Jan 20, 2010

Catching Up

Sorry about the blog silence lately, but I've been having a lot of RL junk lately. Plus, I haven't been doing much to blog about, and I really prefer to put interesting stuff in here, rather than just tossing up a filler post about more heroics or something. But here's a little of what I've been up to:

My baby rogue on WA is now level 20, with her mount. I have also discovered that the quest line for her poisons and stuff is borked for blood elves, which annoys me. It's no longer necessary for poisons, but the recipe for thistle tea is a really nice reward, and now to get it, I have to put a ticket in and wait for Blizz to send me the quest items. At least, according to Wowhead, they will. Anyways, still need to finish with my DK's proffesions so I can level her and grab some heirlooms for Kalirra and my druid Skypaw. Yay for having 2 leather wearing dps-type classes.

I have also been spending time on Durotan, with my tauren shaman Taarren. My sister has finally gotten her druid Taurros to 80, so I wanted Taarren (a.k.a. LT, bit of a story there) to be able to join in the heroics. Finally, yesterday:

I have lost track of how many toons I have gotten to 80 while doing the Hodir questline. Kind of funny, actually. So now I have an 80 shammy, and in the quest grind, she is revered with Sons of Hodir already. I'm pretty sure they did something with the rep gain of the quests, since she hit honored turning in Thorim's armor, and iirc, that used to only get to friendly. Not that I'm complaining, just feels like I'm out of the loop or something. Her gear is still pretty wimpy right now, though I did buy her the giantmaim pants and new weapons from the Hodir vendor. She's still going to be running some normal level 80 dungeons for a while though. I have heard so many stories about dps being 'carried' through heroics, and I don't want to add to them. Maybe I'll get lucky with some ToC runs or something.

On Feathermoon, Tadrith is 72 now, and has a new pet. I got a chimaera, since Kel had one for a while and I like them, but all my other BM hunters' stables are full. Tad's is too, now, so I don't know what I'll do when he hits 76 and starts Loque camping. Keenath is still sitting in there, so he might finally be going bye-bye. There is Aubri the dragonhawk too, but I really like d'hawks too, so I really don't want to let him go. Argh.

I'm kind of in a RP slump right now. Between job issues, and my sleeping schedule becoming a bit more normal (so I'm usually starting to doze at my keyboard when other people are just starting to show up in the Pig), I just can't get into it very much right now. So poor Windstar usually just sits in her little 'den' under the stairs and watches people. It doesn't help much when the characters that have become her friends are moving along with their own story arcs, which Star doesn't really have a part in. It's actually rather frustrating, because I really like being around the Riders, but it gets boring and slightly depressing watching everyone else doing their thing, while Star just sits on the side. Lonely druid-cat is lonely.

So, that's my main reason for my alt'ing right now, I think. Just trying to find stuff to do. I'm actually trying to work out what to do with Star, while I try to get my own frustrations taken care of. We'll have to see what happens.

Anyways, enough with my boring personal issues. :P Off to find something to do til time for work.

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