Feb 25, 2010

More Sketches

Did a couple more drawings, and thought I'd share. I think my druid cat forms are getting a bit better.

Windstar, just chilling. And thinking.

My other Night Elf druid, Jahira.

I did this one a while ago, but I wasn't happy with it, so I went and fixed some things. Also, this is Star's winter coat, so she's a little fluffier than usual. :D

And a couple more random, non-WoW pics. Have a couple horses. >.>

And that's it for now. Maybe someday I will get the nerve to try drawing people. I have some things in my head I would love to try to get on paper, mostly my pally Arien with my sis's druid, Alanon. Maybe something with Arien and Kalenedral, too. *Thinking* Anyways, time to go sleep. /Waves

Feb 23, 2010

It's about time ...

So, I finally was able to transfer Arien and Kalenedral to Feathermoon. \o/
I had some issues with Arien, the transfer was rejected the first time, with no reason given. Second try worked fine, however. I'm now thinking of how to get them introduced into the RP circle Windstar keeps company with.

Kelesaria finally finished all her valiant dailies, with the Argent Tournament. I had to take her to draenei-land and do all the starter-zone quests to reach exalted with the spacegoats, but it was fun, and worth it. Crusader Kel now has enough dailies to get 10 champion's seals a day. Hello, new pets and mounts!*rubs hands in glee* And Kal got to bring a couple heirlooms with her for my baby rogue on Horde-side. Now to do it all again with Star and Arien. :P

And now it is late, and I'm sleepy. Going to see if Arien can meet some people tomorrow night, after some Windstar-RP time. There's a pretty awesome story-line going on with some of Star's friends, you can see more about it here. Star is actually getting to help out a little with parts of it, too. I'm pretty excited (and a bit worried about poor Loreli).

Well, goodnight for now. Hopefully will be doing more writing, now that my main RP toons are all on RP servers. Already working on a little something with Kal and Arien. >.>


Feb 20, 2010

Birthday! and a short funny

Today is my and my sister's birthday, whee!

So, last night was raid night for our guild on Gilneas. We did the weekly, cleared ToC10, and then went to grind some Ashen Verdict rep. Kel was standing around in the instance, as we waited for a couple non-guildie friends and one or 2 PuGs to get there. She had her darting hatchling out, and had some fetch balls in her bags, so I thought I'd play with my pet for a bit.

Fist of all, when raptor hatchlings carry the ball back, they hold it in the side of their mouths. It is cute. Then, when Kel tossed the ball for the third time, Little Dart decided he didn't want to fetch it. He wanted to go do his 'run-like-a-madman-leaving-a-trail-of-dust' thing. So Kel was standing there, with the fetch ball sitting a few steps in front of her, wondering where the heck her pet went. When I finally realized what happened, I LAUGHED. Fun times. :D

In fact, I was laughing so hard, I totally forgot to take a screenshot of it. /Fail.

And now off to do family-birthday-type stuff. /Waves

Feb 14, 2010

Catching up again

I don't intend the long silent spells, but work and health issues have been making it hard to come up with anything worthwhile to write about. So, here's a bit of what I've been up to. I'm afraid it will be pretty short.

I'm sketching a little bit again. Got a new horse and new Windstar I'm working on. Will post them when I'm happy with them.

Speaking of Windstar, she is back in Stormwind for a while. She will most likely be very quiet for a while, until she rests/heals a bit. She has also realized how much she missed her friends, especially Shaur and Tak, and probably won't be going anywhere for a while. She even missed Pitch. A little. >.>

My guild on Gilneas is starting to raid again. Wait, let me clarify. The guild that one of my friends started, that everyone switched their toons to, is starting to raid. The old guild has gone almost totally stale, since the GM let a friend take over her account, and has been totally MIA since. The other officers got fed up with not being able to do anything about recruiting, setting up raids, etc., so one of them turned his alt guild into our new raiding guild. There was a tiny bit of drama involved, but for the most part it went smoothly. Ok, back on topic. We have been doing the weekly raid, as well as ICC rep farming runs. There has been talk of going back to Ulduar and TotC, since we're not geared enough for ICC yet. Kelesaria has the friendly version of the Ashen Verdict ring, and just got enough frost badges for her new cloak. Jahira and Arien have been sadly neglected, other than Jahira's jewelcrafting dailies, and occasional tournament dailies on Arien. The new guild wants everyone to have a single raiding main, though, which for me is Kel, so I'm not really bothered by it. Arien will eventually be moved anyways, with Kalenedral, and will have a lot more people to do stuff with, so I'm considering this a temporary lull for her.

I have been alt-ing a lot lately, too. My 40-something mage Vanyell has gotten a few random dungeons, and a Peddlefeet pet. My baby druid Skypaw has done a few dungeons as well (I love tank insta-queues).My rogue Kalirra has been resting while I try to decide if I want to concentrate on Sky, then use him to get her some heirlooms. Mostly I just want the daggers. Keeping weapons up-to-par can be such a pain. My warlock on Feathermoon, Rynia, has also been getting a lot of attention. She's now lvl 36, iirc, and still going. Star has been trying to collect stone keeper's shards for the staff (because hit rating for lowbies is yummy), she already has heirloom shoulders, and I've been slowly getting badges for a robe. This goes to prove, I guess, that it isn't really the class I have problems with, because I have never gotten a 'lock past lvl 20 before. Rynia, however, is fun. I do kind of wish her demons had more interesting names, though. I really need to start getting her into some RP, too.

And that's all I can think of for now. /Waves

Feb 5, 2010

Theme Songs

I have been listening too itunes a lot lately, and thinking about some of my characters, and I think I've figured out theme songs for a couple of them.

For Kelesaria, I'll Survive, by Lacuna Coil.

Arien is definately Skillet's Awake and Alive.

For my warrior Kalenedral, Breaking Benjamin's I Will Not Bow fits her pretty well.

Those are the only ones I have figured out so far. Windstar is not cooperating with finding her theme. There's one or two songs that are close, but don't quite fit her. Guess I just need to keep thinking (and listening) for a while.


Feb 1, 2010

Congratulations, Draxuul-Arthas

Welcome, Draxuul of Arthas, to my new Jerk of the Month Club. You get the dubious honor of being the first member that was truly awful enough for me to want to share your complete lack of regard for anyone but yourself.

So I was on my shaman Taarren, trying to get her daily herioc done. The first instance to pop was Halls of Lightning. First thing I noticed? Except for one little undead (mage I think), it was all tauren. Warrior tank, DK, tree druid healer, and me. It just struck me as slightly amusing. It started out fine, tank keeping aggro, healer keeping me alive when I attacked the wrong mob, DPS doing their job. Then a blue dagger dropped. I was the last to roll, and I noticed everyone had hit 'greed', except the druid, who hit 'need'. I thought for a second about hitting 'need' myself, and then, if I won, calling for a /roll, but then I decided not to bother, and hit 'greed'. It took until the next pull for anyone to say anything.

Mage: need?
Druid: lvl'ing a rogue
DK: wtf
Mage: rogue not here
Druid: its a f'ing blue worth 7g
Druid: qq
Me: .....
Druid: either you stop qq'ing or i stop healing
Druid: choose
Me: ..... are you serious

At this point someone pulled the boss, along with the group he was near. I think it was an accident. We wiped. Apparently the druid wanted us to kill the boss with the buff on him, so he didn't even bother healing when we pulled. Everyone just dropped the group at that point.

So it seems that a blue item worth only a few gold is enough for someone to throw a hissy-fit over, when someone else didn't like his decision to be greedy. Just forget about the dagger, I really don't like the item anyways, I think the stats are horrible (just my opinion guys, don't flame me). It was the druid's attitude that bugged me. He was the second-to-last to roll, so he saw everyone else pick 'greed'. He deliberately chose to screw over the other people in the group, because he wanted this item, which he even said was hardly worth anything. Seriously, he could have hit 'greed', and if he lost, he could have asked the winner if he could have it, 'for his alt'. I know I would have given it to him, and the rest of the group seemed like decent people, until he pulled that little stunt.

And then, after that, he takes advantage of his role as healer to attempt to blackmail the rest of us into shutting up. That, sir, is a seriously low thing to do. And then letting us all wipe, because he wanted to (in his words) 'choose the hard one'.

So, thank you Draxuul, for showing what a complete, total blit you are. Thankfully, my ignore list will keep me from ever having to deal with your elitist, self-centered bullcrap ever again.

And I did get Taarren's heroic done. It was Nexus, with a DK tank that chain-pulled the entire instance. It was awesome, except for the fact that I was low on mana the first half. The hit-rating trinket did not drop though. :(