Nov 30, 2010

Storytime: Cataclysm

Little bit delayed, I know. Work and spending time in-game tend to do this a lot. Short one this time, because I have once again stayed up way, way too late.

Kal stood at the edge of the new crater, looking at what once had been the Park. The canal bridge behind her was the only marker left to tell her that she was looking at the right place. As she stared blankly at the space the apartment had stood, the only place she had ever called 'home', she felt a trace of anger slowly rising through her shock and grief. She finally tore her eyes from the spot of broken pavement, and looked down at the wreckage in the deep hole that... something... had left. Just as she thought, she couldn't see anything that even might have passed for any of her or Arien's belongings. She finally accepted the realization that the two of them were left with what they were wearing or carrying, that all their other worldly possessions were gone beyond recovery. She absently thought to herself, Ari's gonna miss all her books. Oh, gods, where are we gonna sleep tonight? Maybe the Rose has our old room free. That'll mean no private time with Channi, but she's probably still busy somewhere. Oh bloody Elune, I hope she's okay...

Kal finally turned away, walking back to where she had left Myte at the other end of the bridge. She mounted, and rode at a slow walk in the direction of the Pig. When she got close, however, she realized that she didn't really want to be around people at the moment, and turned the 'saber towards the gryphon master. Perhaps beating in the skulls of a few of the scattered cultists would make her feel a little better. She suddenly heard static from her buzzbox, and reined Myte in. It was the private channel she and Arien used, so she quickly pulled it from it's pouch and turned it up.

"Kal, are you there? Please answer me."
Crackle hiss click. "I'm here, sis. Where are you? You alright?"
"I'm okay. Someone just told me that something huge just flew over Stormwind and wrecked it. Are you-"
"Only the Park, Ari. And yes, I'm fine, I was out of town when it happened."
"Sigh. Oh thank the Light. I'm coming home now. Want to meet me at the docks?"
"Coming in by boat? Sure thing, I'll see ya there soon." Click.

Holy bloody Elune, how am I gonna tell her...

(To be continued...)

Nov 23, 2010

At least someone is ready...

So the world is getting torn apart tomorrow. (Or later today, depending on how you look at it.) I have to admit, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. Kelesaria's good as far as gear and such, but Skoll is still eluding her, and I had really wanted him before getting swamped with distractions. Windstar is also in good shape, although she still doesn't have her title yet. Silithus isn't going anywhere though, so her rep grind can continue unimpeded. And I guess we still have a little over a week before the really major stuff becomes available, i.e. worgen and leveling and stuff.

There is one character, at least, that is ready and just waiting for the patch/expansion to hit.

Let me introduce Shadepaw. She's a new tauren hunter I created on the Nessingwary server, to eventually hang out with all the fellow hunter/pet addicts at Petopia. It's a normal server, so she doesn't really RP much, but she has her own personality, and a tiny bit of a backstory. She also has a lot of pets already. When I saw what was happening to some of the rare spawns in Cataclysm however, I just had to take her out and collect a couple more.

First of all, let me mention that I absolutely ADORE the saber-mount model. Cats in general are my favorite pets, but there's just something about that model in particular that makes me go "Ooooh". Every hunter I have that is a high enough level has some version of it, even though Rajji only has the spirit beast. (He's getting the new version of Shango asap, though. Troll + tiger = win!) So, when I saw Shadowclaw and Duskstalker's new looks, I just had to grab them, and Shadepaw just seemed like a good choice.

Shadowclaw was first, mostly just to delay having to ghost-run through to Teldrassil. Also, since he stealths, I figured he would be more difficult to find. I was right. It took a couple days of logging on Shade at his spawn area, alternating between standing at a certain spot and running all over the area spamming my target/hunter's mark macro, then getting bored and logging onto another toon to take a break. Then finally:

Duskstalker was a LOT easier, once I got poor Shade past Darnassus. (Although, it was slightly amusing to have her run through the portal at Ru-whateverit'scalled Village, then having her killed by the Darnassian guards before my loading screen even finished. Lag ftl?) After all that, I just had to run to his spawn area, and make a lap hitting my macro. She had him tamed before her rez sickness had worn off.

Might seem a little anti-climactic, but easy tames make me pretty happy. Now I just need a name for my soon-to-be white leopard. Shadowclaw is now Shado, but Duskstalker is getting such a different skin that I just can't think of anything that fits him right now. Something will likely pop into my head soon after his remodel, so I'm not really worried about it.
- - -
Work is still wearing me out, and I think I may lose what little sanity I have before the holidays are over, but at least busy = time going by quicker. The weather has been really weird all fall, though. For example, the temperature was in the low 70s today, and it's supposed to be the same tomorrow. But I also heard that Wednesday-Friday(?) was supposed to be yucky and rainy. *Shrug* Welcome to Virginia weather?

Anyways, two more days of work, then I am lucky enough to be off on Thursday.Yay! Right now though, it's bedtime. /Waves

Nov 11, 2010

Storytime- "Scratch"

The wind rider cub that my sis got me is Kal's only in character pet, and this is how she found him. Enjoy!

Kal reined in her gryphon, wheeling in a tight circle over a tiny dark spot on the pale dead-grass plains outside of Warsong Hold. She landed, dismounted, and slowly approached the squalling creature, keeping an eye out for both the orc guards and the roaming undead that patrolled the area. Once she was close enough, she saw that the source of the plaintive cries was a tiny baby wyvern, young and very thin, but otherwise healthy-looking. She approached carefully, only to have the tiny thing scamper away, staying a few steps out of reach. Kal followed it almost halfway around Warsong Hold before she finally stopped, staring at the cub in frustration, and sighed. She turned in disgust and took a few steps away, then glanced back and stopped. The cub had followed her, and was still only about four steps away. The warrior quirked her eyebrow, then took a few more steps, watching as the baby toddled after her. She stopped again, and the cub stopped too. She absently scratched at the scar on her cheek as she considered what to do next.

Finally, she looked up and whistled, signaling Wings, who dropped from the sky to land next to her. The wyvern cub took a few steps away at the sight of the gryphon, then sat staring with his head cocked almost sideways. Kal dug inside one of the saddlebags and found some of her trail rations. She then waved Wings back into the sky, and turned back towards the cub. She held up a strip of jerky, and made a show of nibbling on it, then held her hand out. The cub stared, and took a step closer. Kal knelt down on the rough grass, and waved the dried meat at the cub again. A couple drops of saliva fell from it's tiny jaws, and it came closer, stopping again just barely out of reach. Kal broke a bite of jerky off, and tossed it next to the cub. It pounced, practically inhaling the tidbit. It's mind made up, the baby wyvern then scampered up to Kal and ferociously 'attacked' the hand holding the rest of the jerky. Kal gave a chuckle that was quickly interrupted by an "Ow" as the sharp claws missed the meat and found her wrist. She let him yank the jerky out of her hand and watched as he wolfed it down. He then looked up at her with an inquisitive "Rawr?", obviously wanting more. Kal slowly reached for him, and he stood still, only flinching slightly when she touched him. He allowed her to gather him up, and she whistled for Wings again. The cub had a brief moment of panic when the larger predator landed, scoring Kal's arms with his claws again, but she held on and crooned softly to him until he calmed. She climbed into her saddle, and urged Wings into the air and towards Valiance Keep, earning more scratches as the cub panicked again.

- - - -

The cub 'rawr'ed playfully as he swatted at Arien's hands. She giggled at him, and let him have the tidbit she had been hiding inside one fist. Kal chuckled too, and the paladin grinned up at her friend. "He sure is a cutey. So what do you think happened to him?" she asked. The warrior shrugged. "Most likely thing I can think of? The orcs tossed him out the door 'cause he's a runt. He ain't much bigger than a kitten, but his appetite and claws are big enough that I think he's older than he looks. He'll be lucky to reach half the size of the war mounts they're breeding out there, and they didn't want to waste space and food on him." Arien looked almost angry for a moment, then she shrugged, resigned. "Well, it's their loss. He'll get more than big enough for a good 'guard dog'. And even if he can't carry anyone, he can still follow you on Wings." Kal nodded, smiling at the baby contentedly. "Oh," Arien said, "What are we going to call him?" "I already thought of that, on the way home." Kal replied, and held out one arm. "His name is Scratch." Her arm was covered from fingers to elbow in thin, red lines, most of them small, but one or two of the claw marks were deep enough to possibly leave scars. Her other arm was in pretty much the same condition. Arien winced at the sight. "Um, do you want me to heal those? They have got to be pretty painful." Kal shrugged one shoulder unconcernedly. "They look worse than they feel. Besides..." She gave her friend an almost wolfish grin. "Sympathy from a certain someone is worth a few scratches." Arien blinked at her for a moment, then quietly covered her face with one hand, but not before Kal saw that she was trying hard to stifle a laugh. Scratch looked up at both of them, then gave a loud 'rawr' and pounced on Kal's boot.

Nov 10, 2010

Getting Closer...

Cataclysm is creeping up on us, and I've been thinking (as I'm sure a lot of people have) about what I would like to do first once it's installed and the servers are up and (hopefully) running.

First of all? Take Kelesaria to Hyjal. It is one of the most important places for her, and after being locked out with the rest of the world, she wants to go back and see if everything is still in one piece, especially after Deathwing does his thing.

That said, I'm wondering now if Kel will be my first character to the new level cap. My sis is moving her two last RP characters from Gilneas to Feathermoon, and I really want Kel and Jahira to go as well. Having the entire Stormbough/Riversong crews together on the same server is just too good to not happen, plus the thought of my girls being all by themselves is sort of depressing. The biggest problem with that will be server space. Feathermoon is already full for me, so two characters will have to either move (which is getting a bit much for my bank account) or get hit with the delete hammer. The only character I might be willing to remove would be Tadrith, since Kel would take over the 'hunter' spot on the server, and I hardly play him anymore anyways. However, I really don't want to, because #1, he is 80, and I really hate deleting a toon I spent that much time and effort with, and #2, he is Windstar's brother, and I don't want him to become just an invisible player-NPC. As far as transfers, I could move my warlock to Gilneas, and take either Rajji or Taarren, both of whom just got transfered to Feathermoon, and move them to either Gilneas, or to Nesingwary, where I have started a new baby tauren hunter to possibly hang out with the people from the Petopia forums, who have made a guild there. One problem with that, however, is professions. Rynia is a tailor/alchemist, both of which I already have on Gilneas, and I would lose access to those on Feathermoon if she gets moved. The only other option is the one I really want to do, and that is to get a second account. I think I could afford the second $15 a month (especially if I just buy game cards), I'm just not sure I could justify the price of another game. Maybe Christmas might help with that? I'll have to wait and see for now.

Another thought on having a second account: Kal, Tad, and Jahira will be getting moved over to it, which means that Windstar and Tad could be in-game together. As well as Kal with either Windstar, Arien, or Riatha. Just thinking about it almost gives me happy-goosebumps.

Back to the thought I had started that paragraph with: With Kel possibly moving servers, Caderly will become my new main raider on Gilneas. I'm pretty sure my guild will want to start gearing for and running raids ASAP, which means I'll have to level him first. So Kel may have to settle for the #2 spot. I actually think I could live with that, to be honest. The quests would be less frustrating the second time through (I hope), when I would have an idea of what I'm doing and where to find stuff. And since it would only be the second character, I wouldn't be burned out or bored with the content yet.

Now about new alts... Worgen hunter and druid, and troll druid, are all definately happening. I'm not sure which server(s), and I don't know how serious I will be at leveling and gearing those characters, but new forms and pets are too much to pass up. There is also the possibility of Vanyell turning from Forsaken to Night Elf, once the highborn make the class available. I'm also planning on a tauren pally, who will be pure ret, of course. :)

And, well, that's all I can think of for now. I'm still thinking about that post sis did, and about the impact of Cataclysm on my characters RP-wise. Hopefully that will be sorted enough to actually write and post soon. I also have a short story written, I just keep getting distracted when I try to post it. I'll probably put it up tomorrow. (Err, later today?) But for now, dozing off at keyboard = bedtime. /Waves

Nov 7, 2010


I got him I got him I GOT HIM!!!

Decided to do a quick fly-around in the Basin before bed, and there he was, prancing along up the west side of the zone. Just had to dismount, pop a haste potion, and hit the tame button. Nice, easy ending to a rather uneventful camp. Not nearly as long as Loque, though.
Now to get more serious about camping Skoll. Later, though. Must go try to sleep now (if I can after getting this awesome fella :D) /Waves

p.s. Yes, Kel has 2 devilsaurs now. She is keeping both of them. Also, will work on another 'update' type post soon. Sis has made me start thinking about the impact that the Cataclysm will have on some of my girls, too, so I'll have something about that as well. Hopefully within the next week or so, if my ADD will let me get my thoughts about it all in order. /Waves again