dungeon or two done. /Waves