Feb 25, 2010

More Sketches

Did a couple more drawings, and thought I'd share. I think my druid cat forms are getting a bit better.

Windstar, just chilling. And thinking.

My other Night Elf druid, Jahira.

I did this one a while ago, but I wasn't happy with it, so I went and fixed some things. Also, this is Star's winter coat, so she's a little fluffier than usual. :D

And a couple more random, non-WoW pics. Have a couple horses. >.>

And that's it for now. Maybe someday I will get the nerve to try drawing people. I have some things in my head I would love to try to get on paper, mostly my pally Arien with my sis's druid, Alanon. Maybe something with Arien and Kalenedral, too. *Thinking* Anyways, time to go sleep. /Waves

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