Oct 21, 2010

Update and Stuff

As I write this...

Tadrith has gotten Aubri up to 80.
Kelesaria has done the same with Rhaj. Fierro the core hound is 2 bubbles from 80.
She has also tamed a jormungar worm. Shayd is already 80, thank goodness.
She is also beginning to Skoll-camp.
Kel, Jahira, and Arien have all gotten the Headless Horseman's mount. Caderly, Arien and Riatha all have squashling pets.
I have spontaneously decided to (casually) work on Kel's 100-mount achievement. She's up to 70 so far. This may take a while...
Windstar is helping sis's rogue Rillian get his Cenarian Expedition rep up. She might actually get her Guardian of Cenarius title before Cata comes out. Maybe.
I have been neglecting my guys on Durotan. I must fix this.
PetEmote, MyRolePlay, and WoWScribe have all been updated. This makes me happy.
Worms and core hounds have some very... interesting random emotes.

That is all for now. /Waves

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