Apr 23, 2011

New stuff

First of all, a bit of game news. After several days of on-and-off camping, Rajji has another new friend:

His name is Elgcahl, and he has 'clicked' wonderfully. I've had a hard time keeping chimaera pets, but there's something about this guy. Maybe it's the fact that I had to actually camp him, since before all I had tried was the white ones from Winterspring. The fact that it's Rajji, and not Kel, might have something to do with it too. Kel tends to be a bit pickier about her companions.

And now some RL news. My sister and me have finished moving into our new apartment. Our cat Buster spent the first day hiding under my bed, but by bedtime he was coming out to explore, and now he seems comfortable in his new 'kingdom'. There's still some unpacking to do, but it's really nice to have a place to ourselves, after sharing a house with other people for the last couple years. Hopefully we'll soon have internet at home, so we don't have to keep mooching off our parents' internet. >.>

That's all for now. Short post is short. :P I may have some Rift stuff soon-ish. Hopefully it will be interesting.

p.s. Happy Easter, everyone!

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