Feb 20, 2010

Birthday! and a short funny

Today is my and my sister's birthday, whee!

So, last night was raid night for our guild on Gilneas. We did the weekly, cleared ToC10, and then went to grind some Ashen Verdict rep. Kel was standing around in the instance, as we waited for a couple non-guildie friends and one or 2 PuGs to get there. She had her darting hatchling out, and had some fetch balls in her bags, so I thought I'd play with my pet for a bit.

Fist of all, when raptor hatchlings carry the ball back, they hold it in the side of their mouths. It is cute. Then, when Kel tossed the ball for the third time, Little Dart decided he didn't want to fetch it. He wanted to go do his 'run-like-a-madman-leaving-a-trail-of-dust' thing. So Kel was standing there, with the fetch ball sitting a few steps in front of her, wondering where the heck her pet went. When I finally realized what happened, I LAUGHED. Fun times. :D

In fact, I was laughing so hard, I totally forgot to take a screenshot of it. /Fail.

And now off to do family-birthday-type stuff. /Waves

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