Apr 23, 2011

New stuff

First of all, a bit of game news. After several days of on-and-off camping, Rajji has another new friend:

His name is Elgcahl, and he has 'clicked' wonderfully. I've had a hard time keeping chimaera pets, but there's something about this guy. Maybe it's the fact that I had to actually camp him, since before all I had tried was the white ones from Winterspring. The fact that it's Rajji, and not Kel, might have something to do with it too. Kel tends to be a bit pickier about her companions.

And now some RL news. My sister and me have finished moving into our new apartment. Our cat Buster spent the first day hiding under my bed, but by bedtime he was coming out to explore, and now he seems comfortable in his new 'kingdom'. There's still some unpacking to do, but it's really nice to have a place to ourselves, after sharing a house with other people for the last couple years. Hopefully we'll soon have internet at home, so we don't have to keep mooching off our parents' internet. >.>

That's all for now. Short post is short. :P I may have some Rift stuff soon-ish. Hopefully it will be interesting.

p.s. Happy Easter, everyone!

Apr 7, 2011


Real Life is being a little crazy right now. Work is wearing me out, and now me and sis are getting ready to move out of the house we've been renting with 2 other people, and into an apartment by ourselves. When I have the time (and energy) for gaming, I'm still mostly on Rift. I still come back to tinker on Warcraft every now and then, but it's mostly just been to say hi to people, and tinker around a bit. Like parking Rajji out in Azshara to look for the Evalcharr, the green chimera, who is being very shy so far. Raj has also been doing some dungeons and a bit of questing, and is 82 now. Bearkat is up to 83, and finished Hyjal. I think I'm going to do the World Pillar questlines in Deepholm on him before going out to Uldum. If I do instances with him as well as questing, Uldum might get him all the way to 85, then Twilight Highlands will be easy (and make a lot of money as well).

My cleric on Rift has been a ton of fun. She's almost level 30, and her melee-leveling spec is surprisingly resilient. I've been having fun pvping with her healing spec too, and Monday night, me and a buddy (on his 36 rogue) managed to duo the first instance. FYI, instances in Rift are hard! I actually half-soloed the last boss, because my friend died, so I ran around healing myself and putting DoTs on the boss until he could run back in and help finish him off. It was awesome, and nice to find out that I can manage healing in a new game. I'm still really nervous about trying to tank on my warrior though. :P And yes, my altaholicism has transferred itself over to Rift. Fortunately, the way the classes work, I just need one of each calling, and I can just respec whoever I'm playing however I want, depending on what I feel like doing at the time. Cleric is definitely my favorite, rogue and warrior are fun, but I'm having a hard time getting my mage to 'click'. I do like playing him, I just tend to get bored on him kind of fast. I've taken a few screenshots, which I'll probably post later, with a more detailed post about the game.

And one last thing, my drawing itch has been quiet lately, but I do have a new one of my druid kitties. Jahira and Windstar, in one of their favorite positions -

Aren't they cuuuuute?

And now to try to get myself to bed at a decent time. After one last lap to see if that darn chimera is out. >.>


p.s.- My little depression problem has been a bit better lately, but that's something for another post. Later. Maybe.