Feb 14, 2010

Catching up again

I don't intend the long silent spells, but work and health issues have been making it hard to come up with anything worthwhile to write about. So, here's a bit of what I've been up to. I'm afraid it will be pretty short.

I'm sketching a little bit again. Got a new horse and new Windstar I'm working on. Will post them when I'm happy with them.

Speaking of Windstar, she is back in Stormwind for a while. She will most likely be very quiet for a while, until she rests/heals a bit. She has also realized how much she missed her friends, especially Shaur and Tak, and probably won't be going anywhere for a while. She even missed Pitch. A little. >.>

My guild on Gilneas is starting to raid again. Wait, let me clarify. The guild that one of my friends started, that everyone switched their toons to, is starting to raid. The old guild has gone almost totally stale, since the GM let a friend take over her account, and has been totally MIA since. The other officers got fed up with not being able to do anything about recruiting, setting up raids, etc., so one of them turned his alt guild into our new raiding guild. There was a tiny bit of drama involved, but for the most part it went smoothly. Ok, back on topic. We have been doing the weekly raid, as well as ICC rep farming runs. There has been talk of going back to Ulduar and TotC, since we're not geared enough for ICC yet. Kelesaria has the friendly version of the Ashen Verdict ring, and just got enough frost badges for her new cloak. Jahira and Arien have been sadly neglected, other than Jahira's jewelcrafting dailies, and occasional tournament dailies on Arien. The new guild wants everyone to have a single raiding main, though, which for me is Kel, so I'm not really bothered by it. Arien will eventually be moved anyways, with Kalenedral, and will have a lot more people to do stuff with, so I'm considering this a temporary lull for her.

I have been alt-ing a lot lately, too. My 40-something mage Vanyell has gotten a few random dungeons, and a Peddlefeet pet. My baby druid Skypaw has done a few dungeons as well (I love tank insta-queues).My rogue Kalirra has been resting while I try to decide if I want to concentrate on Sky, then use him to get her some heirlooms. Mostly I just want the daggers. Keeping weapons up-to-par can be such a pain. My warlock on Feathermoon, Rynia, has also been getting a lot of attention. She's now lvl 36, iirc, and still going. Star has been trying to collect stone keeper's shards for the staff (because hit rating for lowbies is yummy), she already has heirloom shoulders, and I've been slowly getting badges for a robe. This goes to prove, I guess, that it isn't really the class I have problems with, because I have never gotten a 'lock past lvl 20 before. Rynia, however, is fun. I do kind of wish her demons had more interesting names, though. I really need to start getting her into some RP, too.

And that's all I can think of for now. /Waves

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