Jul 7, 2012

Well, I guess I asked for it...

So, I was tinkering on Lord of the Rings Online, getting some deeds done, when sis mentioned that Ankha was up. I think I was cursing at my old laggy computer the entire time I was switching games, and when WoW finally started and I logged on Max, I rushed him to Hyjal while she guarded the kitty on Rheugan. Fortunately, I already had a 'strip' gear setting, although I didn't have my new taming macro on his BM-spec bars, so he wound up taming her with no deterrence or speed potion. It went well despite all that, in fact I don't even think she took much of his health before the tame finished.

Well, I hopped back to LotR after that to finish my deed-grinding, but before I got off the computer for the night, I got back on Max and did a bit of leather farming. He and Winter 'clicked' much better than Kel did with her version, so now I feel a little better about the possibility of Kel letting her go. It isn't going to happen unless Kel desperately needs stable space, though. I love these spirit kitties too much.

Since I had Max in Twilight Highlands already (yay dragonscales), I took a look around the map just in case. Karoma was being an elusive little bugger, but NPCScan went off on the second Sambas spawn point that I checked.

He's still named 'Cat' for now, since I wasn't really expecting to find him, and if I had already planned a name for him, I've forgotten it. I'm not totally positive that Max will keep him, but maybe I just need to take them out for some bonding time. We'll have to see what happens.

And finally, the reason that I was on LotR? I was grinding Turbine points from old deeds on my mini army of alts, so that my burglar could get his pretty Steed of the Burglar.

The best news is, all that grinding seems to have cured my case of 'blahs' as far as LotRO is concerned. WoW is still the current #1 game that I want to play right now, thanks to Max and his pet shenanigans, but I've rediscovered the fun in my second favorite.

And now I need to get to bed while I'm still awake enough to make it down the hallway. /Waves

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