Jul 2, 2012

Belated Announcement

This actually happened a couple days ago, but I've been a bit busy with pet camping and stuff. Sorry!

He's almost got the gear ilevel for the Twilight heroics, thanks to Kel's leatherworking and a BoE Firelands crossbow that I found in the AH. I should be running him in the older heroics, for points and trinket upgrades, but I've had so many bad runs previously on other alts, so I'm kinda a little afraid of them. :(

Like I said, I've been doing a lot of pet camping. He only has one more pet to find from the small list I had planned for him, but Skarr is being a brat and not showing up for him. I did get a 'sort-of-surprise' tame, when I was doing some Therazane dailies so that Max could get a ring upgrade.

Ban'thalos... was interesting. The biggest motivation I had for getting Max to 85 was the fact that I kept seeing him at Malorne's shrine whenever I took Kal there for her dailies. (She still has a long way to go to open the blacksmithing vendor. :\ ) So, as soon as Max dinged, I started checking, but of course the silly bird wasn't there. Well, I finally logged Max out sitting in The Tree to go to bed. Next morning, NPCScan went off on me the second I logged back on. The tame went perfectly. Banny didn't even do any moonfire spam.

So now all that's left is sitting in the Molten Front, waiting for a certain black kitty to spawn. So far I've seen 3 versoins of Karkin. The first one I tamed, although I don't think I'm going to be keeping him, the second was last night, which I left alone. This morning, I found him again (in a different spot) and I hate to admit that I killed him. :(  Sorry little crab.

Oh yea, and I almost forgot about this guy. Max actually tamed him a level or two ago, I just never got around to a blog post about it. :P  Char is most likely going to be switched for the drake-dog in BWL (which I can never remember the name of), once Kerrowyn is high enough to tame exotics. But for now, he and Max are pretty happy with each other.

I plan on keeping an eye out for Sambas, Karoma, and Ahnka, but I really won't be upset if he doesn't find them. His stable is starting to get a little full anyways.

And now I need to run before I'm late for work. /Waves

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