Feb 1, 2010

Congratulations, Draxuul-Arthas

Welcome, Draxuul of Arthas, to my new Jerk of the Month Club. You get the dubious honor of being the first member that was truly awful enough for me to want to share your complete lack of regard for anyone but yourself.

So I was on my shaman Taarren, trying to get her daily herioc done. The first instance to pop was Halls of Lightning. First thing I noticed? Except for one little undead (mage I think), it was all tauren. Warrior tank, DK, tree druid healer, and me. It just struck me as slightly amusing. It started out fine, tank keeping aggro, healer keeping me alive when I attacked the wrong mob, DPS doing their job. Then a blue dagger dropped. I was the last to roll, and I noticed everyone had hit 'greed', except the druid, who hit 'need'. I thought for a second about hitting 'need' myself, and then, if I won, calling for a /roll, but then I decided not to bother, and hit 'greed'. It took until the next pull for anyone to say anything.

Mage: need?
Druid: lvl'ing a rogue
DK: wtf
Mage: rogue not here
Druid: its a f'ing blue worth 7g
Druid: qq
Me: .....
Druid: either you stop qq'ing or i stop healing
Druid: choose
Me: ..... are you serious

At this point someone pulled the boss, along with the group he was near. I think it was an accident. We wiped. Apparently the druid wanted us to kill the boss with the buff on him, so he didn't even bother healing when we pulled. Everyone just dropped the group at that point.

So it seems that a blue item worth only a few gold is enough for someone to throw a hissy-fit over, when someone else didn't like his decision to be greedy. Just forget about the dagger, I really don't like the item anyways, I think the stats are horrible (just my opinion guys, don't flame me). It was the druid's attitude that bugged me. He was the second-to-last to roll, so he saw everyone else pick 'greed'. He deliberately chose to screw over the other people in the group, because he wanted this item, which he even said was hardly worth anything. Seriously, he could have hit 'greed', and if he lost, he could have asked the winner if he could have it, 'for his alt'. I know I would have given it to him, and the rest of the group seemed like decent people, until he pulled that little stunt.

And then, after that, he takes advantage of his role as healer to attempt to blackmail the rest of us into shutting up. That, sir, is a seriously low thing to do. And then letting us all wipe, because he wanted to (in his words) 'choose the hard one'.

So, thank you Draxuul, for showing what a complete, total blit you are. Thankfully, my ignore list will keep me from ever having to deal with your elitist, self-centered bullcrap ever again.

And I did get Taarren's heroic done. It was Nexus, with a DK tank that chain-pulled the entire instance. It was awesome, except for the fact that I was low on mana the first half. The hit-rating trinket did not drop though. :(

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  1. Woah, that is some extreme dickheadliness. I shall send the International Union of Long Suffering Healers round to beat him soundly.