Nov 10, 2010

Getting Closer...

Cataclysm is creeping up on us, and I've been thinking (as I'm sure a lot of people have) about what I would like to do first once it's installed and the servers are up and (hopefully) running.

First of all? Take Kelesaria to Hyjal. It is one of the most important places for her, and after being locked out with the rest of the world, she wants to go back and see if everything is still in one piece, especially after Deathwing does his thing.

That said, I'm wondering now if Kel will be my first character to the new level cap. My sis is moving her two last RP characters from Gilneas to Feathermoon, and I really want Kel and Jahira to go as well. Having the entire Stormbough/Riversong crews together on the same server is just too good to not happen, plus the thought of my girls being all by themselves is sort of depressing. The biggest problem with that will be server space. Feathermoon is already full for me, so two characters will have to either move (which is getting a bit much for my bank account) or get hit with the delete hammer. The only character I might be willing to remove would be Tadrith, since Kel would take over the 'hunter' spot on the server, and I hardly play him anymore anyways. However, I really don't want to, because #1, he is 80, and I really hate deleting a toon I spent that much time and effort with, and #2, he is Windstar's brother, and I don't want him to become just an invisible player-NPC. As far as transfers, I could move my warlock to Gilneas, and take either Rajji or Taarren, both of whom just got transfered to Feathermoon, and move them to either Gilneas, or to Nesingwary, where I have started a new baby tauren hunter to possibly hang out with the people from the Petopia forums, who have made a guild there. One problem with that, however, is professions. Rynia is a tailor/alchemist, both of which I already have on Gilneas, and I would lose access to those on Feathermoon if she gets moved. The only other option is the one I really want to do, and that is to get a second account. I think I could afford the second $15 a month (especially if I just buy game cards), I'm just not sure I could justify the price of another game. Maybe Christmas might help with that? I'll have to wait and see for now.

Another thought on having a second account: Kal, Tad, and Jahira will be getting moved over to it, which means that Windstar and Tad could be in-game together. As well as Kal with either Windstar, Arien, or Riatha. Just thinking about it almost gives me happy-goosebumps.

Back to the thought I had started that paragraph with: With Kel possibly moving servers, Caderly will become my new main raider on Gilneas. I'm pretty sure my guild will want to start gearing for and running raids ASAP, which means I'll have to level him first. So Kel may have to settle for the #2 spot. I actually think I could live with that, to be honest. The quests would be less frustrating the second time through (I hope), when I would have an idea of what I'm doing and where to find stuff. And since it would only be the second character, I wouldn't be burned out or bored with the content yet.

Now about new alts... Worgen hunter and druid, and troll druid, are all definately happening. I'm not sure which server(s), and I don't know how serious I will be at leveling and gearing those characters, but new forms and pets are too much to pass up. There is also the possibility of Vanyell turning from Forsaken to Night Elf, once the highborn make the class available. I'm also planning on a tauren pally, who will be pure ret, of course. :)

And, well, that's all I can think of for now. I'm still thinking about that post sis did, and about the impact of Cataclysm on my characters RP-wise. Hopefully that will be sorted enough to actually write and post soon. I also have a short story written, I just keep getting distracted when I try to post it. I'll probably put it up tomorrow. (Err, later today?) But for now, dozing off at keyboard = bedtime. /Waves

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