Nov 30, 2010

Storytime: Cataclysm

Little bit delayed, I know. Work and spending time in-game tend to do this a lot. Short one this time, because I have once again stayed up way, way too late.

Kal stood at the edge of the new crater, looking at what once had been the Park. The canal bridge behind her was the only marker left to tell her that she was looking at the right place. As she stared blankly at the space the apartment had stood, the only place she had ever called 'home', she felt a trace of anger slowly rising through her shock and grief. She finally tore her eyes from the spot of broken pavement, and looked down at the wreckage in the deep hole that... something... had left. Just as she thought, she couldn't see anything that even might have passed for any of her or Arien's belongings. She finally accepted the realization that the two of them were left with what they were wearing or carrying, that all their other worldly possessions were gone beyond recovery. She absently thought to herself, Ari's gonna miss all her books. Oh, gods, where are we gonna sleep tonight? Maybe the Rose has our old room free. That'll mean no private time with Channi, but she's probably still busy somewhere. Oh bloody Elune, I hope she's okay...

Kal finally turned away, walking back to where she had left Myte at the other end of the bridge. She mounted, and rode at a slow walk in the direction of the Pig. When she got close, however, she realized that she didn't really want to be around people at the moment, and turned the 'saber towards the gryphon master. Perhaps beating in the skulls of a few of the scattered cultists would make her feel a little better. She suddenly heard static from her buzzbox, and reined Myte in. It was the private channel she and Arien used, so she quickly pulled it from it's pouch and turned it up.

"Kal, are you there? Please answer me."
Crackle hiss click. "I'm here, sis. Where are you? You alright?"
"I'm okay. Someone just told me that something huge just flew over Stormwind and wrecked it. Are you-"
"Only the Park, Ari. And yes, I'm fine, I was out of town when it happened."
"Sigh. Oh thank the Light. I'm coming home now. Want to meet me at the docks?"
"Coming in by boat? Sure thing, I'll see ya there soon." Click.

Holy bloody Elune, how am I gonna tell her...

(To be continued...)

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