Jan 3, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Well, my job has been screwing up my hours, so I've had more free time for WoW, now that the holiday craze is settling down. One of my co-workers mentioned that it should be temporary, and should be back to normal in a couple weeks or so. I sure hope so. Much as I do not like my job right now, being able to pay bills is good. And I really, REALLY hate job-hunting. :(

I've gotten my new laptop mostly set up, with WoW and all my addons, itunes, Runes of Magic (which I hardly play anymore), and stuff like that. It is so much fun being able to actually run around in Dalaran now, without horrible lag. I don't get stuck on loading screens much anymore either. Yay!

With the Christmas break, the LFD groups have all been full of jerks and noobs, which have seriously lowered my desire to camp heroics on Feathermoon. On Gilneas it isn't as bad, because my guildies have been on a bit more, so I can group with people I know. We sometimes have to PuG one or two, but it's still fun because most of the group knows what they're doing. Arien has recently gotten 2 pieces of her ret t9, and several drops for her healing set. Today, I actually healed a full run of all 3 ICC heroics, and I think I did all right. She still needs some stuff, like a new healing libram and cloak, but I'm getting pretty happy with her gear. Her ret set still has several blues to replace, though. On that note, any sort of advice on which holy libram to get would be welcome, since I'm still pretty much a noob with pally healing.

And besides all that, I've been working on more alts. I have made a couple on Wyrmrest Accord, another RP server, just for kicks. So far I have a Tauren druid and a Belf rogue, and a Nelf death knight that I just made a couple days ago. I may transfer a couple others over from Durotan, since I haven't really seen any of my old friends/guildies there for ages. That will have to wait for my job to sort out, though.

My job issues are also making it harder to move Arien and Kalenedral to Feathermoon. I want to move them together, and I just don't know if I can spare the $50 right now. But I really want to get them moved and get it over with. It's getting pretty frustrating. :(

Speaking of Kal, I've been doing some random questing on her recently. She just dinged 41 earlier today, and is over halfway to 42 already. Having 3 heirlooms (shoulders, chestpiece, and weapon) is so awesome. I also went ahead and got her dual spec, though she won't actually be tanking much of anything until Outlands at least. I don't trust the lowbie LFD yet.

My troll hunter Rajji has been casually looking for Arcturis, the newest spirit beast, but no luck so far. It has mostly consisted of logging on him, sitting by Amberpine for a few minutes, then getting bored and hopping on someone else. I'm hoping to maybe get lucky sooner or later, and honestly I don't mind if it takes a while. He has Gondria already, and I don't play him much anyways. In fact, I have been toying with the idea of transfering him to Wyrmrest Accord and switching him to a worgen, when Cataclysm comes out. I have already decided to do that with my priest Caderlly, I just don't know which server I want to put Cad on yet. Either Gilneas or Feathermoon, I think.

I seem to be mostly over my cold, finally, except for the cough, which is usually the last symptom to go anyways. Still (sort of) glad I'm not working as much for now, though, since hacking myself hoarse is not fun when trying to work (and gets me some funny looks from the customers).

And that's all I can think of for now. May possibly be more stories soon-ish, if I can get myself away from WoW long enough to actually write stuff. ;)


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