Jan 24, 2010

"Just call me ..."

Titles can be fun. Especially when you aquire them by doing fun things with awesome people. I know Spirit Bond has already done a post on this, but here is my take on it. :)

Windstar, Arvoss, and Rhokk got to go along for a 'dragon killing' run last night. We started with Malygos, which just happened to be the last kill Star needed for her Champion of the Frozen Wastes achievement. For the record, I had never gotten past the start of phase 3 on Maly. My raiding guild that Kelesaria is in just never got it together to finish him off. I have at least one other character (Kel), maybe more, that are only a Maly kill away from their Champion title. So I was a little bit nervous and very excited at the same time, going into the Eye. We wound up taking 2 or 3 tries, but he went down in the end! :D (With me watching from below, where I had landed after dying, lol.)So now:

This will be her current displayed title for a while, until I get my lazy self going on her Guardian of Cenarius. Darn Silithus rep grind. :\

After that was Sartharion, with all 3 drakes up. Now that was exciting. I wound up having to help with showing some of the people where to stand for the lava waves, and we still wiped at least 4 times. It was still fun, though, and we got him down eventually. Then the rogue in the raid managed to vanish after he was dead, so at least 1 person was saved a bit of repairs (lol). Star didn't win the drake mount, but o well, it was still tons of fun. I love dps-race boss fights. :D

Onyxia was after that, after a bit of raid reorganizing. We one-shot her, easily. One or 2 people died in phase 3 (poor Arvoss), but it was pretty uneventful other than that. The fight is still fun, though, so that was fine with me. (I think sometimes it was a good thing that I never got into raiding in vanilla WoW, because so many of the current raids feel so new to me. Yes, even Naxx is still fun, I don't care how much 'better' the level 60, 40-man version was.) No good druid drops, but Rhokk got Ony's head, and Arvoss got the misleadingly-named gem bag. (Seriously, 'Sack of Gems' only has 1 gem in it? Come on, Blizzard, change it's name or add a couple more gems, please. :P)

The very best part of the whole thing? Windstar got to be a kitty for the entire run. I did offer to heal if we really needed it, but honestly, her feral gear is so much better than her resto set, and I think the fact that she pulled 4k dps or more for every single fight (after Maly, with the dragon-back phase and the fact that I died, I'm not sure if that counts, and she still did over 3k dps in that fight,) bears me out. I have actually been thinking about her specs lately, though I might make a whole new post on that, as it may get pretty rambly.

And now I'm off to continue my slow progress on my warrior Kalenedral. Even though my finances won't let me transfer her and Arien to Feathermoon just yet, I still want a high-level warrior to play with, dangit. Especially after that one warrior tank that was in my PuG Pit of Saron (on Jahira as the healer) yesterday. Warlike from Ragnaros, you rock.


p.s. Btw, any rock/metal fans that don't have Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony album: go get it now, it's amazing.

Jan 20, 2010

Catching Up

Sorry about the blog silence lately, but I've been having a lot of RL junk lately. Plus, I haven't been doing much to blog about, and I really prefer to put interesting stuff in here, rather than just tossing up a filler post about more heroics or something. But here's a little of what I've been up to:

My baby rogue on WA is now level 20, with her mount. I have also discovered that the quest line for her poisons and stuff is borked for blood elves, which annoys me. It's no longer necessary for poisons, but the recipe for thistle tea is a really nice reward, and now to get it, I have to put a ticket in and wait for Blizz to send me the quest items. At least, according to Wowhead, they will. Anyways, still need to finish with my DK's proffesions so I can level her and grab some heirlooms for Kalirra and my druid Skypaw. Yay for having 2 leather wearing dps-type classes.

I have also been spending time on Durotan, with my tauren shaman Taarren. My sister has finally gotten her druid Taurros to 80, so I wanted Taarren (a.k.a. LT, bit of a story there) to be able to join in the heroics. Finally, yesterday:

I have lost track of how many toons I have gotten to 80 while doing the Hodir questline. Kind of funny, actually. So now I have an 80 shammy, and in the quest grind, she is revered with Sons of Hodir already. I'm pretty sure they did something with the rep gain of the quests, since she hit honored turning in Thorim's armor, and iirc, that used to only get to friendly. Not that I'm complaining, just feels like I'm out of the loop or something. Her gear is still pretty wimpy right now, though I did buy her the giantmaim pants and new weapons from the Hodir vendor. She's still going to be running some normal level 80 dungeons for a while though. I have heard so many stories about dps being 'carried' through heroics, and I don't want to add to them. Maybe I'll get lucky with some ToC runs or something.

On Feathermoon, Tadrith is 72 now, and has a new pet. I got a chimaera, since Kel had one for a while and I like them, but all my other BM hunters' stables are full. Tad's is too, now, so I don't know what I'll do when he hits 76 and starts Loque camping. Keenath is still sitting in there, so he might finally be going bye-bye. There is Aubri the dragonhawk too, but I really like d'hawks too, so I really don't want to let him go. Argh.

I'm kind of in a RP slump right now. Between job issues, and my sleeping schedule becoming a bit more normal (so I'm usually starting to doze at my keyboard when other people are just starting to show up in the Pig), I just can't get into it very much right now. So poor Windstar usually just sits in her little 'den' under the stairs and watches people. It doesn't help much when the characters that have become her friends are moving along with their own story arcs, which Star doesn't really have a part in. It's actually rather frustrating, because I really like being around the Riders, but it gets boring and slightly depressing watching everyone else doing their thing, while Star just sits on the side. Lonely druid-cat is lonely.

So, that's my main reason for my alt'ing right now, I think. Just trying to find stuff to do. I'm actually trying to work out what to do with Star, while I try to get my own frustrations taken care of. We'll have to see what happens.

Anyways, enough with my boring personal issues. :P Off to find something to do til time for work.

Jan 9, 2010

Ok, This is silly...

Pitch seems to have taught Windstar a new trick...

To see what I mean, first look at this.

And now...

Cats are silly. :P

Jan 7, 2010

As Promised

Latest Windstar sketch -

I'm not totally happy with it, but I can't quite place what's wrong. I think it turned out okay, though.

Anyways, off to tinker on WoW til time for work.


p.s. I really need to look into a scanner or something. :P

Procrastination is pwned (by OCD)

About time too.

Today I spent most of the day on Arien. Started with a few heroics, and when people wanted to take a break, I finally finished something I had been wanting to do since Arien started Northrend. I finished her Argent Dawn rep. It took a lot of undead-killing.

But it was totally worth seeing the title next to my little holy warrior's name. :D

Argent Crusade was the first Northrend rep that I got to exalted with her, so Argent Dawn was the only thing left, and she was almost halfway through revered when I started. One full clear of Scholomance got her from 9k to around 11k rep, then turning in all the scourgestones made it about 14k. Then I discovered she hadn't even been to Light's Hope yet, so I ran her there, in between a couple more heroics, and did a couple quests, 2 of them inside Stratholme. That got her most of the way, so another partial run in Scholo, another quest complete, and more scourgestones, and boom, exalted. Yay!

Then to celebrate, I went and got her t9 pants. That's another blue gone from her ret set, just need new helm and bracers now. Plus a ring and a trinket. Then I can start getting t9 healing gear. Fun times.

On another note, I have started leveling Tad again. He is now in Northrend, and just dinged 69 before I got too sleepy and had to log off. He still has a ton of rest xp too. Not to mention his 2 heirlooms. Letting heirlooms be mailed cross-faction is possibly the best thing Blizzard has ever done. My tauren druid Bearkat took my leather heirloom shoulders from Durotan to Feathermoon, so Tad is now using them, since I seem to be in a Horde slump right now. He also has the bow, a present from his sister Windstar. It is so nice to not worry about how gun-happy Northrend is. :D

Last thing, I have been working on another Windstar sketch. I'm too tired to get it on my 'puter to post it now, but I will get it up for inspection ASAP. Hopefully tomorrow. Now off to bed for me.


Jan 3, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Well, my job has been screwing up my hours, so I've had more free time for WoW, now that the holiday craze is settling down. One of my co-workers mentioned that it should be temporary, and should be back to normal in a couple weeks or so. I sure hope so. Much as I do not like my job right now, being able to pay bills is good. And I really, REALLY hate job-hunting. :(

I've gotten my new laptop mostly set up, with WoW and all my addons, itunes, Runes of Magic (which I hardly play anymore), and stuff like that. It is so much fun being able to actually run around in Dalaran now, without horrible lag. I don't get stuck on loading screens much anymore either. Yay!

With the Christmas break, the LFD groups have all been full of jerks and noobs, which have seriously lowered my desire to camp heroics on Feathermoon. On Gilneas it isn't as bad, because my guildies have been on a bit more, so I can group with people I know. We sometimes have to PuG one or two, but it's still fun because most of the group knows what they're doing. Arien has recently gotten 2 pieces of her ret t9, and several drops for her healing set. Today, I actually healed a full run of all 3 ICC heroics, and I think I did all right. She still needs some stuff, like a new healing libram and cloak, but I'm getting pretty happy with her gear. Her ret set still has several blues to replace, though. On that note, any sort of advice on which holy libram to get would be welcome, since I'm still pretty much a noob with pally healing.

And besides all that, I've been working on more alts. I have made a couple on Wyrmrest Accord, another RP server, just for kicks. So far I have a Tauren druid and a Belf rogue, and a Nelf death knight that I just made a couple days ago. I may transfer a couple others over from Durotan, since I haven't really seen any of my old friends/guildies there for ages. That will have to wait for my job to sort out, though.

My job issues are also making it harder to move Arien and Kalenedral to Feathermoon. I want to move them together, and I just don't know if I can spare the $50 right now. But I really want to get them moved and get it over with. It's getting pretty frustrating. :(

Speaking of Kal, I've been doing some random questing on her recently. She just dinged 41 earlier today, and is over halfway to 42 already. Having 3 heirlooms (shoulders, chestpiece, and weapon) is so awesome. I also went ahead and got her dual spec, though she won't actually be tanking much of anything until Outlands at least. I don't trust the lowbie LFD yet.

My troll hunter Rajji has been casually looking for Arcturis, the newest spirit beast, but no luck so far. It has mostly consisted of logging on him, sitting by Amberpine for a few minutes, then getting bored and hopping on someone else. I'm hoping to maybe get lucky sooner or later, and honestly I don't mind if it takes a while. He has Gondria already, and I don't play him much anyways. In fact, I have been toying with the idea of transfering him to Wyrmrest Accord and switching him to a worgen, when Cataclysm comes out. I have already decided to do that with my priest Caderlly, I just don't know which server I want to put Cad on yet. Either Gilneas or Feathermoon, I think.

I seem to be mostly over my cold, finally, except for the cough, which is usually the last symptom to go anyways. Still (sort of) glad I'm not working as much for now, though, since hacking myself hoarse is not fun when trying to work (and gets me some funny looks from the customers).

And that's all I can think of for now. May possibly be more stories soon-ish, if I can get myself away from WoW long enough to actually write stuff. ;)


Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I will be keeping with the one I made many years ago, which was to never make any more resolutions. So far I'm keeping that one pretty well. ;)

Sorry for lack of posts lately, still getting over my cold, and it's been kind of busy lately. I may be even busier soon, trying to find a new job. We'll have to see. I'm just getting really tired of 1. a manager that seems to hate me, and no idea why, and 2. they just cannot work with me on my schedule. I got 10 hours this week. 10!! I have a $400+ rent each month, besides my WoW subscription and a couple other bills. I'm getting sick of the teenagers with no expenses getting hours over the adults that actually have bills to pay. This is not the first time my schedule has been short, either.

And I'm cutting this rant short, it's almost time to go spend the holiday with family. Hope everyone has a happy (and safe) New Years!