Nov 23, 2010

At least someone is ready...

So the world is getting torn apart tomorrow. (Or later today, depending on how you look at it.) I have to admit, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. Kelesaria's good as far as gear and such, but Skoll is still eluding her, and I had really wanted him before getting swamped with distractions. Windstar is also in good shape, although she still doesn't have her title yet. Silithus isn't going anywhere though, so her rep grind can continue unimpeded. And I guess we still have a little over a week before the really major stuff becomes available, i.e. worgen and leveling and stuff.

There is one character, at least, that is ready and just waiting for the patch/expansion to hit.

Let me introduce Shadepaw. She's a new tauren hunter I created on the Nessingwary server, to eventually hang out with all the fellow hunter/pet addicts at Petopia. It's a normal server, so she doesn't really RP much, but she has her own personality, and a tiny bit of a backstory. She also has a lot of pets already. When I saw what was happening to some of the rare spawns in Cataclysm however, I just had to take her out and collect a couple more.

First of all, let me mention that I absolutely ADORE the saber-mount model. Cats in general are my favorite pets, but there's just something about that model in particular that makes me go "Ooooh". Every hunter I have that is a high enough level has some version of it, even though Rajji only has the spirit beast. (He's getting the new version of Shango asap, though. Troll + tiger = win!) So, when I saw Shadowclaw and Duskstalker's new looks, I just had to grab them, and Shadepaw just seemed like a good choice.

Shadowclaw was first, mostly just to delay having to ghost-run through to Teldrassil. Also, since he stealths, I figured he would be more difficult to find. I was right. It took a couple days of logging on Shade at his spawn area, alternating between standing at a certain spot and running all over the area spamming my target/hunter's mark macro, then getting bored and logging onto another toon to take a break. Then finally:

Duskstalker was a LOT easier, once I got poor Shade past Darnassus. (Although, it was slightly amusing to have her run through the portal at Ru-whateverit'scalled Village, then having her killed by the Darnassian guards before my loading screen even finished. Lag ftl?) After all that, I just had to run to his spawn area, and make a lap hitting my macro. She had him tamed before her rez sickness had worn off.

Might seem a little anti-climactic, but easy tames make me pretty happy. Now I just need a name for my soon-to-be white leopard. Shadowclaw is now Shado, but Duskstalker is getting such a different skin that I just can't think of anything that fits him right now. Something will likely pop into my head soon after his remodel, so I'm not really worried about it.
- - -
Work is still wearing me out, and I think I may lose what little sanity I have before the holidays are over, but at least busy = time going by quicker. The weather has been really weird all fall, though. For example, the temperature was in the low 70s today, and it's supposed to be the same tomorrow. But I also heard that Wednesday-Friday(?) was supposed to be yucky and rainy. *Shrug* Welcome to Virginia weather?

Anyways, two more days of work, then I am lucky enough to be off on Thursday.Yay! Right now though, it's bedtime. /Waves

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