Aug 18, 2012

Prelude to Mists - Kelesaria

I've been trying to get a few story ideas straightened out in my head, mostly about what my characters have been up to recently, as well as possible reasons for them to make the journey to a Certain Place (no spoilers!) when the expansion comes out. Kel's is the first, hopefully with the rest of my 'RP mains' to follow soon. Enjoy!

Kel stared at the dark waters of the lake, oblivious to the adventurers flying past over her head, on their way to or from the island of portals in the center. She only reacted with a slight twitch of one ear when her sister joined her. Jahira settled next to her eldest sibling, and both elves sat in companionable silence for several long moments.

Finally, Kel shifted her seat slightly, turning just enough so that she could see Jahira out of the corner of her eye. “I’m worried,” she confessed.

Jahira raised one eyebrow questioningly. “Mind elaborating on that a little? I’m a druid, not a priest.” That prompted a brief chuckle from her all-too-serious sister, but it quickly faded. “I haven’t seen or heard from Drac in several months. His last letter said somethin’ about goin’ into The Dream.” Kel frowned. “I know it’s supposedly settlin’ down, with the main source of the corruption taken care of, but still...”

Jahira frowned as well, tilting her head slightly in thought. “Hmm... Most of the Elders seem to think it’s safe enough now, but they are making a point of telling the younger ones to be cautious. I’m not sure what I might be able to find out, but I’ll keep my ears open for you.”

Kel nodded and gave her a warm smile. “That’s all I was goin’ to ask. Thanks in advance, hon.” Jahira smiled back and leaned over to give Kel an affectionate hug. She then stood and took two steps away before shifting into a large stormcrow. With a loud ‘squawk’, she took off and headed in the direction of the small cottage she shared with Windstar.

Kel watched her flap away, then turned back to her silent contemplation. After a moment, a large shaggy head nudged it’s way under her arm. She absently stroked Sabre’s forehead, and he made the soft, whining rumble that he made only for her, when he knew she wasn’t happy. Kel sighed quietly, and leaned onto the strong, furry shoulder beside her. “I hope he’s alright, my friend. Aessina watch over him, and may she bring him back to me soon.”

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