Jan 24, 2010

"Just call me ..."

Titles can be fun. Especially when you aquire them by doing fun things with awesome people. I know Spirit Bond has already done a post on this, but here is my take on it. :)

Windstar, Arvoss, and Rhokk got to go along for a 'dragon killing' run last night. We started with Malygos, which just happened to be the last kill Star needed for her Champion of the Frozen Wastes achievement. For the record, I had never gotten past the start of phase 3 on Maly. My raiding guild that Kelesaria is in just never got it together to finish him off. I have at least one other character (Kel), maybe more, that are only a Maly kill away from their Champion title. So I was a little bit nervous and very excited at the same time, going into the Eye. We wound up taking 2 or 3 tries, but he went down in the end! :D (With me watching from below, where I had landed after dying, lol.)So now:

This will be her current displayed title for a while, until I get my lazy self going on her Guardian of Cenarius. Darn Silithus rep grind. :\

After that was Sartharion, with all 3 drakes up. Now that was exciting. I wound up having to help with showing some of the people where to stand for the lava waves, and we still wiped at least 4 times. It was still fun, though, and we got him down eventually. Then the rogue in the raid managed to vanish after he was dead, so at least 1 person was saved a bit of repairs (lol). Star didn't win the drake mount, but o well, it was still tons of fun. I love dps-race boss fights. :D

Onyxia was after that, after a bit of raid reorganizing. We one-shot her, easily. One or 2 people died in phase 3 (poor Arvoss), but it was pretty uneventful other than that. The fight is still fun, though, so that was fine with me. (I think sometimes it was a good thing that I never got into raiding in vanilla WoW, because so many of the current raids feel so new to me. Yes, even Naxx is still fun, I don't care how much 'better' the level 60, 40-man version was.) No good druid drops, but Rhokk got Ony's head, and Arvoss got the misleadingly-named gem bag. (Seriously, 'Sack of Gems' only has 1 gem in it? Come on, Blizzard, change it's name or add a couple more gems, please. :P)

The very best part of the whole thing? Windstar got to be a kitty for the entire run. I did offer to heal if we really needed it, but honestly, her feral gear is so much better than her resto set, and I think the fact that she pulled 4k dps or more for every single fight (after Maly, with the dragon-back phase and the fact that I died, I'm not sure if that counts, and she still did over 3k dps in that fight,) bears me out. I have actually been thinking about her specs lately, though I might make a whole new post on that, as it may get pretty rambly.

And now I'm off to continue my slow progress on my warrior Kalenedral. Even though my finances won't let me transfer her and Arien to Feathermoon just yet, I still want a high-level warrior to play with, dangit. Especially after that one warrior tank that was in my PuG Pit of Saron (on Jahira as the healer) yesterday. Warlike from Ragnaros, you rock.


p.s. Btw, any rock/metal fans that don't have Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony album: go get it now, it's amazing.

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