Jul 3, 2012

Quick Update

After seeing Karkin spawn 3 times, I got back on Max as soon as I got home from work. No crab or kitty was there, but I just parked Max and amused myself with blog/forum browsing. I'm pretty sure I must have missed a spawn, because it wasn't until nearly 11 that I finally was greeted by this:

I was actually on the lower ledge when he spawned, and somehow managed to fall during my rock-hopping to reach him. Fortunately, it let me rez on the proper island without using the spirit healer, so I didn't have to deal with rez sickness.

Thanks to my 'practice drill' with Karkin, the tame went off perfectly, and a couple seconds later, he popped from the rock to Max's side.

They clicked pretty much instantly. I'm actually really happy about that, because Max is not much of a 'multi-pet' type of character, and he just hadn't had much of a bond with either of his two other cats. And now I think Max is officially ready for MoP, as far as pets go. I still wouldn't mind finding a certain lion, or another spirit beast or two, but I'm not going to be sorry if I don't.

Now I can go back to getting him set up for gear and gold. I would love to get him into the raid finder a few times. And I still really wish that Blizzard would come out with an actual 'guesstimate' for when the expansion might be coming out.

And now it's almost time for work again. Only two more days (after today) to get through until my Friday/Saturday off. I hate it when my schedule makes me work so many days in a row. If they weren't all shorter shifts, I would probably be too tired and sore to even be playing, much less blogging. :\


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