Nov 7, 2010


I got him I got him I GOT HIM!!!

Decided to do a quick fly-around in the Basin before bed, and there he was, prancing along up the west side of the zone. Just had to dismount, pop a haste potion, and hit the tame button. Nice, easy ending to a rather uneventful camp. Not nearly as long as Loque, though.
Now to get more serious about camping Skoll. Later, though. Must go try to sleep now (if I can after getting this awesome fella :D) /Waves

p.s. Yes, Kel has 2 devilsaurs now. She is keeping both of them. Also, will work on another 'update' type post soon. Sis has made me start thinking about the impact that the Cataclysm will have on some of my girls, too, so I'll have something about that as well. Hopefully within the next week or so, if my ADD will let me get my thoughts about it all in order. /Waves again

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  1. There is no such thing as too many dinosaurs.