Feb 23, 2010

It's about time ...

So, I finally was able to transfer Arien and Kalenedral to Feathermoon. \o/
I had some issues with Arien, the transfer was rejected the first time, with no reason given. Second try worked fine, however. I'm now thinking of how to get them introduced into the RP circle Windstar keeps company with.

Kelesaria finally finished all her valiant dailies, with the Argent Tournament. I had to take her to draenei-land and do all the starter-zone quests to reach exalted with the spacegoats, but it was fun, and worth it. Crusader Kel now has enough dailies to get 10 champion's seals a day. Hello, new pets and mounts!*rubs hands in glee* And Kal got to bring a couple heirlooms with her for my baby rogue on Horde-side. Now to do it all again with Star and Arien. :P

And now it is late, and I'm sleepy. Going to see if Arien can meet some people tomorrow night, after some Windstar-RP time. There's a pretty awesome story-line going on with some of Star's friends, you can see more about it here. Star is actually getting to help out a little with parts of it, too. I'm pretty excited (and a bit worried about poor Loreli).

Well, goodnight for now. Hopefully will be doing more writing, now that my main RP toons are all on RP servers. Already working on a little something with Kal and Arien. >.>


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