Jan 7, 2010

Procrastination is pwned (by OCD)

About time too.

Today I spent most of the day on Arien. Started with a few heroics, and when people wanted to take a break, I finally finished something I had been wanting to do since Arien started Northrend. I finished her Argent Dawn rep. It took a lot of undead-killing.

But it was totally worth seeing the title next to my little holy warrior's name. :D

Argent Crusade was the first Northrend rep that I got to exalted with her, so Argent Dawn was the only thing left, and she was almost halfway through revered when I started. One full clear of Scholomance got her from 9k to around 11k rep, then turning in all the scourgestones made it about 14k. Then I discovered she hadn't even been to Light's Hope yet, so I ran her there, in between a couple more heroics, and did a couple quests, 2 of them inside Stratholme. That got her most of the way, so another partial run in Scholo, another quest complete, and more scourgestones, and boom, exalted. Yay!

Then to celebrate, I went and got her t9 pants. That's another blue gone from her ret set, just need new helm and bracers now. Plus a ring and a trinket. Then I can start getting t9 healing gear. Fun times.

On another note, I have started leveling Tad again. He is now in Northrend, and just dinged 69 before I got too sleepy and had to log off. He still has a ton of rest xp too. Not to mention his 2 heirlooms. Letting heirlooms be mailed cross-faction is possibly the best thing Blizzard has ever done. My tauren druid Bearkat took my leather heirloom shoulders from Durotan to Feathermoon, so Tad is now using them, since I seem to be in a Horde slump right now. He also has the bow, a present from his sister Windstar. It is so nice to not worry about how gun-happy Northrend is. :D

Last thing, I have been working on another Windstar sketch. I'm too tired to get it on my 'puter to post it now, but I will get it up for inspection ASAP. Hopefully tomorrow. Now off to bed for me.


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