Jul 18, 2012

A few things I learned at Feathermeet

1. Seattle is pretty.
2. Apparently I need to get myself Rock Band and learn how to play. And maybe get over my shyness at singing out loud in front of people. (not likely)
3. Cards Against Humanity is the worst (and best) game ever.
4. The AFK Tavern is awesome.
5. West coast time zone still does not make me a morning person.
6. 5 days without WoW isn't that bad when I have enough distractions.
7. Flying is not as bad as I thought it would be.
8. Airports are confusing.
9. Being surrounded by friends is the best cure for depression ever.

And finally...
10. Feathermoon is full of some pretty danged amazing people. I <3 you guys.

Jul 10, 2012


There are many pebbles in Deepholm. But this one is mine. <3

Only about 2 years after Kel finished questing in here too. Pretty good example of both my ability to slack off, as well as how much the RNG sucks.

Jul 7, 2012

Well, I guess I asked for it...

So, I was tinkering on Lord of the Rings Online, getting some deeds done, when sis mentioned that Ankha was up. I think I was cursing at my old laggy computer the entire time I was switching games, and when WoW finally started and I logged on Max, I rushed him to Hyjal while she guarded the kitty on Rheugan. Fortunately, I already had a 'strip' gear setting, although I didn't have my new taming macro on his BM-spec bars, so he wound up taming her with no deterrence or speed potion. It went well despite all that, in fact I don't even think she took much of his health before the tame finished.

Well, I hopped back to LotR after that to finish my deed-grinding, but before I got off the computer for the night, I got back on Max and did a bit of leather farming. He and Winter 'clicked' much better than Kel did with her version, so now I feel a little better about the possibility of Kel letting her go. It isn't going to happen unless Kel desperately needs stable space, though. I love these spirit kitties too much.

Since I had Max in Twilight Highlands already (yay dragonscales), I took a look around the map just in case. Karoma was being an elusive little bugger, but NPCScan went off on the second Sambas spawn point that I checked.

He's still named 'Cat' for now, since I wasn't really expecting to find him, and if I had already planned a name for him, I've forgotten it. I'm not totally positive that Max will keep him, but maybe I just need to take them out for some bonding time. We'll have to see what happens.

And finally, the reason that I was on LotR? I was grinding Turbine points from old deeds on my mini army of alts, so that my burglar could get his pretty Steed of the Burglar.

The best news is, all that grinding seems to have cured my case of 'blahs' as far as LotRO is concerned. WoW is still the current #1 game that I want to play right now, thanks to Max and his pet shenanigans, but I've rediscovered the fun in my second favorite.

And now I need to get to bed while I'm still awake enough to make it down the hallway. /Waves

Jul 3, 2012

Quick Update

After seeing Karkin spawn 3 times, I got back on Max as soon as I got home from work. No crab or kitty was there, but I just parked Max and amused myself with blog/forum browsing. I'm pretty sure I must have missed a spawn, because it wasn't until nearly 11 that I finally was greeted by this:

I was actually on the lower ledge when he spawned, and somehow managed to fall during my rock-hopping to reach him. Fortunately, it let me rez on the proper island without using the spirit healer, so I didn't have to deal with rez sickness.

Thanks to my 'practice drill' with Karkin, the tame went off perfectly, and a couple seconds later, he popped from the rock to Max's side.

They clicked pretty much instantly. I'm actually really happy about that, because Max is not much of a 'multi-pet' type of character, and he just hadn't had much of a bond with either of his two other cats. And now I think Max is officially ready for MoP, as far as pets go. I still wouldn't mind finding a certain lion, or another spirit beast or two, but I'm not going to be sorry if I don't.

Now I can go back to getting him set up for gear and gold. I would love to get him into the raid finder a few times. And I still really wish that Blizzard would come out with an actual 'guesstimate' for when the expansion might be coming out.

And now it's almost time for work again. Only two more days (after today) to get through until my Friday/Saturday off. I hate it when my schedule makes me work so many days in a row. If they weren't all shorter shifts, I would probably be too tired and sore to even be playing, much less blogging. :\


Jul 2, 2012

Belated Announcement

This actually happened a couple days ago, but I've been a bit busy with pet camping and stuff. Sorry!

He's almost got the gear ilevel for the Twilight heroics, thanks to Kel's leatherworking and a BoE Firelands crossbow that I found in the AH. I should be running him in the older heroics, for points and trinket upgrades, but I've had so many bad runs previously on other alts, so I'm kinda a little afraid of them. :(

Like I said, I've been doing a lot of pet camping. He only has one more pet to find from the small list I had planned for him, but Skarr is being a brat and not showing up for him. I did get a 'sort-of-surprise' tame, when I was doing some Therazane dailies so that Max could get a ring upgrade.

Ban'thalos... was interesting. The biggest motivation I had for getting Max to 85 was the fact that I kept seeing him at Malorne's shrine whenever I took Kal there for her dailies. (She still has a long way to go to open the blacksmithing vendor. :\ ) So, as soon as Max dinged, I started checking, but of course the silly bird wasn't there. Well, I finally logged Max out sitting in The Tree to go to bed. Next morning, NPCScan went off on me the second I logged back on. The tame went perfectly. Banny didn't even do any moonfire spam.

So now all that's left is sitting in the Molten Front, waiting for a certain black kitty to spawn. So far I've seen 3 versoins of Karkin. The first one I tamed, although I don't think I'm going to be keeping him, the second was last night, which I left alone. This morning, I found him again (in a different spot) and I hate to admit that I killed him. :(  Sorry little crab.

Oh yea, and I almost forgot about this guy. Max actually tamed him a level or two ago, I just never got around to a blog post about it. :P  Char is most likely going to be switched for the drake-dog in BWL (which I can never remember the name of), once Kerrowyn is high enough to tame exotics. But for now, he and Max are pretty happy with each other.

I plan on keeping an eye out for Sambas, Karoma, and Ahnka, but I really won't be upset if he doesn't find them. His stable is starting to get a little full anyways.

And now I need to run before I'm late for work. /Waves